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Delta 10 THC Drug Test: Why You Will Fail

Delta 10 THC is quickly going to become one of the most sought-after types of hemp product on the market, as it has only been available for a short period at the time of this article but is already proving to be immensely popular.  Delta 10, just like delta 8 THC, is a mildly psychoactive compound derived from the federally legal hemp plant, and the distinctive type of high that it produces, which is described as exhilarating and uplifting, is undoubtedly something that’s going to appeal to many hemp enthusiasts.

Now, before you run out and buy all the delta 10 products that you can get your hands on at Binoid, there is one thing that you absolutely need to know, which is whether or not delta 10 can lead to a failed drug test.  Of course, this only really matters if you’re someone who is tested for drug use by your employer, or another administrative body.

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What Is Delta 10 THC? 

Delta 10 THC is similar to the compounds Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. However, like the name suggests, Delta 10 is one isomer different than the other compounds. This means a slightly different effect and high. Compared to Delta 8 THC products, Delta 10 is known to give a stronger head high, and gives a little more energy and focus to users. 

Delta 10 comes in a few different product types and forms such as vape cartridges and tinctures. These products have a mix of both Delta-8 and Delta 10. This combination leads to favorable Delta 10 THC benefits for sleep, pain, and anxiety. However, we always suggest starting small and then increasing over time as far as a Delta 10 THC dose goes. 

Can Delta 10 THC Fail A Drug Test? 

Well, first we need to understand the nature of drug tests in the United States.  Drug tests are searching for indication that a person has used a federally illegal substance, and marijuana remains a criminalized plant under federal law.  The primary compound of marijuana, and the one responsible for its intoxicating effects, is delta 9 THC, and that’s what is being tested for.

Despite the fact that hemp and Delta-10 is federally legal, as are its cannabinoids including delta 10 THC, people worry that taking delta 10 will yield a failed drug test due to the similarities between the two compounds, meaning that even though delta 10 is legal, it can trigger the same result as taking delta 9 THC, and of course, a person can’t prove to their employer that they’re taking a legal form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rather than marijuana. 

Also, keep in mind that CBD is legal, and is not tested for in standard drug tests, so using cannabidiol does not put you at risk of failing a test given by an employer. As it turns out, delta 10 is similar enough to delta 9 to put a person at risk of failing a drug test.  The same goes for delta 8.  When a urine test is administered, it’s looking for traces of the metabolite used to process THC rather than the compound itself. 

The metabolite is called THC-COOH, and the body produces it in detectable levels only when we consume THC.  All forms of delta-10 are metabolized by THC-COOH, which is why it’ll result in detectable levels of the metabolite in a person’s urine. Because delta 10 is milder than delta 9, it is possible that the levels detected won’t be as high.  We know that delta 8 is about 70% as potent as delta 9, and delta-10 is likely about the same.  Still, a positive result is a positive result, and so taking delta10 before a scheduled drug test is likely a bad idea.

Factors that May Trigger A Positive Delta 10 THC Drug Test

So, let’s say you’ve already taken delta 10 and you just found out you have a drug test coming up.  Well, good news is that there are some factors that influence how likely you are to fail your test, so you may get lucky depending on how you take your delta-10.

#1: Last Time You Took Delta 10 THC

Of course, when you last used delta-10 will play a role.  The longer it has been since you used Delta-10, or how long ago it was that you used it, the less chance there is that there are THC metabolites in your system. And therefore the lower chance of triggering a test. 

For example, If it has been over a few weeks since you last took delta 10, there is a good chance that you will not fail your test.  By this point, it is very likely that there are no more traces of THC-COOH in your system, as the compound has fully metabolized and left the body. 

#2: How Often You Take Delta 10 THC

The more frequently you take delta 10, the more likely you are to fail a test.  Daily use leading up to the test will likely cause you to fail, but if you’ve only taken it, say, twice in the last month, your chances are much better.

