Live Resin Vape Carts vs. “Normal” Vape Carts

You may have noticed a shift happening in the hemp industry, with more companies developing lines of vape cartridges created with live resin as opposed to more conventional hemp extracts.  Live resin is arguably more capable of satisfying the needs of anyone who prefers their cannabinoids and terpenes in vape oil form, and to help better illustrate this point, let’s compare them to “normal” or traditional vape cartridges, made with what’s known as “cured” resin.

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What is a Hemp Vape Cartridge?

A hemp vape cartridge is your standard Pyrex Glass container that houses the pre-filled hemp oil along with an internal coil that heats the e-liquid for it to then be vaporized.  Most vape carts are 510-threaded, meaning they can simply attach to any standard/compatible pen-style vaporizer. 

Keep in mind, the hemp market mostly offers closed vape cartridges, as these are already filled with the liquid and are disposable, but you can once and awhile find open vape cartridges where they’re refillable and can be used multiple times.

Live Resin Vape Carts

Live resin vape carts are made with well… live resin – an extract of hemp compounds that’s derived from fresh, flash-frozen raw hemp material as opposed to the more standard dry-cured hemp material.  The purpose of live resin is to offer an extract that contains a higher concentration of the trichomes that coat the flowering buds of the plant, where we find a rich selection of terpenes and other desirable compounds. 

The idea is that the dry-curing process, which is traditionally done to keep flower preserved, decreases the potency of these trichomes, which means that the resulting extract contains a weakened concentration of the very terpenes we seek out for both their flavor and effects.  Live resin preserves them beautifully, and you can see that for yourself given the darker, thicker nature of live resin vape oils.


  • More Flavor: With a stronger concentration of terpenes comes stronger flavor, which means that you’ll be able to really taste those strains like never before.  People typically remark that live resin vape cartridges taste fresher, cleaner and richer, with more complexity and the ability to better distinguish each flavor note that makes up a strain.
  • Stronger Terpene Concentration: Stronger terpenes also means the ability to better experience the effects associated with any given strain, which can really elevate your ability to reach your goals with your favorite cultivars.  For example, if you’re opting for a heavy indica to enjoy at nighttime, a live resin carts may give you a more pronounced indica effect due to the higher terpene potency.
  • A More Pronounced Entourage Effect: This higher presence of terpenes also means that the entourage effect will be more pronounced, allowing you to truly enjoy the properties and compounds of hemp as nature intended like never before.
  • Better Shelf Life: While we’ve yet to see this proven, it’s widely believed that live resin vape cartridges have a better shelf life and are more stable because of the freshness of the compounds in the extract.  This means less of a chance of the vape cart’s properties weakening due to the environment that the cartridge is kept in.
  • Thicker Vape Clouds: Live resin vape oils are thicker – almost syrupy – because they are packed with potent amounts of terpenes that come from the sticky trichomes of the raw flower buds.  Thicker vape oil means thicker vape clouds, which is a really nice bonus if you’re a cloud chaser.

  • Cons:

  • Pricier: One of the only real downsides that we can think of when it comes to live resin is that it tends to be just a little more expensive due to the more involved process of producing it.
  • More Likely to Cause Coughing: If you’re someone who is prone to coughing while vaping, then live resin may increase that coughing a bit because the vape oil is so concentrated with terpenes.

  • “Normal” Vape Carts

    Vape cartridges that are made with a more conventional vape oil are extracted from not live resin, but dry-cured flower.  This means that the raw flower buds have been preserved through a methodical drying process, removing the proper amount of moisture so that mold doesn’t develop (live resin is also resistant to mold).  Dry-curing the flower does weaken the trichomes of the plant, not to the extent that vaping traditional cartridges is a waste of time, but to the extent that you’re only getting so much of the terpene content found in the plant material.


  • Still Effective: Ultimately, “normal” vape carts are still very capable of giving you the experience you’re looking for, since the cannabinoids and terpenes are still potent.
  • Still Flavorful: You’ll still enjoy the flavor of your strain with terpenes extracted from dry-cured flower – the flavor just won’t be as impactful as it would be with live resin.
  • Less Likely to Cause Coughing: With less pronounced terpenes, you will likely notice “normal” vape carts are smoother on the inhale.
  • More Affordable: “Normal” cartridges cost a bit less than live resin carts.

  • Cons:

  • Weaker Terpene Profile: Overall, the main drawback of “normal” vape carts is that they’re not live resin.  So, you’re missing out on the true potential of the terpenes in the hemp plant in terms of flavor, effectiveness and the entourage effect.

  • Which Type of Vape Cartridge Will You Choose?

    At Binoid, we offer traditional vape cartridges, but our live resin vape carts are quickly becoming favorites among our customers.  Our Live Resin premium products use the highest quality real live cannabis terpenes cannabis paired with our renown pure distillate of our most popular and effective compounds.

    While Binoid “normal” vape cartridges can give you a dazzling hemp experience, our live resin really goes above and beyond to satisfy all of your hemp-related cravings.

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