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Where To Buy Delta 10 THC In North Carolina

Did you know there is a growing number of hemp enthusiasts in North Carolina who are eager to branch out and explore other cannabinoids alongside cannabidiol (CBD) and  delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 8 THC)Delta 10 THC is a particularly sought-after option because of its mild high and sativa-like effects that make it a great choice for daytime. 

Relatively new to the market, delta 10 and delta 10 products has been found to offer a psychoactive effect that’s less intense than that of delta 9 THC, making it a popular choice for many, primarily for its recreational properties but also its effects as a cannabinoid via the endocannabinoid system.  So, if you live in NC, you may be itching to get your hands on it, but first, you need to know whether or not it’s actually legal.

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Is Delta 10 THC Legal in North Carolina?

As we know, laws pertaining to cannabis have been changing quite drastically and frequently in recent years.  This means that there are plenty of North Carolina residents who want to try delta 10 but are afraid to out of fear that they can get into trouble for possessing it.  However, the fact of the matter is that delta-10 is a legal cannabinoid in the state of North Carolina, with no restrictions on product type, possession amounts or anything else of that nature.

In fact, the Department of Agriculture actively spoke about the legality of Delta 10 THC, and they stated Delta 10 is legal as long as it is 0.3% or less Delta 9 THC. Which of course, is the legal limit of hemp. 

This means that Delta 10 and Delta 10 THC products such as vape cartridgesdisposable vapesgummiestinctureswax dabsand capsules all remains fully legal throughout North Carolina, although it is wise to check up on the laws periodically as that can always change.

The Farm Bill of 2018 decriminalized hemp and its individual cannabinoids, with the exception of delta 9 THC, which makes delta 10 THC federally legal.  North Carolina simply adheres to this law, and therefore recognizes all hemp derivatives as legal except for those that contain active levels (0.3% or more) of delta 9 THC. Check out the Delta 10 THC state by state legal list

Where to Buy Delta 10 THC in North Carolina

Online Delta 10 THC & CBD Stores

Overall, the best place to buy Delta 10 THC in North Carolina is online at Delta 10 THC and CBD stores. Stores like Binoid CBD carry the best Delta 10 THC brands, and usually offer the widest selections of delta-10 products, which all come from trusted companies and arrive with lab reports. For example, all of our Delta 10 THC vape cartridges and other products have recent lab results right on the product page.

Because Delta 10 THC is legal in North Carolina, you can buy Delta 10 vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures and more right online! You don’t have to leave the house in order to buy what you’re looking for. We ship directly to your doorstep using discreet packaging. 

In fact, we ship Delta 10 THC products to many cities in North Carolina, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Asheville, Greensboro, Durham, Cary, Concord, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, Greenville and more daily! Many people buy delta 8 products on our online store, and for good reason. The prices are the best online, shipping is quick and easy, and we give great discounts on our delta 10 THC product lines.

Many online CBD stores and distributors such as Binoid CBD sell delta 10 products in addition to their standard hemp CBD formulas. These outlets are tried and trusted, where you will find the largest variety of delta 10 products and the best Delta 10 THC brands.

This includes Binoid and Delta Effex can be purchased online in North Carolina. You also know the products are fresh because of how quickly they turn over their inventory. You won’t be stuck with old outdated products, only the freshest and newest batches of products. Which is important for Delta 10 THC, as product quality decreases over time, and usually newer products have better formulations.

Vape Stores 

A few vape stores in North Carolina now carry delta 10 products, but you’ll want to check with your local shop beforehand, so you don’t waste a trip, as not all of them carry these products just yet.  Make sure the shop carries trusted brands that make quality products. 

Additionally, vape stores are not known for carrying the best and safest Delta 8 THC products. Most only have products that they got for the best prices and margins, and usually do not carry lab results for potency with the products. This is important, as a 90% Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge is a lot different than a 70% Delta 8 cartridge. For example, the Binoid Delta 10 THC vapes use 92% Delta 10 THC


You can also buy delta 10 directly from the manufacturer in order to learn more about the product via their website. Luckily, Binoid CBD is a manufacturer and online store of Delta 10 THC products. Here you’ll find the most information about how the product is made and see comprehensive information about how to use the product for the best results.

Types of Delta 10 THC Products

Delta 10 THC, just like CBD, delta 8, and other cannabinoids, can be found in numerous delivery methods and formulations.  But, it is important to know what’s available before you go shopping in order to specifically look for a type of delta 10 product that appeals to the needs and goals of your experience.

