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It is easier to find delta 8 THC than ever before as products highlighting the cannabinoid are widely available on the market.  However, there are a good number of enthusiasts out there who want the option to buy higher volumes of delta 8 and seek out companies that specifically offer delta-8 products in bulk.  So, what’s the best option for bulk-buying, that ensure you can grab the highest-quality delta 8 THC at the lowest prices?

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Why Buy Delta 8 THC in Bulk?

If you haven’t yet considered it, there are multiple reasons for choosing to buy delta 8 THC products in bulk rather than investing in a single product at a time.  

#1: Save Money on Delta-8

Buying delta-8 in bulk can certainly save you money.  Just about any retailer who offers some form of a bulk-buying option allows you to spend less per individual product than it would cost if you made multiple separate purchases.  Some companies offer better deals on bulk products than others, so a big key to choosing a company to buy in bulk from is checking out the prices per product when selecting this option.

#2: Get More Delta 8 Products

Another reason for going with bulk purchases is quite simply that you end up with more Delta 8 products on your hands as a result.  This can benefit customers in a couple of ways:  

  • Offers convenience, as the customer doesn’t have to restock as frequently.
  • Great for heavier users who go through product so quickly that they can’t really afford to wait for the shipping time between purchases. 

#3: Try Out Different Delta 8 THC Options

Some bulk options – particularly Delta 8 bundles – offer a variety of specific products in one purchase, which means that you can try out different variations of a products (different strains of dabs), or entirely different kinds of products (different delivery methods) at once. 

This is great for delta-8 enthusiasts who like to have a variety of options at their disposal, as well as those who are still pretty new to delta8 who aren’t sure exactly which product is best suited for them and would therefore like to explore an array of different Delta 8 products to figure out which is most in line with their specific preferences.

Delta 8 THC Bundles

A great option, especially for more moderate users, is delta-8 bundles.  Bundles are customer-friendly products, meaning that they are meant for customers and not more associated with retailers as are wholesale buying options.  They offer a relatively small number of products that are purchased all together at a lower price than you’d spend buying each product individually.


Delta 8 Bundles are available in all kinds of options.  They may consist of a variety of delta 8 delivery methods, or may take a single type of product, such as a vape cartridge, and offer multiple strains in one bundle.  These are great for those who wish to save money on delta8, as well as those who want to try out a variety of delta 8 products all at once to see how they differ from one another.


The Delta 8 THC Bundles at Binoid

At Binoid, we offer a variety of delta-8 bundles so that customers can buy all kinds of our top-rated products in bulk.  In general, our prices are renowned for being among the lowest on the market while we maintain exceptional quality and purity levels within all of our formulas.  This means that buying bundles at Binoid gives you some of the most phenomenal prices per product throughout the industry, period.

Our bundles come in all kinds of varieties.  We offer delta 8 vape bundles that give you either disposables or vape cartridges in an abundance of popular strains.  The same goes for our wax dabs which are also very popular, as well as our gummies, tinctures and capsules.  We also offer Delta 8 bundles from other top-rated companies throughout the industry, so that you can get a feel for their unique delta 8 THC formulas while saving a good amount of cash.

Delta 8 THC Wholesale

Another bulk-buying option is wholesale, which is typically associated with business-to-business transactions, meaning that most customers who purchase delta 8 wholesale are other retailers who want to carry large quantities of products from a specific company.  Wholesale almost always requires that you meet a minimum purchase amount to make the process worthwhile for both parties.  Wholesale offers some of the steepest discounts per product.

Delta 8 THC Wholesale at Binoid

For more advanced delta 8 buying needs, we offer a wholesale program that gives you larger quantities of our products at a discounted rate.  The minimum order is only $100, which means that you don’t need to be a huge retailer with deep pockets in order to take advantage of this option. 

Buying wholesale gives you the ability to select individual products and enjoy generous savings.  Simply visit our wholesale page to fill out the form, and we will contact you shortly to complete the ordering process.

Choose Binoid for Your Delta 8 THC Bulk-Buying Needs

If you want to save money on Delta 8 THC while stocking up on a good deal of product, check out the bulk-buying options at Binoid.  We offer both delta 8 bundles and delta 8 wholesale buying options at some of the lowest prices on the market, while delivering only the finest quality around.  In short, we can accommodate you regardless of how much product you’re looking to buy, or what kind of delta 8 formulas you aim to purchase.

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