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11 Severe THC-H Side Effects

When it comes to the cannabinoids that we derive from the hemp plant, most of us feel generally confident that we can take them without experiencing any major negative effects – that’s especially true when we’re purchasing from a trusted brand, who has all of their products lab-tested by a third party.  But, that doesn’t mean that we are completely immune from any and all side effects associated with certain hemp compounds.  

Since tetrahydrocannabihexol (THC-H) is new at the time of this article, most people haven’t even heard of it.  So, it’s crucial to cover the potential for side effects, in order for first-time THC-H product users to have an idea of what they may potentially experience as they explore this compound’s distinctive properties.

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Does THC-H Come with Side Effects?

With any natural substance, side effects can vary between individuals, as each body reacts differently to the introduction of certain compounds.  However, there are specific potential side effects that are more likely to occur than others when consuming THC-H.

#1: Being Too Happy

We had to put this at number 1. THC-H is known as a fun compound that provides a fairly intense psychoactive effects and many THC-H benefits including being happy, with usually less side effects than regular Delta 9 THC. Now, there’s no such thing as “feeling too happy”, but we have to say that the most known effect of taking THC-H is feeling euphoric and giggly.  Also, that’s not such a bad side effect, is it?

#2: Dry Mouth

It is far from uncommon for a person to experience short-lived dry mouth when taking certain cannabinoids, and this is because of the fact that cannabinoids act on cannabinoid receptors found in the salivary glands which control saliva production.

#3: Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can also occur for similar reasons – cannabinoid receptors in the eyes regulate moisture levels.  Again, this effect is temporary, and is common among many psychoactive cannabinoids.

#4: Lightheadedness

Some people report feeling lightheaded when taking certain psychoactive cannabinoids, and this may also have to do with the slightly lower blood pressure levels that can occur.

#5: Headache

Another relatively common side effect of THCH is a headache, which usually occurs when the THC-H is not pure or when too much is taken.  This effect is usually short-lived and only happens once every few uses. 

#6: Disorientation

Intoxicating substances naturally lead to some level of disorientation, and this is true of THC-H as well as many substances that we consume regularly.  These effects usually last only briefly after the high has worn off.

#7: A Mild Drop in Blood Pressure

Several cannabinoids in the hemp plant can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure, and this is not associated with serious harm.  The effects of this can result in a slightly elevated heart rate.

#8: Grogginess/Sleepiness

It’s very common for a person to feel groggy or sleepy after consuming cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabihexol, due to the effects that it has on the body’s nervous system.

#9: Anxiety or Paranoia

One of the harsher effects of THC-H may be temporary anxiety or paranoia depending on dosage and the tolerance of the individual. These effects may coincide with other effects and benefits due to the nature of taking a compound that is almost the same as regular Delta 9 THC. 

    Note: None of these side effects are certain to occur, as there are complex factors that determine how likely it is that a person will experience them.

    #10: Getting Too High

    THC-H is extremely potent, as the second most potent cannabinoid in the hemp plant besides THC-P. THCH is a lot more potent than most cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, and it’s even more potent than delta 9 THC.  What this means is that the risk of getting too high is up there, especially among those who are totally new to psychoactive properties associated with the hemp plant. 

    While getting too high is not dangerous on its own, it can make certain tasks like driving unsafe.  And, some people find the feeling of being over-intoxicated uncomfortable.

    #11: A Failed Drug Test

    Yes, THC-H can lead to a failed drug test, which results from the production of the THC-COOH enzyme in the body that breaks down many intoxicating cannabinoids in the hemp plant.  THC-COOH is the marker in the body that yields a positive test result. This is important for anyone who gets drug tested on a normal basis.

    What Is THC-H?

    Tetrahydrocannabihexol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant that’s only been recently discovered, as, like many psychoactive cannabinoids, it exists in extremely trace levels in the chemical composition of the plant material. 

    Most notably, THC-H is likely the second most psychoactive cannabinoid after tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P).  This basically means that its “high” could be powerful.  Those people who’ve had the pleasure of trying THC-H have said that the high is incredibly euphoric, while promoting a particularly potent body high as well.

    Does THC-H Cause Side Effects?

    First and foremost, there are two things to keep in mind before we answer this question.  

