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How Is CBD Oil Made From Hemp In 2020?

A big question that many people have is “how CBD Oil is made and extracted from hemp”. In all, there are three main methods to CBD extraction, and all of them have different benefits, negatives and quality. Listed from the highest quality and most popular method to least. Note that none of these extraction methods affect the benefits of CBD Oil that is made correctly.

However, unsafe and incorrect ways of manufacturing may lead to unwanted particles such as heavy metals and other substances to be in the CBD Oil. This is why making sure you buy CBD from a trusted online CBD store is so important. There is also a chance for each CBD extraction method to affect the side effects of CBD oil, and the possibility of failing a drug test for THC as well. 

  1. CO2 Extraction: CO2 Extraction is the new standard of CBD extraction. It is also the most expensive method. The way CO2 Extraction works is it takes small quantities of hemp that gets moved through a series of chambers. Each chamber controlled with different temperatures and pressures. The differences in pressure and temperatures on the cannabis plant stems and stalks makes the plant more effective for CBD and cannabinoid extraction. Therefore CO2 Extraction is able to extract isolated CBD at a 90% efficiency rate. This is the most expensive method of making CBD oil. 
  2. Ethanol (Alcohol) Extraction: Ethanol is a “simple alcohol” that can also be used to extract CBD from the hemp plant. This alternative involves a process that introduces Ethanol as a solvent to the hemp plant, which allows for a large amount of Full Spectrum hemp CBD extract to be extracted. Then, the ethanol is evaporated from the liquid to leave only the full spectrum CBD oil left. Ethanol is able to remove undesirable ingredients such as chlorophyll from dry hemp at very cold temperatures. In contrast to CO2 Extraction, Ethanol can produce large amounts of hemp CBD. However, because the process is so easy and does require intense or expensive equipment, the downside in Ethanol CBD extract is that the liquid solvents may leave traces of impurities in the CBD oil. As well, other solvents may remove other cannabinoids, and terpene flavorings which is why it may look more green and taste bitter. These negative possibilities have become minimizing due to adjustments in processes for Ethanol extraction.
  3. Olive Oil Extraction: This is one of the oldest and most “true” methods of extracting cannabinoids from hemp. The process involves decarboxylation, which is when the raw plant material is heated to 220 degrees Fahrenheit for a specific period of time to make the chemical components active for extraction. Then, the plant material is added to olive oil and is heated again at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit for around 1-2 hours to extract the cannabinoids and CBD from the plant. The issue with this method, is that once extracted you cannot separate or evaporate the olive oil from the CBD. Therefore you must consume much higher amounts of the oil in order to receive a decent dosage. Additionally, because olive oil is very perishable, the oil must be stored in a cool and dark place. Which is not ideal for travel and someone on the go. And even then, the oil is not likely to last a very long time. This is the easiest and cheapest method of making CBD. 

How is CBD Oil Products made from hemp?

What happens after CBD is extracted from hemp?

The CBD is extracted through any of the methods listed above, then it moves to the next stage that removes all useless and unwanted phytochemicals and such from the oil extraction. This process is called Chromatography. When CBD and other cannabinoids are put in proximity of chromatography media, it creates high attraction, leading to slower travel through the process. Meanwhile less attracted components, including chlorophyll travel faster through the process. Therefore creating separation of wanted cannabinoids, terpenes, and amino acids from unwanted or useless plant materials.

The next step is called Decarboxylation, which includes heating up the extracted CBD to a point where it can interact more effectively with the body. The heat turns the Hemp CBD extract into a form or compound that can be used better by the body and our internal endocannabinoid system. Which regulates pain, sleep, anxiety amongst other things. This process also allows the CBD oil to interact almost immediately with the body as it converts CBDA to CBD by removing the acid form. This increases the bioavailability of the oil in your body.

Bioavailability is the absorption percentage of something entering your body. Also known as the effectiveness rate of the CBD oil absorption into your body. The increase in bioavailability from the Decarboxylation would make Hemp CBD oil directly consumable by the body. However, the brown or almost tree-wax looking oil has a very strong taste that makes it almost impossible to digest consistently. CBD extract taste and consistency can be described as a very bitter goo-like substance.

Instead of ingesting this, CBD oil is mixed with a base or carrying oil. The most base currently is coconut oil, but the oil can also be mixed with hemp seed oil as well. From there, the oil can be used in many different forms. Including injection into tasty CBD Gummies, powerful CBD Capsules, or even Pet Health CBD oil tinctures.

How is cbd oil capsules gummies absorbed by the body

What is CBD Bio-Availability?

Note that CBD oil bio-availability can range from 20-35% based on many different factors. Which is the second highest bio-availability of any CBD product other than vape products that consistently average 35% or more. However, CBD oils last longer in the body, with effectiveness from 4-6 hours conservatively. While CBD vape effectiveness drops off considerably after around 2 hours.

Does the CBD extraction process affect the effectiveness of the CBD oil?

How CBD is made would not directly affect the quality of effectiveness of the hemp tincture. However, if the CBD oil is made from an unreliable and non-truthful source, then it is possible the mg of CBD in the tincture is not completely correct. Therefore, due to mislabeling, a CBD product might have less CBD in them then stated. And in cause are not as effective as it should be. That means you should only buy CBD from an online store that provides lab results. Binoid CBD provides all lab results and tests in the picture section on every product page.

How does the future for the extraction process of CBD?

We are sure to see more technology, and efficiency advances in how the oil is extracted and bottled. We expect the potency of CBD oil to increase, the price the decrease, and the overall quality of the CBD oil to increase. More farms will be built, better technology and methods will be implemented to extract cannabinoids at a higher efficiency rate. Therefore, there is a lot to be excited about for the future of the CBD industry. And cannabis industry in general.

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