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With more people eager to try Delta 8 THC than ever before, it is important to have a conversation about safety.  Delta 8 itself is a nontoxic cannabinoid, which, when used responsibly, does not really produce any cause for concern.  But, with so many delta-8 products floating around on the market, and so many variables that affect the quality and safety of a particular formula, it is imperative that customers know how to select Delta 8 products that are made with safe practices, ingredients, and methods.

For example, trusted online Delta-8 websites such as Binoid carry very safe and tested Delta-8 products that have been reviewed by thousands of customers. They are known around for being a high quality company to buy from, as well as low prices to make your experience exemplary. That is a company I would look for to buy from. 

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Is All Delta 8 THC Safe?

In an ideal world, every company that makes delta 8 THC formulas would be honest, trustworthy, and eager to go above and beyond to ensure maximum safety.  But, we don’t live in an ideal world, and there are always going to be sketchy companies trying to take advantage of naïve customers. The delta 8 market has not been fully regulated by a governing external body, which has created something of a “wild west” environment in which it’s at the discretion of consumers to know how to ensure that they’re buying safe Delta 8 products such as vape cartridges

So, what makes a delta 8 product unsafe?  Here are just some of the ways in which you can end up with delta 8 THC that’s potentially harmful, as some manufacturing does not use quality cleaning or extraction practices. This can create possible dangers for users who do not know better. 

Fake Delta 8 THC Products

These are products that advertise that they contain delta 8, but they actually don’t.  This means that they can contain any number of ingredients that may or may not be safe to consume, essentially making them fake delta-8 products.

Delta 8 THC Products with Unsafe Ingredients

Some products may contain real delta 8, but some products are formulated with ingredients known to be harmful, such as known carcinogens, toxins, and bleach.  A lot of cheap filler ingredients can lead to unwanted symptoms and side effects and are used by irreputable brands because they lower manufacturing costs. That is why we suggest not always buying the cheapest product on the market, because there is a reason it is that cheap.

Some part of the manufacturing process has to be laxed, or neglected for a product to be inexpensive. Such as a full sized Delta 8 gummy or vape for less than $15 retail. That should be the wholesale price of these products! Top Delta-8 brands such as Binoid CBD use only high-end ingredients, and offer products for a fair price online. 

Products Derived from Low-Quality Hemp Material

The quality of the hemp material itself matters, as some farms may grow their hemp using harsh chemical agents that help yield more abundant crops but introduce potentially harmful compounds into the body. 

If the hemp used in the product is low quality, then so is the product. The inputs are more important than what people realize. Therefore, you should buy from brands that only use premium Hemp to make their Delta 8 THC products such as Binoid, Delta Effex, 8Delta8 and a few others. It's much more worth it! 

How Can We Determine the Safety of Delta 8 THC Products?

Before we get into the safest delta 8 THC on today’s market, let’s go over the factors that we looked for in order to ensure that the following brands make only the safest products out there.

Factor 1: Lab-Testing

The first thing that we always look for is lab reports from a third party on the company’s website, and not only that, but the ability to verify that the lab that performed the test is registered with the local department of agriculture. 

Delta 8 THC lab-testing by a third party is the only way for a company to prove that they are selling genuine, safe delta 8 THC, as lab reports analyze samples of hemp extracts companies use based on strict criteria including purity levels, chemical compound breakdown and microbial presence. Top brands such as Binoid Delta 8 put lab results on a dedicated page on their website for easy access and viewing.  

Factor 2: Traceability

Companies should offer a fairly extensive level of traceability, meaning that customers can learn how the product was developed “from seed to sale.”  There should be information about how the hemp was derived, how the delta 8 was extracted and whether or not the ingredients are organic. 

For example, Binoid is very open with their manufacturing process. They utilize CO2 Extracted Hemp Distillate made from trusted labs in Colorado. While they source high quality Hemp from around the country, including Oregon. Binoid Delta-8 is a top brand, and showing their whole Delta 8 product creation process puts them a spot above the rest. 

Factor 3: Brand Contact Ability

A company without contact information shouldn’t be trusted.  You need to be able to get in touch with a brand to learn more about their products, follow up on orders and potentially air concerns about the safety of a specific formula.  If a company does not make it easy to contact them, this can indicate that they are hiding something.

Trusted companies like Binoid Delta 8 THC have many different ways to talk to customer service. They have a contact form on the website, respond to any emails sent to them, website live chat, and a phone number to call in case of any last minute issues. A lot of Delta 8 brands have no way to access their customer service, and don't ever work to take care of their customers. 

Factor 4: Ingredients Used In Delta-8 THC Products

We look at not only the delta 8 in a formula, but the other ingredients as well, to make sure that every single ingredient is proven to be safe for consumption or application.  We prefer all-natural ingredients that are organically derived.

Binoid Delta 8 THC only uses safe and healthy ingredients in their products, that is why their Delta 8 THC gummies are vegan. As well, Binoid's Delta 8 vape cartridge only use a few ingredients: premium 92% Delta 8 THC, 4% plant lipids, and 4% terpenes. That's it. No extra cutting agents, fillers, or bleach. That is a company that cares about their customers and product quality. 

