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Benefits of Live Resin

A big trend that’s sweeping across the hemp industry is live resin.  This is a type of extract made from fresh, flash-frozen rather than dry-cured plant material.  And, live resin’s claim to fame is its higher and fresher terpene and flavonoid content which can really boost the effects of vaping psychoactive cannabinoids such as delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, THC-O, THC-P, THCV, HHC, and HHC-O

Even though live resin vape cartridges is becoming more commonplace due to its impressive advantages, for those who are still on the fence, however, it’s important to weigh its pros and cons. Why?  To decide whether this new type of vape oil is right for you, or if it’s better to stick with the more traditional type of vaping product that has dominated the market over the years.

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What are The Benefits of Live Resin?

Ask just about anyone who has tried live resin, and they will tell you that it offers a stunning array of advantages over traditional vape oil formulas, including these ones below.

Benefit #1: Better and Stronger Terpene Flavor

Live resin is a type of extract made from fresh, flash-frozen flower rather than flower that has been dry-cured. What this does is allow for a more robust terpene and flavonoid profile that comes directly from the superior preservation of the plant’s resinous trichomes.  What this means is that vaping a live resin cartridge is going to give you a noticeably stronger and better terpene flavor, offering more complexity and richness while tasting so fresh you’ll swear it was extracted just hours ago.

Benefit #2: Increased Potency 

Another benefit of live resin is that the higher concentration of terpenes and flavonoids means a more potent experience overall.  Not only will you get stronger strain effects, in terms of the properties of the terpenes, but these enhanced terpenes work in a more synergistic way with the cannabinoid(s) you’re vaping to enhance their bioavailability as well.  Basically, you’ll get a more well-rounded and pronounced effect when enjoying a live resin product.

Benefit #3: Better Value

Because live resin brings up the bioavailability level of a product, you’ll enjoy better value.  Each puff offers a fuller effect, which means that you won’t need as much in order to enjoy a satisfying vaping session.  A little bit can really go a long way, allowing you to work through your products more slowly.

Benefit #4: Enhanced Chemical Stability

A more commonly overlooked benefit of live resin is its chemical stability.  Because it’s derived from flash-frozen flower material, it’s naturally fresher, and fresher means more stability so that the product can have a greater shelf life, and even be more resilient to the environment.  This is always handy since some of us hang onto our vape carts for months and want to be able to look forward to a fresh-tasting and potent vape at all times.

Benefit #5: Thicker Vapor 

If you’re a cloud chaser, then live resin is your new go-to vape oil of choice.  The higher density of secondary compounds in live resin gives the actual extract a higher viscosity, almost like syrup.  Because of that, the clouds themselves will be thicker and larger, without requiring that you burn your cannabinoids just to get a nice bit of cloud action.

What are The Side Effects of Live Resin?

Like any product available in the hemp marketplace, there can be a couple of downsides to vaping live resin.

Side Effect #1: A Potential for Harsher Pulls

One thing to pay attention to is how hard you pull.  If you’re new to live resin, you may find at first that it’s a bit harsher than what you’re used to, because those terpenes are so potent.  As you adjust to your new live resin product, you’ll get used to any potential harshness that you may get when you inhale.

Side Effect #2: A Higher Likelihood of Clogging 

Also, because live resin is thicker than most standard oils, you’ll be at a slightly increased risk of ending up with a clogged cart.  But, generally, high-quality companies produce cartridges that make up for this with coils and construction components that prevent you from ending up with a jam.  If you do end up with a clogged cartridge, you can just apply gentle heat to it, such as a blow dryer held about a foot away, to unclog it.

With Live Resin, the Pros Clearly Outweigh the Cons 

Without a doubt, live resin vapes improves pretty much every aspect of vaping your favorite cannabinoids. It’s really hard to find any kind of drawback when it comes to the experience it can provide, in terms of flavor, effects, potency and even cloud production. 

By making a point to monitor how hard you pull, you can avoid coughing, and clogs that may occur are pretty easy to fix, so overall, there’s no reason to miss out on this exciting innovation in the hemp world.  At Binoid, we offer top-quality live resin vape carts that minimize harshness and clogging while giving you the fullest terpene experience you can get out of any vaping product.

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