The 7 Best CBD Oil Products For Anxiety Relief In 2020

The best hemp-derived Cannabidiol products for anxiety and stress begins with understanding how CBD affects anxiety, and then learning the types of CBD products available, as one type might not work for you as well as another type. In this article, we will be going over the best types of CBD for Anxiety, in order by least effective to most effective. However, none of these products are bad for anxiety, but there is a difference of effectiveness between the different product types.

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How Does CBD Help Anxiety?

The way CBD works is through our own natural endocannabinoid system. When it is absorbed into your body, it gets moved through your bloodstream until it reaches neuroreceptors and neurotransmitters in the brain. From there the CBD binds itself to the receptors in your brain that control anxiety, pain, and sleep, and basically messages your brain cells to calm down or "stop".

Therefore relieving these symptoms. CBD is growing popularity as it a healthy alternative to pills and medications. Previously people were wary of smoking Marijuana and using THC because THC and the physical high can result in heightened anxious patterns. Especially with paranoia and other side effects.

CBD on the other hand has no intense side effects, and has shown immense benefit for people with anxiety. In additional, CBD can also be used to help PTSD, social anxiety, OCD and other types of anxiety as well. Research is preliminary, but initial research finding has found CBD to help calm different types of anxiety such as sleeplessness, fear of heights, or even work and school-related anxieties.

 As well, the CBD dosage (mg) for anxiety is not as crucial as you may think for anxiety. Each person is different and is affected by CBD differently, and one person will likely need more or less than another to receive the same effects. Therefore the CBD dosage for anxiety (mg) likely varies by the person. 

What are the best CBD products for anxiety?

CBD itself comes in many forms, however there are 7 main forms. These are liquid drop form, topical and rub-on skin hemp cream form, edible form with isolate crystals and gummies, consumables form capsules and powders, and vape pen inhalables. To learn more about how CBD works click here or other information you should know about CBD before this article click here.

Let’s get into which CBD products and forms are best for Anxiety.

Best hemp cbd cream for arm pain, back pain and nerve pain

       7. Hemp CBD Creams:

To start, hemp creams or topical salves are definitely not a working option since they are rubbed topically on the skin, and are meant for joint pain, wrist, arm, arthritis, and other targeted body pains. Read here about how hemp CBD Creams help relieve high heel foot pains, and celebrities who use them. These creams absorb into your skin cells and help them with skincare relief. However, this CBD product is useless for anxiety

best CBD Gummy Bears for anxiety and sleep

       6. CBD Gummy Bears:

CBD Gummy Bears, also referred to as Gummies, consist of full spectrum Hemp CBD that is injected into a bite sized gummy bear. However, as tasty as they look and are, they are the least effective option for anxiety as they are mostly designed to aid sleep and should be taken before bed. They would help for anxiety before bedtime, however for they would not be a great aid during the day. They are mostly designed as a snack to have right before bed as sleep relief

How to take CBD Gummies: The instructions on CBD Gummies is 1-2 Gummy Bears per day as a snack or before you go to bed.

The milligrams (mg)  of CBD in Gummy Bears are also low, and the bioavailability and digestion rate of ingestible foods and products are very low. Bioavailability is the rate and percentage of absorption into your bloodstream. In this case, the bioavailability of CBD.

The bioavailability of Gummy consumption is reported to be around 6-20% based on a 2009 study. In the case of CBD Gummies, the amount of CBD usually contained in each gummy is usually 5mg. So with a 20% maximum absorption, you are looking at 1mg of CBD.

To help anxiety, you are likely to need a lot of cannabidiol Gummy Bears to achieve wanted results. Therefore, Gummies are last on this list for relieving symptoms from being anxious.

       5. CBD Isolate Slabs:

Like Gummies, isolate slabs are also ingestible are stuck with the same body absorption rate. However, the difference is isolates are usually 99% pure CBD and are more concentrated than Gummy Bears. Therefore the isolate slabs would be a more effective CBD product for anxiety and stress.

