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Best Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Live resin is taking over the world of hemp vape carts, and it’s easy to see why hemp consumers are so enthusiastic about this innovative technique.  Live resin allows us to enjoy the qualities of the hemp plant even more like nature intended.  Also, can make a huge difference in how you experience your favorite cannabinoids and strains.

Of course, as is always the case with hemp products, not all live resin vape cartridges are created equally.  It’s also worth pointing out that companies can call their products live resin when they actually aren’t.

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What are Live Resin Vape Cartridges, and Why are They Better?

Live resin is a specific type of hemp extract that’s used in vape products, and to a lesser extent, other types of hemp formulas as well.  It’s thick, sticky and amber in color, and this is because it contains higher levels of the sticky resinous trichomes that coat the buds of the hemp plant.  As a result, live resin has a higher concentration of terpenes as well as flavonoids, offering bolder flavor and stronger effects.

Live resin is made by flash-freezing the raw plant material prior to extracting it.  This is different from the more standard method of dry-curing the buds after picking them, prior to extraction.  Dry-curing dries out hemp material to prevent the growth of pathogens, but it comes at a cost by slightly diminishing the effects of the trichomes where we find all kinds of beneficial plant compounds.

Flash-freezing the plant material, by contrast, keeps these trichomes perfectly fresh and potent, which is why live resin vape carts give you stronger strain effects, while synergistically boosting the cannabinoids – not to mention providing a bolder, richer and fresher terpene flavor.

What are the Best Live Resin Vape Cartridges?

Now that you know what live resin can do for your vaping experience, let’s explore which companies are doing it right.  We based this list off of lab-testing, ingredients, strain selection and user reviews, along with other company practices and manufacturing methods that play a role in effectiveness, flavor and overall quality.

#5: Fuze

Fuze Extracts s is a company dedicated to extraction.  In fact, all their cultivation goes straight to cannabis concentrates.  This company crafts distillate and live resin cartridges. Now, even though the distillate are what got this brand going, it’s their live resin that has taken things to another level.  The effects last long, the taste is flavorful sweet and natural, and each cart hits hard.

#4: Botany Farms 

Botany Farms’ live resin vape cartridges are ideal for those who want a milder delta 8 high than what the average delta 8 vape cart can offer, by blending delta 8 THC with CBD to offer a more mellow type of overall effect.  The brand offers these cartridges in a small selection of strains, working with organic flower and producing them in small batches for maximum quality control.  Their cartridges are commonly talked about for their exquisite flavor, which tastes like it was extracted just yesterday.  Each cartridge contains a full gram of full spectrum vape oil with zero additives of any kind.  

#3: 3Chi

3Chi is a recognizable name for anyone who has been exploring the delta 8 market since it first began.  So, it’s not surprising that 3Chi’s live resin vape cartridges are among the most popular out there.  Right now, what they offer is delta 8 vape carts, which come in a nice selection of strains, all while containing zero added ingredients so that users can enjoy pure, unadulterated hemp bliss.  Each cartridge boasts 65% delta 8 extract, 30% live resin and 5% CBC (cannabichromene).  The live resin that they use is profoundly potent and flavorful, and while some say that it can feel a little harsh, its potency is generally appreciated.

#2: Delta Extrax

One of the most beloved brands in the alternative cannabinoid world is Delta Extrax, who are always dreaming up new ways to give us satisfying servings of the hemp compounds that we love the most.  Their live resin cartridges are incredibly sought-after, for their flavor, effects, freshness and reliability. 

The brand is known for their transparency which makes customers feel completely at ease, and they use zero additives in their vaping products for ultra-clean formulas.  Delta Extrax’ live resin carts contain 1500mg cannabinoids, which combine delta 8, delta 10 and THC-O into one well-balanced formula.  Available in a small variety of strains, they can give you the dazzling high and glorious terpene experience you’re looking for.

#1: Binoid

Binoid’s live resin vape carts are quickly becoming the favorites among those who love vaping psychoactive cannabinoids.  Offering delta 8, THC-O, THC-P and HHC-O formulas, with plenty of exceptional strains to choose from, Binoid’s variety is the best out there for live resin fans. 

Each cartridge contains 8% live resin, derived from organic hemp material and made fresh for maximum satisfaction.  These cartridges also have some of the highest cannabinoid concentrations you’ll find, while you’ll enjoy additive-free vaping with no added ingredients of any kind for a blissfully pure and clean hemp experience.

Find the Best Live Resin Vape Carts at Binoid 

If you’re ready to experience the unparalleled joy of vaping live resin, look to Binoid, where you can pick and choose from numerous cannabinoids and strains to fully customize your experience.  Lab-tested, additive-free, and organically derived, these live resin vape cartridges are a clear winner.

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