Factor 5: Sourcing of Plant Material

We want to know how a company sources their hemp before making their delta 8 extracts.  Hemp should be organic, so that it does not contain pesticides and other toxins, and should be grown in the United States, where standards for farming hemp are stricter than they are in many other countries. 

The Safest Delta 8 THC products are one's that are transparent about their processes. Binoid has clear processes on how they manufacture their products. Such as where they source their premium Hemp. As the saying goes, high quality input leads to high quality output. If brands are using low quality Hemp, they are likely to have low quality Delta 8 THC distillate and low quality products. Binoid only uses high quality hemp, which is why Binoid's Delta 8 THC products are amazing. 

Factor 6: Compliance with Safety Standards and Regulations

A company must strive to comply with federal, local, and international regulations and standards set forth by various governing bodies, including legislative bodies. Many brands do not have licenses or certifications in their states to sell Hemp-derived products. 

In contrast, trusted Delta 8 THC brands such as Binoid CBD have all licenses with their city and state to sell Hemp-derived products. As well as are front facing on the internet with no hidden information or company names. Some brands like to hide in the shadows, which is not very ethical. We also say buy from a Delta 8 website or company that is very open about themselves and their operation.

What are the Safest Delta 8 THC Brands and Products on the Market Today?

Safety as you can see is more important than ever. With that said, where to find it is just as important because some companies may not have all their bases covered. These companies/manufacturers have checked off all the boxes in terms of safety and transparency.

    #5: Urb

    Another brand that values product safety is Urb by Lifted Made, as they truly combine nature and science in order to offer some lifestyle-oriented products.

    • Uses some of the most carefully sourced ingredients in the world to create their signature delta 8 THC products.  
    • Not only that, but they make those lab reports quite easy to find.
    • Their website is packed with information for first-timers and experienced users about how to experience delta 8 THC as safely as possible.  
    • Extremely clear about the ingredients that they use and how they source their hemp, in order to put customers’ minds at ease.

    #4: Koi

    Customers trust Koi because they have been around in our industry for years, thus earning a stellar reputation for quality and safety.  The opposite of a shady brand, Koi has developed some of the best-selling hemp formulas of all time, and their delta 8 products are fast-becoming just as popular as their signature CBD-infused goods. 

    • This brand is extremely transparent about how their products are made.
    • You can learn plenty of information about their various processes on their website.
    • Easy access to third-party lab reports.
    • Use quality ingredients.
    • It is clear that they care about the wellbeing of their customers.

    #3: 3Chi

    3Chi was founded by an experienced biochemist who has a background in developing safe and useful products, and who understands techniques that ensure maximum safety overall.  So, it is no wonder why they are a brand that customers can trust, period.  They carry many new cannabinoids that are being tested and learned about daily. They are a high quality brand, with trusted Delta 8 THC products

    • Their lab tests are easy to access on their website.
    • They have a strong customer service team that can provide all kinds of information about how their products are developed.
    • This brand uses a top-notch steam distillation process to purify their delta 8, and their hemp comes from local, organic farms.  
    • Overall, customers have extremely positive experiences using their various formulas.

    #2: Delta Effex

    Delta Effex has proven themselves to be a highly trustworthy brand, with a highly impressive reputation behind them based on their commitment to satisfying customers in every way. Their Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC products are a little lower on potency compared to other brands, but you know whatever distillate they are using is safe and consistent. 

    • A wide array of delta 8 products.
    • Their exceptional products come with lab reports and are noticeably clear about how their products are made to assure consumers that what they are receiving is made with high safety standards.  
    • This company puts a lot of emphasis on the ingredients with which they combine their delta 8 distillates, using clean ingredients sourced with exceptional care.  
    • Their customer service team is fully devoted to answering any and all questions pertaining to the safety of their various products.

    #1: Binoid 

    Binoid’s delta 8 products really go above and beyond when it comes to safety standards.  The transparency of the brand is undeniable, as they are extremely open about the various manufacturing processes employed, and how the hemp is sourced.  

    • Uses only clean, natural, and locally sourced ingredients in all of their delta 8 formulas.
    • Tries to use as minimal of an ingredients list as possible, in order to ensure maximum purity and agreeability with customer needs.  
    • Lab reports for their products are easy to find on their website, 
    • They have some of the best customer service practices around, allowing customers to learn all about the safety of the formulas offered.

    Binoid is one of the best Delta 8 brands for a reason, and that is because they have safe, high quality products for a good price. And the reviews on their website speak for themselves. With over 2000 5 star product reviews, you can trust the product quality, safety, and effectiveness. 

    Bottom Line: Delta 8 THC Quality and Safety 

    The good news is that a number of delta 8 brands have proven themselves to offer consistently safe products, so that customers do not have to search far and wide to know that they are buying delta 8 THC that’s unlikely to cause any kind of harm.  All of these brands’ products are available at Binoid, where you will only find delta 8 formulas from the most reputable names in the industry.

    Overall, there are only a few trusted online stores to buy CBD, Delta 8 THC and newly Delta 10 THC products from. Binoid happens to be one of them, with quality, efficacy and product transparency to make it worth it. We would definitely recommend them as a place for you to buy safe Delta-8 products with lab tests and overall trusted brands on their site. 

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