Like all THC’s, the more you take the longer period of time it will take for the metabolites to clear out of your body. Delta 10 THC likely follows this same trend. That means that if you use Delta-10 heavily, you will need a couple of weeks to safely become clean for a test. 

#3: Type of Delta 10 Product THC

The delivery method plays a larger role than you may think.  Typically, delivery methods that produce longer-lasting effects stay in the body longer.  For instance, vaping delta 10 allows the cannabinoid to leave the body at an accelerated rate than consuming it as an edible, a capsule, or even in a tincture form.

#4: How Your Body Metabolizes Delta 10 THC

Our bodies are unique, and some of us just seem to metabolize delta 10 more quickly than others due to individual metabolic processes.  Some people basically luck out despite having taken delta 10 recently, while others may have levels of THC-COOH in the system longer than the norm.

Your metabolism plays a larger role than you think in the time it takes for you to become clear for a drug test. There’s no way to know exactly how efficiently your body breaks down THC compared to someone else. However, it is a safe to say that you cannot rely on a fast metabolism to get the Delta 10 out of your body in a short manner. It is still very risky. 

#5: The Milligram Strength You Take Of Delta 10 THC

Naturally, the higher the milligram strength of delta 10 being consumed, the longer it will take to leave your body, as higher strengths mean more time needed to fully metabolize.

This is because the milligram strength of the delta 10 product you use determines how much detectable THC may be in your system at the time of a test. A dose of a 5000mg tincture will take longer to get rid of than a 1000mg Delta 10 THC Tincture. This means, it might be a bad idea to have a good dose of a 5000mg tincture a few days before a drug test. But a CBD oil has a chance to pass. Due to low THC amounts. 

How To Buy Delta 10 THC Products: Vape Cartridges, Tinctures

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What Types of Drug Tests are Available in the United States for Employers to Use?

Urine tests are the most popular way for employers to test for drug usage in their employees, but other types of tests do exist which look for THC usage in other ways.  Let’s cover these different testing methods now.

  • Urine Tests: 90% of employers test their employees with urine tests that look for the THC-COOH metabolite.  Urine tests are the most popular for a few reasons.  
  • Their accuracy level is exceedingly high.
  • They are relatively cheap.
  • Can detect up to a couple of weeks of usage prior to the testing date.
  • Saliva Tests: Used to detect drug use within the last 10 hours.  For this reason, employers rarely use them since a person can simply refrain from use the day prior to the test.
  • Hair Strand Tests: Look for evidence that a person has used drugs up to 90 days prior to the test, but do not detect recent usage.  This makes them impractical for employers, combined with the fact that they are expensive and require weeks before the employer gets the results.
  • Blood Tests: Can only identify the presence of drugs if a person is actively high.  In other words, you will only fail your test if you are high on marijuana at the time of taking the test.  Therefore, blood tests are not used by employers.
  • Perspiration Tests: Involve applying a patch to the skin and leaving it there for 2 weeks.  The perspiration sample in the patch indicates drug usage.  But it’s extremely invasive, and only really used in clinical environments for this reason.

Final Delta 10 THC Drug Testing Thoughts  

We understand that you may be hesitant to try delta 10 because you have a drug test coming up, or because you’re randomly tested by your employer.  Although, we cannot offer any tricks for passing a drug test despite using delta-10 regularly, we can say that certain factors pertaining to your usage could make you more or less likely to pass a test.  

Ultimately, we recommend that you do not take delta 10 if you are going to be tested in the near future, as this can threaten your employment despite being a federally legal compound under to 2018 Farm Bill

However, if you are not drug tested, we would definitely suggest buying your Delta 10 THC products online at trusted websites such as Binoid CBD. They carry the top Delta-10 brands, with fast and free shipping. Plus discounts and coupons all over their website, on top of already low pricing on their Delta-10 products


  1. I took Delta 10 over 69 days ago. I was smoking, vaping and doing high dosages of edibles. I keep failing test.

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