CBD Softgel Capsules for anxiety relief

       4. CBD Capsules:

CBD capsules are basically CBD isolate that comes in pill or softgel form. Each capsule usually contains around 25mg per, and each one is loaded with full spectrum CBD that includes amino acids, terpenes, cannabinoids, and vitamins.

Hemp CBD capsules are made for those who want their daily dose of CBD in one quick gulp. Therefore for anxiety, it could be useful to start the day and have anxiety relief first thing in the morning.

How to take CBD Capsules: Like the Gummies, and depending on your symptoms, capsules should be taken 1-2 times per day as a snack or before you go to bed.

       3. CBD Isolate Powder:

CBD isolate powder is the 100% powdered form of Hemp-derived CBD. Usually isolate powder is put in oils such as coconut and MCT oil to make the typical “CBD oil”. However, the isolate is for people who want to make their own mixes, concentrations and dosages. Flavored or unflavored.

This form of CBD is practically the same as CBD oils, however based on what it is mixed with the CBD might not have the best bioavailability and absorption to help anxiety. 

       2. Vape Pens:

CBD Vape pens have an absorption rate of 31%, which is the highest average on this list. And is usually up to 5x more effective and quicker than all other methods of intake. However, depending on the brand, they may contain harmful ingredients for flavoring such as glycerin. This is how flavors such as mint, strawberry, and bubble gum are created. With initial studies of popcorn lungs being a possible result over a long time, on the worst case. For that reason we are naming them number 2.

For anxiety, the effectiveness of CBD vape pens are almost unmatched. With almost instantaneous results, many people are using CBD pens to help calm their anxiety. Celebrities and Athletes such as MMA fighter Nate Diaz uses it (include brother in this)


       1. CBD Oil Tinctures:

This brings us to the best CBD for anxiety and stress. And that is CBD oils. According to a human study from 2015 found strong evidence of the potential of CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety disorders, "at oral doses ranging from 300 to 600 mg." However, the study then suggested that CBD oil at higher doses does not make a health different to the mind or body. 

Cannabidiol oils are also the best type of CBD for anxiety due to the fact the absorption rate is the highest of all methods except for CBD vape pens with a rate of 20-35%. The range depends on the last time you ate, your metabolism, genetics and other factors. This is also why CBD oil drops are the most popular way to use CBD in general. 

The way CBD oil tinctures should be taken for anxiety is once in the morning before you begin working, class, and stressful situations. Then once at night before you sleep. Preferably 30 minutes before sleeping and not on a completely empty stomach. No matter the dosage of CBD in the oil tinctures, including 500mg, 1000mg and higher. However, we always suggest new users to start with 500mg CBD oils before moving their way up to 1000mg depending on how the CBD helps their anxiety. 

Conclusion & Questions/Answers

In the end, the best CBD for Anxiety really depends on your own personal needs an schedule. We can give you all the right information for timing and what type of CBD products help pain, sleep or anxiety. However you have to understand your symptoms and when you feel like you need anxiety relief the most.

If you need relief in the morning, take CBD capsules as the most effective option. For stress and anxiety relief throughout the day use CBD oils. And then for the night time use CBD Gummies or CBD vape. In fact, CBD products in conjunction can provide additional benefits called “the entourage effect”.

What is the Entourage Effect for CBD?

This is when multiple parts and components of the Cannabis plant, such as hemp and its cannabinoids interact with each other and give you a more powerful and stronger relief influence than individually. This means that using multiple CBD products can give you a synergistic effect. And increased CBD benefits compared to just take one single hemp-derived product.

There are many different CBD products, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. We suggest trying a few products and see how well they work for you. If they work well, continue using them and if not try a different CBD product to compare. If anything just ask us! Comment below or send us an email at if you have any questions on CBD products, the CBD brands that we carry, or the best CBD oils, gummies, vape products for you!

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