    1. THC-H is such a new addition to the market that no studies have been done on its side effects, either short or long-term.  This doesn’t imply that major side effects will be uncovered – only that researchers just haven’t had a chance to explore the cannabinoid yet.
    2. There is no such thing as a natural substance that’s 100% free of side effects.  

    That being said, it’s immensely unlikely that THC-H comes with severe side effects, as none of the hundred or so known cannabinoids unearthed in hemp have been found to have.  

    Still, we know that psychoactive cannabinoids in particular can cause temporary, generally mild side effects in some users, which typically last for as long as the high itself.  Because tetrahydrocannabihexol is far more potent than most psychoactive hemp-derived cannabinoids, these side effects might be more pronounced than they are in, say, delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC).

    What Affects THC-H Side Effects?

    Some circumstances can increase the likelihood that a person will experience certain side effects after taking tetrahydrocannabihexol (THC-H).  Therefore, pay attention to these factors below as this may give you a better idea of what your chances are of noticing side effects.

    Factor #1: A Low Tolerance to THC

    If you generally have a low tolerance to the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) due to a lack of experience with them, you’ll be more likely to experience certain mild side effects as your body is more sensitive to the cannabinoid.

    Factor #2: How the Body Processes Cannabinoids

    Some individuals simply process cannabinoids in a way that makes side effects more likely to occur, due to complex physiological factors that aren’t fully known.

    Factor #3: The Dosage Taken

    As is the case with just about any substance, consuming a higher dose of THC-H puts you at a higher risk of experiencing the side effects listed above.

    Factor #4: Quality of the Product

    Low-quality THC-H products may cause more side effects, not due to the cannabinoid itself but the other ingredients in the product, or manufacturing processes that change the way in which the cannabinoid absorbs into the body.

    Factor #5: Delivery Method

    Some people find that they experience more side effects when consuming edibles than they do other delivery methods.  How come?  Well, it is due to the way in which the cannabinoid interacts with the body when ingested.  Most notably, a small number of people tend to notice slightly increased paranoia along with intoxication-induced immobility as side effects to edibles.

    Most Potent THC-H Products List

    Let’s go over the most potent THC-H products, with the highest potency and strength at the top to the lowest potency at the bottom. The higher potency products are most likely to have the worst side effects, with the lower potency having the least. 

    1. THC-H Vape Cartridges (All Vape Products)

    2. THC-H Tinctures (Under The Tongue for Highest Potency)

    3. THC-H Gummies (Highest Absorption)

    4. THC-H Capsules (Highest Edible Dose)

    Where Is THC-H Legal?

    THC-H legality is a tricky situation, because it is so new as well as in a legal grey area. THC-H is legal in many states all across the U.S. Because THC-H is hemp-derived, you can make a case that THC-H should be legal everywhere. However, some states have directly outlawed the use of THC-H products. To see our state by state THC-H legal list click here

    What Is The Proper THC-H Dosage?

    THC-H is a very powerful compound, with effects around 25x stronger than Delta 8 THC.

    THC-H Dosage Chart Guide: 

    1. Beginner THC-H dosing (low tolerance): 1mg-2mg per use
    2. Intermediate THC-H dosing (medium tolerance): 2mg-5mg per use
    3. Advanced THC-H dosing (high tolerance): 5mg+ per use

    This applies to THC-H tinctures, THC-H gummies, THC-H vape cartridges as well as other THC-H products. THCH is around 10x of the high regular Delta 9 THC will create, except with a stronger psychedelic and visual experience.

    As always, the best way to dose out THC-H is to try a little, then keep increasing until you feel what you need. However, be aware because effects take 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in, and is said to be a creeper compound.

    Taking THC-H with Medications – What You Need to Know

    Finally, be aware that if you’re taking certain medications, you may experience side effects as a tetrahydrocannabihexol (THC-H) user due to an interaction.  If taking any medications that, according to the label, cannot be mixed with grapefruit, you must speak with your doctor before taking any cannabinoid in general.  This is because like grapefruit, many cannabinoids suppress CYP3A4, an enzyme that metabolizes a number of common medications.  

    The Bottom Line 

    Tetrahydrocannabihexol is generally no riskier to take than any other cannabinoids from hemp that most of us have already experimented with.  Still, it’s important to know all potential side effects ahead of time, just in case.  Even more important is that you buy THCH products from a brand that already has a solid reputation for selling clean, lab-tested cannabinoid products, such as Binoid.

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