  • Delta 10 Vape Cartridges: Delta 10 THC vape cartridges are pre-filled vape carts containing delta 10 extract and terpene extracts, offering a wide array of strains to choose from.  These cartridges are compatible with standard 510-threaded low-wattage vape pens and offer reliable technology for a satisfying vape. Delta 10 THC vape carts are the most popular type of Delta 10 product that takes around 30 minutes to kick in. 

  • Delta 10 Disposable Vape Pens: Disposable vapes are an alternative to vape carts, requiring no charging at any time or assembly of any kind.  They can be used right out of the box, and have buttonless designs for a very user-friendly experience, while still boasting a great variety of strains.
  • Delta 10 Tinctures: Delta 10 tinctures are administered below the tongue and come in the form of an oil consisting of delta-10 extract and a carrier oil like MCT.  These tinctures come in numerous strength options. Delta 10 THC Tinctures can range from 1000mg, to 5000mg for pain, anxiety, and sleep insomnia. 
  • Delta 10 Edibles & Gummies: Delta 10 edibles are popular, and especially gummies.  They deliver up to 8 hours of effects and produce a “body high” many people specifically seek out.  You can find all kinds of great flavors and milligram strength options. However, be careful because gummies take 1-2 hours to kick and take effect.
  • Delta 10 Capsules: Delta 10 capsules consist of encapsulated delta 10 oil, offering long-lasting effects and an intuitive delivery method. Delta 10 THC capsules usually have 25mg Delta 10 in each pill.

  • Delta 10 Dabs: Delta 10 dabs are concentrates that include shatter and wax and are also vaporized.  As dabs in general are extremely potent due to their concentrated nature, they are best for experienced users.
  • Delta 10 Flower: Delta 10 flower is the raw flower of the hemp plant infused with a delta-10 extract.  You can find all kinds of strains out there, while selecting between pre-roll and loose buds.

Best Delta 10 THC in North Carolina?

Delta 10 THC is still new to the market at the time of this article, so you may have a hard time finding it in-person while you’re out shopping in your area.  If you do find it, we still recommend avoiding it and instead buying it online, because buying delta 10 in North Carolina from a trusted online retailer comes with some clear Delta 10 THC benefits.

More Delta 10 Selection

Local stores that carry delta 10 products are unlikely to have a great product selection to choose from, which means that you may not end up with a product that totally caters to your needs and preferences.  Buying Delta 10 Products Online from an online seller gives you a much larger selection to choose from for a more customized experience.

Better Delta 10 THC Prices

Because online retailers do not have to deal with high overhead costs associated with operating physical stores, they can sell their products for lower prices and still make a profit.  In other words, buying online is usually cheaper.

Higher Delta 10 Standards

Online stores tend to have higher standards when it comes to the products they carry, because the online marketplace is very competitive compared to that of your local area.  This means you can usually count on higher-quality Delta 10 products, better transparency and better ingredients.

Better Delta 10 Discounts and Special Offers

Buying Delta 10 online lets you in on special offers and discounts that physical stores rarely provide, because online retailers have higher competition combined with more inventory they have to move.

Fresher Inventory

Delta 10 is only as good as it is fresh, because after a while, it weakens while terpenes in a product lose their flavor.  Online retailers have higher turnover rates when it comes to their products, meaning that you’re more likely to get something very fresh.

Bulk Delta 10 THC Buying Options

Online retailers tend to offer the ability to buy delta 10 products in bulk, which can really come in handy by saving you money while helping you stock up.  They have more inventory, and therefore can offer this while physical retailers typically cannot.


Purchasing delta 10 online is the more convenient option, as it can be done from the comfort of your home.  Not to mention, having to waste gas or extra money just getting to the shop and back.

Why In-Person Options May Not Be Ideal

Buying delta 10 THC in-person as a North Carolinian is more likely to leave you feeling disappointed.  Stores that carry it likely don’t specialize in hemp, and therefore don’t have high quality standards, even though the products tend to be more expensive.  Adding to that, physical stores are known for having low traffic for delta 10 products, meaning, the product you’re eyeing might have been sitting on a shelf for so long that it’s no longer fresh or potent.

Delta 10 THC Really is a Perfect Fit in the Tar Heel State

Delta 10 THC is a fully legal cannabinoid throughout North Carolina, and residents there can easily explore its amazing properties as they so choose.  And, since it is a legal cannabinoid in this, and while some local stores may carry a couple of delta-10 products, we strongly recommend buying it online once again, where you can count on more consistent quality, better selection, and better deals overall.

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