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Why HHC/HHC-O Might Not Work For You

There is a lot of hype about the unique high of that hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) and HHC-O-Acetate (HHC-O) but sometimes, like with all cannabinoids, its effects can be elusive.  If you took a dose of HHC or HHC-O products and nothing happened, then you’ll need to consider that you have to make some changes to how you’re taking it for a better experience next time.

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Reasons Why You May Not Get as High as You Anticipated

If you’re wondering why you didn’t get a notable high after taking an HHC product or HHC-O product, consider these common culprits below.

Reason #1: Your Tolerance

It’s possible that your tolerance to psychoactive cannabinoids is higher than most.  Chances are that if you’re an experienced THC user, you’ll need more HHC/HHC-O than the average person to really feel much of anything at all.  Besides that, some people are just born more tolerant to psychoactive cannabinoids than others, and so their bodies just need a little bit extra to get a high.

Reason #2: Your Chemistry

Could be that there’s just something unique about your chemistry that changes how you respond to HHC or HHC-O.  Things like whether or not you’re sick, your hormones, your neurological system and your immune system can all impact how HHC or HHC-O affect you and even absorb.  We still don’t know exactly why these cannabinoids can impact some people differently than others, but we know from different users that some people don’t get as high as the majority.

Reason #3: Your Cycle

A lot of women notice a higher tolerance during their periods.  When estrogen levels decrease, a woman’s tolerance to psychoactive cannabinoids increases, and so she needs to take more of the cannabinoid than usual to get the effect that she usually does.

Reason #4: What Else You’ve Consumed 

Other substances in your body can definitely influence how HHC or HHC-O affect you.  Alcohol, medications, certain foods and even other cannabinoids can all play a role in whether or not you get high from HHC or HHC-O.

Reason #5: The Product Itself

Maybe the product itself is the problem, because it’s not effective.  An expired hemp product won’t get you high, since the compounds will have degraded and become ineffective.  Products made using cheap manufacturing methods can also be highly unstable, and struggle to really absorb into the body.  Worse, there’s always the risk of having a fake hemp product that doesn’t actually contain any cannabinoids at all.

Reason #6: The Dosage

Some people are hesitant to take a full dose of HHC or HHC-O out of fear of getting too high.  But, taking too little can mean never feeling anything at all.  You don’t have to take a huge amount of either cannabinoid to get a high, but you should consider adding a little more to your dosage next time, and a little more after that until you get the desired results.

Reason #7: Not Waiting Long Enough for the Effects to Kick in  

Some products just need more time to kick in, so to speak.  Edibles can take up to a couple of hours, and tinctures up to an hour or sometimes more.  Even certain strains of vaping products can take up to 30 minutes to really be effective.  Besides that, some believe that consuming cannabinoids on a full stomach slows down their absorption.

What to Do if You’re Not Getting Effects from HHC/HHC-O

If either hexahydrocannabinol HHC or HHC-O-Acetate has let you down, the good news is that in most cases, some simple adjustments can be a gamechanger that finally allow you to feel the high you’re looking for.  Follow these simple tips below.

Tip #1: Try Again

For reasons not fully understood, the first time you try any new intoxicant, it’s possible that nothing happens, but after that point, you finally start getting the desired effects.  Besides that, it could be that you were sick that day, that you had something in your system that blocked absorption or some other factor.  The bottom line: try again, and see what happens.

Tip #2: Up Your Dosage

If you think that you just weren’t taking enough HHC or HHC-O, then consider increasing the amount that you take.  Or, if you were taking HHC, move over to HHC-O, which is more potent by about 1.5 times.  Either way, a lot of times, a person just isn’t taking the proper threshold dose to actually achieve a psychoactive effect.

Tip #3: Try HHC/HHC-O On Its Own

You might want to try taking HHC or HHC-O when nothing else is in your system that could throw off the results, whether that be alcohol, caffeine, a heavy meal or even another cannabinoid like CBD.  

Tip #4: Find a Better-Quality Product

Finally, we strongly recommend that you do your best to choose the best HHC or HHC-O product possible.  Find a company that has their products lab-tested by a third-party, and also makes those results available online.  And, look carefully for lots of positive reviews from customers who had successful experiences with their HHC or HHC-O products.

Enjoy HHC/HHC-O Success at Binoid 

Almost all of us take HHC or HHC-O because we want to find out what the high is like, and if that high never arrives, it can be really disappointing.  The good news is that the large majority of people just need to make some simple changes to their routine to get the high they’re looking for.  And, by choosing the HHC/HHC-O from Binoid, you’ll know you have a product that is potent and bioavailable enough to do all that the cannabinoid promises.

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