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Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges vs. Delta 8 THC Pods

As we know, there are all kinds of ways to experience the effects of delta 8 THC, with various delivery methods and product formulations being widely available on today’s hemp market.  But, vaping continues to remain the most popular means for consuming the properties of the cannabinoid, with inhalation allowing for the fastest and most potent effects. 

Within the delta 8 vaping submarket, you’ll find a variety of product types, with the two most sought-after being delta 8 vape cartridges and delta 8 vape pods.  While these two products are remarkably similar, as you will see, their differences are important to keep in mind as they can impact whether or not you ultimately feel satisfied with your delta 8 vaping routine.

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What Are Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges?

Delta 8 vape cartridges are small containers with a mouthpiece filled with Delta-8 distillate, terpene flavors, and plant lipids that are mixed together to create a formulation. Once the product is formulated, it is sold to you at various CBD and Delta 8 THC stores. You would then attach them to a 510-threaded battery to heat the vape cartridge up to where the liquid heats up and is able to be inhaled throw the mouthpiece of the vape cartridge.

What Are Delta 8 THC Pods?

Delta 8 pods are small square “pods” that contain a Delta 8 THC formula that are designed to compatible with batteries similar to Juul pods. Delta 8 THC pods are not very popular but they do exist. 

Are Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges And Pods Safe?

Delta 8 THC vape cartridges and pods can be safe, but are not always. Be sure to buy from only trusted brands such as Binoid CBD who lab test their products for heavy metals and solvents. We recommend Binoid more than all other brands for making sure you buy Delta 8 safely

What Do Delta 8 THC Cartridges and Delta 8 THC Pods Share in Common?

Both on the outside and inside (each to an extent), there are some key similarities, which would explain why some people confuse their terms and think they are one in the same.

Similarity #1: Both Delta-8 Carts and Pods are Vaping Products

Obviously, both delta 8 cartridges and delta 8 pods are vaping products that allow us to inhale a vapor produced by the delta8-infused vape oil being heated by the coil within, when attached to a battery device.  These products affect us in the same way, in terms of:

  • How quickly the effects take place.
  • How long they last.
  • How potently they are felt.
  • The actual effects themselves.

Similarity #2: Both Are Pre-Filled Options

Both delta 8 vape cartridges and delta 8 vape pods can come already filled with delta 8 THC vape oil, and require no refilling since they’re disposable, simply being switched out when the e-liquid is empty.  These are called, “closed systems”.  And, each are basically pre-filled for the convenience of the customer.

Similarity #3: Delta 8 Products Available in Many Options

Both of these products come in various options from which vapers can select from.  Examples of options include:

  • Unique strains (terpene profiles).
  • Different milligram strengths.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Multiple ingredients within the vape oils themselves.

Similarity #4: Compatible with Reusable Devices

The way they would be compatible with their respective vaping devices is if they’re what’s called, “open devices”.  This means they can be used again to fill up on delta-8 e-liquid of any kind. 

This all means essentially that you cannot use a vape cartridge with a pod mod, or a vape mod with a 510-threaded vape pen device.

Similarity #5: Fairly User-Friendly Hardware

Each were developed to offer a user-friendly way to vape the delta 8 THC cannabinoid throughout the day.  Like we mentioned, ones that are pre-filled and disposable require basically zero maintenance, while being compatible with very user-friendly hardware that does not demand any serious operating of technical equipment.

How are Delta 8 Cartridges and Pods Different from Each Other Then?

It is more important to be aware of what delta 8 vape cartridges and delta 8 vape pods don’t share in common, because as you will soon see, one of these products is clearly superior to the other based on these crucial differences.

Difference #1: Shape

On the outside, which does not actually have a noticeable effect on quality of experience, it is still plain to see, regardless.  Vape pods are slim and usually rectangular in shape, with or without curved edges.  Meanwhile, vape carts are cylindrical and long. Delta 8 vape carts like Binoid’s premium 92% Delta 8 also work very well with any 510 threaded battery. 

Difference #2: Size

The average delta 8 vape pod (opened or closed) holds about 0.5 milliliters of e-liquid, while the average delta 8 vape cartridge (opened or closed) holds about 1 milliliter of e-liquid.  What does this mean?  Well, you’re likely going to be switching out your product less often when using a vape cart, which is particularly valuable to heavier delta-8 users.

Difference #3: Delta-8 Carts and Pods Compatibility with Hardware

One major difference between these two types of vaping products is their compatibility level with hardware.  Vape cartridges use a 510-threaded battery  connection, as stated before, which makes them universally compatible with any 510-threaded vape pen device on the market, of which there are many.  This is because a 510-threaded connection is a universal screw system that connects the two pieces together.  Meanwhile, vape pods are designed in a way that makes their ability to connect to other devices quite limited.  

Generally, vape pods snap into place or connect magnetically to their devices, which means that you have to buy a compatible pod mod from the same manufacturer that makes the vape pods, thus not allowing you to explore a larger variety of devices that are available, which you can do when using vape carts.  This can be frustrating if you want a specific vaping device with features like variable output, which you can find with many 510-threaded vape pens on the market.

Difference #4: Delta 8 Vape Selection

Because vape carts are simply more popular than vape pods, there’s a wider selection of amazing Delta 8 cartridge options to choose from on the market.  There’s a greater selection of strains, of milligram strengths and specific ingredients used compared to vape pods.  This is important to many delta 8 enthusiasts who want more control over their vaping routines by being selective about what they’re vaping, and having the luxury of choosing different products to address ever-evolving preferences and goals.

Difference #5: Reliability

Overall, delta 8 vape carts are more reliable than vape pods.  They’re simply constructed with a higher standard of quality and are more technologically advanced.  They are less likely to clog or leak than vape pods, which is a huge plus because a leaking pod means that delta 8 is being wasted, and clogs can simply be extremely annoying and interfere with our ability to vape.  Also, with Delta 8 vape cartridges, you’re less likely to get “duds” as this seems to be a more common issue with pods.

Remember, since cartridges and pods are available in refillable, each can last through several uses, until the coils run out.  However, with both open and closed carts, you often get airflow control to adjust the quality of your draws and how much vapor you can take in at a time.  This is a big advantage that vape pods simply do not offer.

Difference #6: Materials

Delta 8 vape carts are usually constructed from far better materials than vape pods.  They’re usually made with a high-end glass material and stainless-steel parts, while pods tend to mostly be made of plastic.  Not only is plastic simply cheaper, but it may negatively impact the flavor of your vaping experience, and you have to be careful as certain plastic materials can leech trace amounts of unwanted chemicals into your vapor, which in turn gets absorbed into the body through the lungs.  

Difference #7: Coils 

The coils in pods and cartridges are designed to heat the e-liquid when fed power from the battery of the device.  However, the coils inside cartridges are made from better materials such as ceramic, which retains heat better for improved flavor and smoother vapor.  Also, because the coils are higher in quality and use CCELL technology, they are less likely to burn out before the e-liquid is done, which can happen with pods, no matter if its an open or closed system.

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges: The Better Choice for Your Vaping Needs 

Now, you can see that delta 8 THC vape cartridges are clearly superior to vape pods.  They simply perform better overall thanks to a blend of their materials, construction, variety, and universal compatibility with their respective devices.  That’s why at Binoid, we focus the attention on delta 8 vape cartridges which are simply more likely to satisfy the needs of vapers everywhere.  Our delta 8 carts come in an awesome array of strains and are all constructed from the highest-quality materials: from the glass surrounding the e-liquid to the coils within.

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