Cherry Bomb Strain Review

Ready for a hemp explosion filled with awesomeness?  Cherry Bomb is one of the most crowd-pleasing strains out there, offering a 50/50 hybrid profile that comes with balanced effects and a moderate potency level that’s easy to enjoy whether you’re a beginner or seasoned enthusiast.  And, given its name, you can count on it tasting just as good as it feels, which is always a plus.

Its famous parents tell you a lot that you need to know about what you’re in for, and we’re certain that this is a strain you’ll keep in rotation since its effects are always rewarding. You can get Cherry Bomb strain wax dab here.

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Cherry Bomb Cannabis Basic Profile

Cherry Bomb is a hybrid strain that’s somewhat mysterious, with a good amount of conflicting information out there.  What seems to complicate things is that there are a few versions of this strain in rotation at the moment.  But, we can guess that it’s somewhere around a 50/50 hybrid, although others argue that it’s more sativa-leaning than meets the eye.  It seems to be a cross between the California Cherry Bomb, which is an indica, and the Mr. Greengreen Hawaiian Cherry Bomb, which is a sativa.  It yields somewhere between 17-22% THC, which is pretty potent, but still less potent than the strongest strains out there today.

Cherry Bomb Strain Physical Characteristics 

People who have purchased Cherry Bomb buds will tell you that the appearance is pretty unremarkable.  They’re fluffy and medium in size, with a light green hue that is splattered with clusters of dense amber hairs which are quite thick.  The buds are absolutely coated in a layer of frosty trichomes, which are transparent enough to not really affect the flower’s appearance all that much.

Cherry Bomb Strain Flavor and Aroma

There’s a strong musky quality to the flavor and aroma of Cherry Bomb strain, and that makes it stand out quite a bit as soon as you smell it.  That’s blended with rich and juicy cherries that are completely delicious and mouthwatering, with a uniquely strong sweetness that you can both smell and taste clearly.  A sweet aftertaste seals the deal, although the overall flavor is actually very mild.

Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain Effects

Cherry Bomb is a good daytime strain, and its relatively moderate potency makes it a good choice for beginners, moderate users and experienced enthusiasts a like.  Because it seems to offer more sativa than indica effects, taking it at nighttime could very well keep your mind too stimulated to allow you to totally unwind and give into a dreamy state.  The strain is known for totally avoiding causing a hangover, which is great if you want something that you can enjoy as a timeout during a busy afternoon, with your consciousness totally snapping back into default once it wears off after a couple of hours.

Cherry Bomb strain begins with an uplifting mental effect, and a buzzing, tingling cerebral effect that makes you feel alert and focused.  You might notice that everything just feels a little bit more vibrant.  It’s not a super heavy strain in the cerebral sense, so it’s unlikely that you’ll feel super faded and hazy unless you’re someone with a low tolerance who is very sensitive to THC’s mind-altering properties.

You’ll likely find that you’re in a great mood the entire time, and your motivation levels may pick up, which can really come in handy if you have some things to take care of around the house.  The uplifting properties are both physical and mental, although at some point the body high takes on a lazier quality, and at this time, you’ll likely want to sit on the couch to play some video games or put on your favorite TV show.   

Growing Cherry Bomb Cannabis Strain

We don’t know too much about growing Cherry Bomb, since it’s not really available readily to cultivators.  The strain does seem to require some experience since it’s a bit fussier, and its resistance to pests and disease is unknown.  The plant’s yield is also unknown when it comes to indoor cultivation, but when grown outdoors, yield can be high.  Also, the plant seems to prefer cooler temperatures, which can be good for those who live in Northern regions.

Cherry Bomb: Dropping Euphoric Bombs Like an Easy-Going Cultivar is Supposed to Do

Cherry Bomb is an incredibly pleasant hybrid that almost always hits the spot whether you’re looking for something to enjoy in the daytime or in the evening.  It never totally knocks you out or keeps you awake, making it highly versatile. 

At Binoid, you can experience this strain like never before thanks to our THC-P Wax Dabs in Cherry Bomb, which gives you a really powerful high thanks to the concentrated nature of dabs, paired with the ultra-potent nature of tetrahydrocannabiphorol, the most psychoactive cannabinoid in the hemp plant.

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