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Delta 8 THC Edibles Review

At Binoid, we are proud to offer an extensive catalog of delta 8 THC products in a diverse array of product types, formulas, strengths, etc.  As more people take an interest in delta 8, it is becoming clear that a good number of enthusiasts want to consume their favorite cannabinoid in edible form.  To satisfy each customer who pays us a visit, we have made it a point to offer a generous selection of delta-8 edibles in different forms and flavors.  

Of course, all of these edibles contain lab-tested delta 8 extract and are made with carefully sourced, top-notch ingredients to ensure dazzling flavor, purity and overall quality. Binoid is a top delta-8 edible brand, with gummies that are highly ranked on many trusted sites such as Men’s Humor, LAWeekly, and more.

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What are Delta 8 THC Edibles

Basically, a product that is labeled as an “edible” is ingested, meaning that the delta 8 is absorbed into the body through the digestive process.  This means that delta-8 THC edibles take longer to become active than other delivery methods – often between 1 to 2 hours – but the effects can last for 8 hours, which is unique.

What Makes Delta 8 THC Edibles Different from Other Types of Delta 8 Products?

Essentially, it is the psychoactive properties of delta 8 THC that behave differently when the compound is ingested.  Most notably, while cerebral effects are certainly felt, edibles tend to simultaneously offer a distinctive delta 8 “body high” that is equally enjoyable, typically producing a sense of relaxation in the muscles, which is something that many of us can truly use from time to time.

Delta 8 THC Gummies

Delta 8 THC gummies dominate the edibles market, and it is easy to see why.  These tasty little fruity gummy candies are easy to dose because each piece contains the recommended daily amount of delta 8 (10mg-25mg), and they come in a wide array of flavors so that we can find one that really appeals to our palate.  

Delta 8 gummies tend to come in jars or pouches, and the ingredients are usually plant-derived to keep the formula as clean as possible.  Most people find that a single gummy a day satisfies all of their delta 8 needs, and people love the portable nature of gummies, which allows them to travel with them without worrying about making a mess or the product getting crushed in transit.

Binoid Delta-8 edibles include three different gummy flavors, Green Apple Candy, Strawberry Bliss, and Peach Dream. These gummies are 25mg of pure Delta 8, and are completely vegan and natural. Not only that but they are delicious too. 

Choose Delta 8 Gummies Because: 

  • You want an easy way to dose.
  • You love the taste of fruity gummy candies.
  • You are someone who travels with delta 8 regularly and needs something portable and simple to take.

Delta 8 THC Lollipops & Hard Candies

An alternative to gummies is hard candies, which are not as common on the market as the former, but still available.  At Binoid, we offer Delta 8 lollipops, which can satisfy that hard candy itch with a sticky and sweet treat complete with a mouthwateringly syrupy fruit flavor.  Delta 8 hard candies in general will contain even doses of delta 8 THC, and each lollipop contains 50 milligrams of delta 8, which means that the majority of users will want to consume only a portion of the lollipop per dose.  

So, what makes lollipops a good choice?  Well, for one thing, you can take your time with them compared to gummies.  While gummies are quickly chewed and swallowed, hard candies and especially lollipops allow us to really savor them as they are not meant to be chewed immediately.  Sucking on a lollipop lets us get as much flavor out of the product as possible, which can extend the duration of giving your sweet tooth dreamy levels of satisfaction.

Choose Delta 8 Hard Candies Because: 

  • You want an edible that offers more of a flavor payoff.
  • You want an edible that can be portioned out.
  • You just really love hard candies.

Delta 8 THC Baked Goods

In case you haven’t notice, we carry a nice selection of drool-worthy delta8-infused baked goods, including delicious chocolate brownies, crisp chocolate chip cookies, chewy marshmallow squares and crunchy peanut brittle.  All of these baked goods can satisfy your most intense dessert cravings with decadent flavor profiles that are nothing short of luxurious, tasting so good that you might forget that you’re ultimately taking them to get in a nice dose of delta 8.

With delta 8 baked goods, you need to be a bit more mindful with your portions.  While gummies make dosing easy with a single daily dose in each piece, edibles require that you portion out your consumption consciously to not take too much or too little delta 8.  Fortunately, these products come with dosing instructions and a clear milligram strength so that you can control the number of milligrams you consume in one sitting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that baked goods tend to expire sooner than candies because the ingredients used to make them are more perishable.  That being said, the products do arrive fresh so that you can enjoy a flavor that tastes like it just came out of the oven.

Choose Delta 8 Baked Goods Because: 

  • You love nothing more than a rich and decadent dessert.
  • You prefer a larger delta 8 portion that can be broken up as desired.
  • You simply want a change from the standard gummies that you’ve been taking for a while. 

The Best Type of Delta 8 Edible that Meets Your Needs

Now, the good thing about delta 8 edibles is that there is no “right” or “wrong” choice to make.  The edibles market exists to satisfy our taste buds while simultaneously delivering delta 8 THC to your endocannabinoid system.  That being said, making the “best choice” for your needs is a simple matter of deciding what will make your taste buds the happiest, whether that be sugary and fruity candies or a baked treat that offers a rich flavor.

Overall Delta 8 THC can be best purchased online at trusted Delta 8 websites such as Binoid CBD and Delta 8 THC. They carry the best Delta-8 products and delta 8 edibles that may help anxiety, sleep mood and happiness. Binoid has fast and free shipping, discounts all of the website, and 1000’s of reviews for their products. It can’t get better than that.

In fact, many of our customers enjoy exploring the variety of edibles that we offer specifically, in order to have a rotation that keeps their palate excited.  So, if you have a sweet tooth, consider checking out the different edible products that we sell, because each one can satisfy you in its own unique way.  

Again, all of these edibles are equally high in quality and they can certainly deliver the delta 8 experience that you’re looking for, while providing the perfect dose for your  cannabinoid-related preferences and goals, especially when taken on a daily basis. 

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