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Best Live Resin Carts and Disposables of 2024

Seems as though 2023 is shaping up to be the most exciting year for the hemp industry so far.  In addition to the growing number of unique cannabinoids entering the market, we’re also seeing more and more hemp-based products incorporate live resin into their formulas.   Live resin is a special type of hemp extract derived […]

Best Live Resin Products and Strains

Without a doubt, one trend in the hemp industry that’s here to stay is live resin.  Live resin is a unique type of hemp extract made with fresh, flash-frozen plant material rather than that which has been dry-cured, better preserving the cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes that coat the flower buds.  The result is an extract […]

Best Live Resin Vape Cart Brands

Live resin is quickly taking over the hemp industry as the superior form of hemp extract, thanks to its enhanced potency, fresher taste and higher bioavailability.  Made from fresh, flash-frozen rather than dry-cured flower, live resin preserves the trichomes of the plant more effectively to give you the absolute best hemp experience possible.   Despite live […]

Benefits of Live Resin

A big trend that’s sweeping across the hemp industry is live resin.  This is a type of extract made from fresh, flash-frozen rather than dry-cured plant material.  And, live resin’s claim to fame is its higher and fresher terpene and flavonoid content which can really boost the effects of vaping psychoactive cannabinoids such as delta […]

Live Resin Vape Carts vs. “Normal” Vape Carts

You may have noticed a shift happening in the hemp industry, with more companies developing lines of vape cartridges created with live resin as opposed to more conventional hemp extracts.  Live resin is arguably more capable of satisfying the needs of anyone who prefers their cannabinoids and terpenes in vape oil form, and to help […]

Buy Live Resin Vape Cartridges Wholesale

The only thing better than indulging in a live resin vape cartridge is indulging in one that you got for an incredible price.  We won’t deny that a lot of companies out there charge what we believe are unreasonable prices for their live resin carts, and the bottom line is that there are options for […]

Best Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Live resin is taking over the world of hemp vape carts, and it’s easy to see why hemp consumers are so enthusiastic about this innovative technique.  Live resin allows us to enjoy the qualities of the hemp plant even more like nature intended.  Also, can make a huge difference in how you experience your favorite […]

What Are Live Resin Vape Cartridges?

Maybe you’ve noticed that we’ve added something to the lineup at Binoid called ‘Live Resin’.  This is a modern innovation that’s changing the hemp industry as we know it, offering a hemp extract that’s more potent, more flavorful and closer to how nature intended than anything that’s come before. If the term is new to […]

Where To Buy Live Resin Vape Cartridges Online

Did you know that ‘live resin’ is quickly becoming the gold standard for hemp cartridges, offering a fresher and more potent terpene profile that enhances any cannabinoid vaping experience.  But, some live resin vapes are better than others when it comes to key things like quality, purity, flavor, and freshness, which is why you don’t […]

What is Live Resin?

The hemp industry is always finding new ways to satisfy the desires that consumers have for the most bioavailable, freshest, and cleanest hemp products that exist.  Many consumers don’t realize just how much the extraction process determines the outcome of a hemp product in terms of quality, effectiveness, flavor, and even safety.  In fact, even […]