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Where To Buy Live Resin Vape Cartridges Online

Did you know that ‘live resin’ is quickly becoming the gold standard for hemp cartridges, offering a fresher and more potent terpene profile that enhances any cannabinoid vaping experience.  But, some live resin vapes are better than others when it comes to key things like quality, purity, flavor, and freshness, which is why you don’t want to just buy your vape carts anywhere.  

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What are Live Resin Vape Cartridges?

Live resin vape cartridges work just like traditional cartridges, but the difference is the type of hemp extract that’s inside.  Live resin is an extract that’s made with plant material that’s been flash-frozen rather than dry-cured, and this better preserves the trichomes that coat the buds of the hemp plant. 

The result is an extract that’s far more concentrated in terpenes and flavonoids, taking on a thicker, stickier, and darker appearance.  More importantly, live resin offers a fresher, richer terpene flavor, while offering stronger effects from the terpenes themselves to both improve the entourage effect and deliver more powerful strain properties to the user.

Live Resin Vapes Dosage

If you’re looking to switch over to live resin vape carts, then the good news is that there’s no learning curve to adjust to when it comes to dosage.  It’s true that live resin carts tend to be more bioavailable, giving you more “bang for your buck,” so-to-speak, with each puff, but the general rule of thumb still applies, which is 1-3 puffs per vaping session.  

Where Can You Buy Live Resin Cartridges?

Live resin vape carts are becoming increasingly popular as you can now see.  So, you can expect to find them more frequently as you’re shopping for hemp products.  But, as always, you want to make sure you’re getting authentic, freshly made, effective and clean products, made strictly with lab-tested hemp derivatives.  Now, with all that being said, here are the ideal places to find live resin cartridges.

#1: Online Hemp Vendors 

Online hemp vendors like Binoid are retailers that exclusively sell hemp products online.  Since hemp is all that they carry, they’re more likely to maintain very strict quality standards in order to keep their customers satisfied in such a competitive industry.

#2: Directly from the Company

Another option is to buy live resin vape carts directly from a manufacturer on their website.  This is a good choice because it guarantees that you’re not buying a counterfeit product, while letting you explore the brand’s full catalog of live resin cartridges and learn a lot more about how the company makes their products.

Where Not To Buy Live Resin Vape Cartridges

At the end of the day, we don’t recommend buying live resin vape cartridges in person.  We’ve heard many instances of people buying fakes, or products that contained unwanted additives and low levels of the actual hemp compounds they were seeking out.  Local hemp markets aren’t all that competitive compared to what’s online, and so you’re more likely to run into disappointment.

Why is Buying Live Resin Online the Perfect Way to Go

#1: Traceability and Access to Lab Reports

Online companies have to work hard to compete for your business, so they go above and beyond to gain the trust of customers.  Their websites make it easy to access third-party lab reports that verify the potency, purity, cannabinoid(s), and terpene profiles and federal compliance of their products, and you can also find lots of information about how their products are made from seed to sale for maximum traceability.

#2: Higher Quality Standards and Fresher Products

In general, online companies usually work hard to maintain strict quality standards, as their large audience and public platform makes them more accountable for the products that they sell.  Besides that, they usually offer fresher products due to higher product turnover rates, which is critical since like all hemp products, live resin products breaks down and loses its effectiveness as it ages.

#3: Better Live Resin Product Selection

Shopping for live resin online lets you explore a much wider selection of products, including different cannabinoids and strains.  Online retailers can offer a larger inventory to consumers since they have unlimited retail space, unlike local shops in your neighborhood.

#4: Better Live Resin Vapes Prices and Deals

Online retailers don’t have to worry about paying the high overhead costs that incur when running a physical store.  Because of this, they can afford to sell their live resin products at better prices, while also holding lots of deals and promotions throughout the year.

Bottom Line: Binoid Has Your Live Resin Cartridge Needs Vaping Covered!

Any hemp vaper looking for live resin vape cartridges that come in a great selection, boast fresh n’ powerful terpene flavor, and offer only the purest, additive-free and lab-tested formulas, Binoid is the way to go.  Binoid’s live resin vape cartridges let you explore different cannabinoids and strains, in order to enjoy a completely satisfying vaping experience, all while offering some of the best prices you’ll find anywhere thanks to a commitment to in-house manufacturing and processing.  

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