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Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is quickly becoming a hugely popular derivative of the hemp plant, and THC-P products are popping up on the market more and more to accommodate users’ interests pertaining to the psychoactive cannabinoid.  At the same time, a lot of individuals would prefer to buy their THC-P in bulk, either through the purchase of bundles or through wholesale.  But, before you make a bulk THC-P purchase, it is important to know that you’re both getting the best prices available and the best quality possible.

If you want to offer the best THC-P products at your business, whether it be a physical store or an online retail location, you will want to explore the THC-P wholesale options at Binoid. You can either sign up for Binoid’s easy THC-O wholesale contact form here or use their wholesale website here

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Why Buy THC-P in Bulk?

If you’ve never considered buying THC-P products in bulk before, you might be surprised by the number of ways in which it can benefit you as a consumer.  THC-P bulk purchase options offer numerous advantages that can enhance your experience with the cannabinoid.

Binoid offers a comprehensive THC-P bulk-buying program to retailers that comes with lots of perks, exceptional margins and highly advanced logistics so that retailers’ needs are met in a way that brings generous profits to their businesses. You can also count on exceptional quality with available options for Delta 8 wholesaleDelta 10 wholesaleTHC-O wholesaleHHC wholesale,  and THC-V wholesale wholesale products as well.

As well, Binoid makes it easier to order by having a wholesale website, email at, phone number with (805) 552-6464, as well as a contact form

#1: Save Money on THC-P

Buying THC-P in bulk rather than buying it through the traditional retail route will undoubtedly save you money.  The nature of bulk purchasing is that you end up spending a good deal less per unit.  Keep in mind that each company may have their own price per unit when it comes to their bulk options, so you’ll want to make sure that the savings are worth it.

#2: Get More THC-P Products

Naturally, buying in bulk also gives you more product at one time, so that you can have a larger supply of tetrahydrocannabiphorol on hand.  This can benefit you in two ways:

  • Convenience of not having to go through the process of ordering as frequently.
  • The advantage for heavier THC-P users of not having to worry about running out as often.

#3: Try Out Different THC-P Options

THC-P bundles in particular can give you a variety of different kinds of THC-P products, or multiple variations of the same product, such as different strains of a THC-P vape cartridge.  This is a great way to explore different effects and experiences associated with tetrahydrocannabiphorol without committing to spending as much money as you would normally, so that you can really discover which products suit you the best.

You can get THC-P vape cartridges, THC-P tinctures, THC-P wax dabs and more to try out, or for your customers to enjoy. 

THC-P Bundles

If you’re a tetrahydrocannabiphorol fan who doesn’t need a high volume of product, bundles are likely the way to go.  More geared toward customers since they provide a reasonable volume of product while still saving you a notable amount of money.  These bundles are almost always sold alongside standard single-unit THC-P products on a company’s website, meaning that you don’t need to search for them when shopping for the cannabinoid.  

There are two types of THC-P bundles that you can choose from: 

  • Bundle #1: Offers a variety of product types (such as a bundle consisting of a THC-P vape cartridge and a tincture bottle).
  • Bundle #2: Offers the same product type in different variations (such as a THC-P disposable vape that comes in a few different strains).

Binoid’s Amazing THC-P Bundles

Binoid THCP bundles come with incredible savings (generous prices per unit when you choose from any of our bulk options).  You’ll find these bundles on our THC-P products page and be able to select from various options.  Besides our incredibly affordable prices, we also offer some of the highest-quality tetrahydrocannabiphorol, hands down.  We work with only lab-tested THC-P extract and naturally sourced ingredients to bring you the very best that the market has to offer.

Binoid carries a good variety of THC-P bundles, including:

As our THC-P catalog continues to expand, more bundles will become available.

THC-P Wholesale

The other bulk purchase option is THC-P wholesale, and this is more commonly associated with retailers, who are adding THC-P products to their inventory which will then be sold to other customers.  Wholesale comes with a minimum purchase amount requirement.  It provides the most volume of product, and also the highest discounts on price per unit.

Binoid’s Awesome THC-P Wholesale

The THC-P wholesale program at Binoid is more inclusive than what most other wholesalers offer.  Since our minimum purchase requirement amount is only $100, you don’t need to be a retailer to take advantage of this program.  Any customer can spend $100 to stock up on a good amount of tetrahydrocannabiphorol, and they’re able to select exactly which products they want to buy at a time.  Just fill out the form on our website, and we’ll get back to you to begin setting up your first wholesale order.

Choose Binoid for Your THC-P Bulk-Buying Needs

Binoid takes your bulk-purchase wishes seriously, which is why you can find THC-P bulk purchase options including bundles and wholesale so that you can grab a generous amount of your favorite cannabinoid, all while enjoying some gratifying savings simultaneously.  Whatever your bulk purchase needs may be, our company is here to accommodate you with highly affordable prices and only the purest, lab-tested tetrahydrocannabiphorol products around.  Explore our various bulk options today!

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