The Strongest Delta 9 Gummies List

Federally compliant delta 9 THC has arrived, and it has taken next to no time for delta 9 gummies to become massively popular throughout the community of hemp hobbyists.  Delta 9 gummies offer a simple, user-friendly way to derive all of the psychoactive effects associated with delta 9 THC, without worrying about breaking the law.  Not only that, but they also promise delicious flavor that ensures complete satisfaction from beginning to end.

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What Makes Some Delta 9 Gummies Stronger Than the Rest?

The strength of a delta 9 gummy is mainly determined by its milligram strength – in other words, the number of milligrams of pure, isolated delta 9 THC per piece.  For a delta 9 THC gummy to be federally compliant, it must contain 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight.  So, gummies come in large portion sizes so that the 0.3% delta 9 actually comes out to a significant number of milligrams.

But, there are some more “hidden” factors that also play a role in strength.  

  1. The quality of the product makes a huge difference, at the end of the day.  
  2. Some extraction methods produce more chemically stable delta 9 THC distillate than others, and the more chemically stable, the more efficiently the cannabinoid absorbs into the body.  
  3. Another thing that makes a difference is the product’s freshness, since delta 9 that’s been sitting around will start to break down and lose its potency. 

What are the Strongest Delta 9 THC Gummies You Should Try?

To come up with this list of the “strongest” delta 9 gummies, we considered not only their milligram strength, but the manufacturing methods and turnover rate of the companies that craft them, which, as mentioned earlier, is also crucial if you want those potent delta 9 effects with each serving.

#5: Wild Orchard Delta 9 THC Gummies 

The Delta 9 THC Gummies from Wild Orchard combine deliciously fresh fruit flavor with 10mg delta 9 THC per piece, which gives them a high potency level compared to a lot of what you’ll find on the market.  They come in a variety of sizes, based on the number of gummies in the pack, while offering excellent ingredients that promise a natural taste and gentle effects on the body.


  • 10mg delta 9 THC per piece
  • 25mg full spectrum CBD extract
  • Variety of flavors to choose from   
  • Contains terpenes 
  • Variety of sizes

  • Cons: 

  • May have a terpene aftertaste

  • #4: Koi Delta 9 Gummies

    Koi is a legend in the hemp industry, having been hugely successful practically since the CBD industry first began.  They’ve recently released their take on delta 9 gummies, which have unsurprisingly become very popular in a short time.  One thing that customers love about their gummies is their 2:1 CBD ratio, containing 20mg CBD and 10mg delta 9.  10mg is definitely at the higher range on the milligram strength spectrum, and plenty powerful enough to give you the high that you’re looking for.


  • 10mg delta 9 per piece
  • 20mg CBD per piece
  • Variety of flavors 
  • Great texture
  • Fresh fruit taste

  • Cons:

  • Not vegan-friendly 

  • #3: Trehouse Delta 9 Gummies 

    A lot of people really love Trehouse Delta 9 Gummies, sister brand to iconic brand CBDfx, which taste as good as they feel due to the manufacturer using only top-notch flavoring ingredients.  Each gummy contains a generous 10 milligrams of delta 9 THC so that you can enjoy the high that the cannabinoid is known for with every serving.  There is also 10mg CBD in each piece, for a nice 1:1 ratio that delivers a synergistic effect between the two amazing hemp derivatives.


    • 10mg delta 9 per piece
    • 10mg CBD per piece
    • Vegan
    • Excellent taste
    • Gentle ingredients 


  • A little pricey 

  • #2: Delta Extrax Delta 9 Gummies

    Few cannabinoid brands have been as successful as Deltra Extrax, a company that focuses on psychoactive hemp derivatives in a way that makes customers feel safe and at ease, given the lengths that they go to for the sake of transparency, honesty and education.  Their delta 9 gummies, known as “Sweet Slices”, are immensely popular thanks to their effectiveness, offering the ultimate delta 9 high that lasts for hours and delivers feelings of blissful euphoria. 

    Each Sweet Slice boasts 10 milligrams of delta 9 THC, and it’s worth pointing out that these gummies do not contain cannabidiol.  CBD can bring out the more mellowing properties of delta 9, and a pure delta 9 gummy could be more uplifting and even give you fits of giggles.


  • 10mg delta 9 per piece
  • Top-quality flavoring ingredients 
  • Pure delta 9 – no other hemp compounds 
  • Mouthwatering flavor
  • Fresh fruit ingredients 

  • Cons: 

  • No CBD 

  • #1: Binoid Delta 9 THC Gummies 

    Binoid Delta 9 THC Gummies are hugely successful among those seeking out a tasty, highly effective serving of this notorious cannabinoid.  These stunning morsels combine 10 milligrams of delta 9 THC with an astounding 50 milligrams of CBD.  This can provide a profoundly soothing buzz that’s felt within both the mind & body.  Known for their powerful effectiveness and strong high, these gummies deliver stunning bioavailability thanks to the impressive manufacturing techniques that Binoid known for. 

    Plus, they come in very tasty flavor options which just add to their appeal even more.  Using premium Live Resin Full Spectrum Distillate, paired with delicious vegan flavors and ingredients, what could honestly top that?


  • 10mg delta 9 THC per piece
  • 50mg CBD per piece
  • Delicious Taste
  • Great value for amount of Delta 9 and CBD
  • Vegan-friendly, Gluten Free
  • Top-quality ingredients
  • No unnecessary fillers

  • Cons: 

  • Not ideal for those who don’t want CBD 

  • Delta 9 Gummies Virtually Guarantee the Results You’re Looking For

    Although, delta 9 gummies are becoming more widely available, the bottom line is, not all of them are gonna give you the full delta 9 THC high that so many of us crave.  These awesome Delta 9 THC gummies, however, contain 10 milligrams of this cannabinoid, which pretty much ensures some blissful effects that so many of us know and love.  Basically, all these gummies deliver a potent one of a kind, uplifting, and motivating feeling with a calming body sensation.

    So, what are you waiting for?  Check out these gummy formulas and see for yourself how each one can completely wow you with highly bioavailable and potent servings with the ‘real’ OG of psychoactive cannabinoids.

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