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Why Delta 10 THC Might Not Work For You

Delta 10 THC can be an amazing cannabinoid to try if you want something uplifting, motivating and wakefulness-inducing.  But, its high may be a bit elusive for some.  If you’re dreaming of a gloriously euphoric psychoactive experience with delta 10 THC products, you may need to make some changes to how you take it, because not everyone will feel high from it the first time.

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Reasons Why You May Not Get as High as You Anticipated

As you’re about to see, there are a lot of reasons why you might not be feeling the effects of delta 10 THC that you had anticipated. A few reasons why you are not feeling the effects of Delta 10 THC is likely due to your metabolism, your genetics, your tolerance, what foods you have consumed, the dosage taken, not waiting long enough to kick in, or just the product itself. Here is more information about these possible reasons.

Reason #1: Your Tolerance

It could be that your tolerance to THC in general is high.  This can be because you’re a very experienced THC user, whose body requires higher doses to feel any effects.  Or, genetically, you can have a high tolerance based on the unique sensitivity level of the CB1 receptors in your brain.

Reason #2: Your Chemistry

We know that the levels of neurotransmitters in a person’s brain can influence the high that they feel from psychoactive compounds.  This is an area that’s lacking in research, but for various reasons that can’t yet be explained, some people just don’t respond to delta 10 in the way that others do.

Reason #3: Your Cycle

Interestingly, women commonly report that their tolerance to THC changes throughout their menstrual cycle.  It seems that during the week of a woman’s period, when estrogen levels drop, consequently, her tolerance to THC increases, and she may need more delta 10 THC than usual in order to get the same high that she’s used to.

Reason #4: What Else You’ve Consumed 

Sometimes, it’s another substance in our body that’s changing how we absorb delta 10 products.  This could be alcohol, caffeine, a supplement or even a certain type of food – everyone is different, and we all have different sensitivities to certain compounds that we put into our bodies.  A lot of people notice that caffeine has an inhibitory effect on the high that they feel.

Reason #5: The Product Itself

Sometimes, it’s the fault of the delta 10 product.  Maybe it’s expired, maybe it was produced using cheap methods that damaged the compound’s structure, or maybe the product is a straight-up fake.  Failing to buy from a trusted, reputable source can lead to a lack of any desirable effects.

Reason #6: The Dosage

Always look at the suggested dosage on the label of a product, because it’s common to take far less than is needed to actually experience a high.  Even then, you may naturally need a little higher than the suggested dosage to feel intoxicated, because again, everyone’s body and chemistry is unique.

Reason #7: Not Waiting Long Enough for the Effects to Kick in  

Some products take longer to kick in than others – edibles are notorious for this, taking up to a couple of hours to fully absorb.  Even vapes can take up to 30 minutes sometimes.  When you last ate seems to play a role in this, as consuming delta 10 on a full stomach can slow down its absorption.

What to Do if You’re Not Getting Effects from Delta 10 THC

Now, we can offer up some solutions of what to do next time, to better ensure that you get the delta 10 THC high that you were hoping for.

Tip #1: Try Again

Sometimes, you don’t get high your first time with a certain cannabinoid, and the exact reasons for that are still unknown.  But the bottom line is that you shouldn’t give up after the first try.  Give delta 10 THC another test in a day or two and see if things change.

Tip #2: Up Your Dosage

The issue could be that you’re not taking enough.  So, try increasing your dosage by a little bit the next time and see what happens.  If you’re taking 10mg of delta-10 in the form of a tincture, try taking 20 and see if that makes a difference.  Just don’t go with a super-high dosage, since getting too high can be just as unwelcome as not getting high at all.

Tip #3: Try Delta 10 On its Own

Try taking delta 10 products when there’s nothing else in your system that can affect how you feel, such as a medication, a nootropic supplement or caffeine.  And, try taking it on an empty stomach, since this can make the cannabinoid absorb faster for a stronger high that kicks in relatively quickly.

Tip #4: Find a Better-Quality Product

You might want to consider opting for a better-quality product, if you don’t feel like the brand you purchased from was reputable enough.  It’s amazing how much the actual quality of the product can play a role in whether or not you feel the psychoactive effects of delta 10 THC.  Choose a brand that has their delta 10 third-party-tested, and has lots of positive reviews.

Enjoy the Delta 10 THC High You Deserve at Binoid 

At Binoid, we promise to provide you with only potent, fresh and highly bioavailable delta 10 products in all kinds of great strains to choose from.  If you suspect that the problem is the product that you’re taking, then consider our delta 10 formulas which have been reviewed by customers over and over again for their effectiveness.  Delta 10 is a psychoactive cannabinoid by nature, but sometimes you need to make some subtle adjustments to really feel its high in action.

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