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Live Resin Wax Dabs – Bundle



Bundle up our amazing Binoid Live Resin wax dabs and save big. Get a 4 or 8 pack for a great price. Each 8 pack comes with an extra dab concentrate FREE! 

  • 4 Pack: 1 Tropical Runtz, 1 Gelato Sorbet, 1 Mandarin Dreams, 1 Animal Cookies (varies by supply)
  • 8 Pack: 2 Tropical Runtz, 2 Gelato Sorbet, 2 Mandarin Dreams, 2 Animal Cookies (varies by supply)

Binoid Live Resin Dabs use premium THCP distillate with 7-8%% cannabis terpenes.

***If you want to exchange any of our new flavors or get specific flavors leave it in the notes section after you add to cart, or message us. You can mix and match as much as you wish up to 4 or 8. 

Hybrid: THC-P Gelato Sorbet, HHC-O Mandarin Dreams

Indica: Delta 8 Animal Cookies

Sativa: THC-O Tropical Runtz