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THCA has quickly become one of the most in-demand cannabinoids to come out of the legal hemp market, offering up a phenomenal high unlike any other.  As we see a surge of companies embracing THCA for all that it can provide to the body and mind experience once heated (psychoactively speaking), one company has continued to keep customers satisfied unlike any other. 

Binoid began as a CBD brand years ago, earning a solid reputation thanks to consistent quality output, but when they embraced the intoxicating side of the hemp plant with cannabinoids like delta 8, THCA, and THC-P, that’s when things really took off.

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What Makes THCA Such a Sought-After Cannabinoid?

THCA is a natural cannabinoid from extracting Hemp that is put in products. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) from THCA Diamonds is found in hemp with acetic anhydride, for the strict purpose of enhancing its potency. The cannabinoid has the distinction of being as intoxicating as delta 9 THC when heated, with a high renowned for its powerful euphoric effects and staggering body high that can alleviate discomfort from head to toe, bringing its users into a state of couchlock.

Why Not All THCA Products are Created Equal

THCA Vapes and Diamonds took little time to become a highly sought-after product, and with that comes a rush of less-than-reputable companies trying to profit off of the demand.  What that means is that there is, sadly, a lot of low-quality or heavily diluted THC-O on the market, along with a surprising amount of straight out fakes. 

Good news is, there are some pretty simple ways to avoid the “bad stuff” and end up with only top-tier THCA.  

  1. First off, we always recommend buying it online, because the online marketplace is a lot more competitive than local markets, meaning that companies have to work harder to stay on top.  
  2. Of course, always look at reviews
  3. Third-party lab reports indicate that the products carried by a particular brand have undergone strict third-party testing for purity, safety, legal compliance, and potency. 

Buy THCA Vapes & Diamonds From Binoid Online

Hemp enthusiasts will remember that Binoid was the very first brands to launch THCA products before most even heard of it.  Since then, they’ve maintained consistent quality standards while adding to their catalog of THCA products to guarantee something for everyone. 

And, to this day, they remain perhaps the most sought-after company for all things THCA, thanks largely to their long-standing reputation ever since they first launched hemp products several years ago.  Their commitment to using only the finest extraction techniques, local, organic and fresh hemp material and clean ingredients means that they continue to reign supreme in an ever-growing industry.  

Let’s look at some of the ways in which Binoid does THCA right.

Comprehensive Lab-Testing

Binoid’s commitment to lab-testing means that customers can verify for themselves that they’re getting the good stuff.  Binoid publishes lab reports for all of their products on their website, which are carried out by a state-licensed third-party testing facility.  These lab reports verify the product’s purity, cannabinoid profile, safety, potency and compliance with the law.

A Generous Variety of THCA Products

Customers like selection, and that’s exactly what Binoid provides with their THCA catalog.  You can choose between vapes, gummies, tinctures, capsules, dabs and more, as well as live resin products and flower – two new additions to their inventory.  You’ll see a variety of top-shelf strains, as well as different milligram strengths, flavors and more, to make it easy for you to find exactly what it is that you want out of your THCA routine.

Fast Shipping at Great Prices

Binoid’s “customer-first” policies have proven successful, including their next-day dispatchment of all orders, their discreet packaging and their 24/7 customer service.  On top of that, their prices are known for being some of the best around, which comes from their fully in-house production that keeps manufacturing costs down.  Their THCA deals, special offers and bundles only add to the savings their customers can enjoy.

High Effectiveness and Quality Consistency

Of course, customers want THCA products that work.  Binoid’s THCA formulas come in high enough milligram strengths that they deliver real results, and the purity and freshness of their THC-O distillate means that its bioavailability is as high as possible.

Clean Formulas and Vegan Options

Binoid’s formulas are known for being natural, free of preservatives and containing as few ingredients as possible, so that the hemp extracts can really shine.  Besides that, they offer vegan formulas, using zero animal products – not even in their gummies, which contain fruit pectin instead of gelatin, a common animal derivative found in lots of gummy products on the market.

No Hemp Company Does THCA Quite Like Binoid!

THCA is a cannabinoid that when heated promises a powerful, euphoric high, and given all that it’s capable of in its ability to satisfy, no one wants to miss out by opting for low-quality or weak products. 

The good news is that Binoid has got a wide selection of THCA vapes, diamonds and other products that promise sublime potency, clean ingredients and exceptional prices.  After all, the reviews speak for themselves, so if what you crave is top-shelf THCA, head on over to Binoid and treat yourself.

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