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How To Prevent Delta 8 Distillate From Recrystallizing

When it comes to vaping delta 8 THC, many of us seek out a product that’s as pure and potent as possible.  The majority of today’s delta 8 distillates, whether they come in the forms of vape cartridges or disposables, contain pure delta 8 distillate combined with the extracted terpenes of the hemp plant to offer a variety of different strains from which we can choose.  Few manufacturers use dilution agents anymore, such as MCT oil or propylene glycol (PG), because these ultimately dilute the potency and purity of the product.

One thing that many delta 8 vapers notice is that their vapes crystallize from time to time.  Now, those who are new to the concept of vaping delta 8 THC may assume that something has gone wrong, and that their vape is now ruined.  Or, they may even be worried that they’ve gotten fake delta 8 since the product has taken on such a strange consistency and appearance.


Why Can Delta 8 Distillate Crystallize?

Recrystallization refers to the process of a delta 8 THC extract converting into a crystallized texture, in which the extract actually takes on the appearance of crystals rather than an oil.  This is, in fact, normal.  Cannabinoids have high levels of OH (hydroxide) groups in their molecules, and OH converts into a crystallized form easily under certain conditions.

In other words, if your delta 8 distillate has recrystallized, this is part of nature and does not signify that something has gone wrong with your vape.  However, the purity level of the delta 8 vape has a lot to do with its likelihood to crystallize.  Any delta 8 vape that has a 55% or higher concentration of pure delta 8 THC is capable of crystallizing under certain circumstances – anything below that has been diluted enough to hinder the potential for recrystallization.  Any vape with a concentration of 80% or higher of delta 8 has a fairly high chance of recrystallizing. 

That being said, note that terpenes do not have these recrystallization capabilities.  This is why a vape containing only pure delta 8 distillate recrystallizes more easily and frequently than a vape that combines delta 8 distillate with a generous concentration of terpenes.

What Types of Delta 8 Vapes Can Crystallize?

Basically, any type of delta 8 distillate is capable of crystallization as long as it has a concentration of at least 55% delta 8 THC.  That being said, there are delta-8 vapes on the market that do not have more than this amount.  Like we said, some companies dilute their delta 8 distillate with MCT oil, PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin), or a combination of them.  This is most common in vape oils that come in bottles, which are intended for refillable systems, as the dilution agents allow the delta 8 to be vaped at higher wattages.

The majority of vape cartridges and disposable devices you’ll find are free of dilution agents, and therefore more prone to crystallization.  And, the purer the delta 8 is in the product, the more likely it is to recrystallize. 

Why Crystallization Isn’t a Bad Thing

Seeing crystallized delta 8 in your vape cartridge for the first time can be unsettling, but it actually means that you have a very good-quality product on your hands.  Since crystallization only occurs when certain purity levels are achieved, it means that you have a very pure product that is not diluted with undesirable compounds.  The purer the delta-8 vape is, the more potent it is, and the fewer impurities it contains.  Basically, if you want to have a delta8 vape that’s as potent and clean as possible, recrystallization is something that you’ll have to accept.

How to Prevent Recrystallization

When a delta 8 vape oil has recrystallized, you can’t vape it.  In order for it to be vaped, it needs to be in liquid form, because only liquid can be converted into vapor when heat is applied to it.  Trying to vape when the delta 8 distillate is clearly crystallized can burn out the coil, because the coil needs to be saturated with liquid to function properly.

So, the key is preventing recrystallization to the best of your ability.  Remember that higher purity levels are more susceptible to crystallization, so you can follow these prevention steps and still end up with recrystallization from time to time simply due to the fact that you’re working with a very pure product.

The main thing to preventing crystallization is not letting your vape oil get below room temperature.  The process of converting into a crystallized form is dependent on temperature.  You can compare this to honey.  Honey remains a liquid when it’s kept above a certain temperature, but when it’s exposed to cold it crystallizes.  Simply heating up the honey brings it back to a liquid.

This means never keeping your delta 8 vape outdoors, and never keeping it in an area of your home that gets cold, such as an area near a drafty window or air conditioning unit.

Is a Crystallized Delta 8 Vape Still Usable?

The good news is that if your delta 8 vape recrystallizes, that doesn’t mean that it’s a lost cause.  It just means that certain circumstances have caused your delta 8 to revert back to its original crystallized form.  Your delta 8 vape is still perfectly usable, as long as you follow certain steps to convert it back into a liquid vape oil.

How to Fix a Crystallized Delta 8 Distillate

If your delta 8 distillate has crystallized, you can simply apply certain heating methods to get it back to temperature.  The most common method is to hold a blow-dryer about a foot away from the vape, until you can see it go back to a liquid form.

The other method is to place your vaping product in a resealable bag, and then submerge the bag in warm (but not boiling) water until you can see that the distillate has gone back to a liquid. 

Crystallization: Not the End of the World for Your Vapes  

If you want the purest and most potent delta 8 vapes that are on the market, then you may need to accept crystallization as a fact of life.  Fortunately, it can largely be prevented, and even better, you can fix crystallized delta 8.  At Binoid, we offer ultra-pure delta 8 vapes, and while they may crystallize under certain circumstances, some simple techniques can make them vape-friendly once again.


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