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How to Store THC-O Vapes

THC-O-acetate (THC-O) is one of the most popular cannabinoids on today’s market, offering a high that’s about 3x as powerful as delta 9 THC.  And, without a doubt, vapes reign supreme as far as THC-O enthusiasts are concerned.  Fast-acting, potent, and extremely easy to use, THC-O vapes, be it vape cartridges and disposable/rechargeable vape pens, come in all kinds of strain options so that fanatics of the hemp plant can really personalize their experience on a whole new level. 

But, one of the most overlooked aspects of being a hemp vaper is storing THCO vape cartridges properly.  As it turns out, improper storage is the most common reason why people may be disappointed with the results of vaping the cannabinoid.

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Do THC-O Vapes Go Bad?

THC-O vapes do have an expiration date since they contain organic compounds.  Overall, when stored properly, they can last for up to 2 years.  After that point, the chemical compounds do start to break down, and when that happens, they lose their effectiveness, meaning that you can vape and vape and still not catch the high you were expecting, or be able to really taste the terpenes in the product.

At the end of the day, if you don’t store your product properly, then it can expire prematurely.  How quickly a THC-O vape expires depends on just how badly it was stored.  In order to know then if your product has expired, there are a few things that you can look for: 

  1. Check to see if the color, texture, or aroma are different from how they were when you first purchased the product.  
  2. Another more obvious giveaway is that the product is no longer giving you the same effects, which would mean that the THC-O-acetate in the product has degraded due to age.  
  3. If your product is expired, then it’s time to throw it out and replace it.

How to Keep Those THC-O Vapes Fresh 

THC-O vapes are not going to give you the high you want if you’re not taking care of them while they’re in your possession.  Good news is that storing them properly takes just about zero effort, and you have plenty of great storage places already in your home that will keep those vapes as fresh as can be.

Tip #1: Dark, Dry, and Cool is the Way to Go 

First and foremost, you want to keep your vapes and all THC-O products in a space in the home that stays dark, dry and cool.  This can be a closet, a drawer or a cupboard.  The compounds in hemp are very sensitive to light, heat and humidity, and will degrade rapidly if exposed to any of them for too long.  Never store your vapes in the bathroom either, where the humidity from the shower can break them down quickly. 

The perfect storage temperature for a THC-O vape cartridge and disposable/rechargeable vape pen in general is about 70°F.  Higher temps have an identical effect on oil as they do on flower – it degrades and no longer has the same potency.  You can store cartridges and vape pens in the fridge.  However, no need to run the prospect of getting condensed moisture issues.  Most certainly though, DO NOT freeze your vape carts or vape pens.

Tip #2: An Airtight Seal is Critical

We recommend that you keep your THC-O vapes in their original package until you’re ready to vape, since once they’re open, oxygen can enter through the mouthpiece and gradually break down the potency of the THC-O and terpenes.  When you’re not actually vaping, you can consider storing your vapes in a resealable, airtight bag of some kind.  

Tip #3: Keep Your THC-O Indoors  

You should only have your THC-O vapes outdoors when you’re traveling, because the unpredictable, always-changing weather can wreak havoc on your vapes.  Outdoor environments can have high humidity, high temperatures and direct sun exposure, all of which can damage the THC-O quickly.  Don’t leave your vapes outside, or even in a car, where they can change for the worse even if left out for just a full day.  In general, keep your THC-O inside.

Tip #4: Don’t Buy More Than You Need 

Avoid the temptation to buy a ton of vape cartridges and disposables all at once when your favorite THC-O products are on sale.  You can very well end up with way too much vape oil to actually get through before it all expires, meaning you’ll end up throwing out a good amount of product.  

A Little Extra Info For You When Buying Fresh THC-O Vapes

Besides making a point to store your THC-O vapes properly, you also need to pay attention to who you’re buying it from.  Why?  Because some companies sell poorly made formulas, or products that are close to expiring, and so it doesn’t matter how well you store them since they’re already well on their way to losing their effectiveness.

Find a company with a solid reputation, as they’re more likely to have a high product turnover rate which means that their products are never sitting in the warehouse for too long.  Also, make sure that they use clean extraction methods and exceptional ingredients, as both of these aspects preserve the stability of the cannabinoid itself, as well as the other ingredients.  

At Binoid, all of our hemp products are made using the best methods and ingredients, and our product turnover rate is very high so that products are always sold fresh.

Extra Precaution/Safety Measure: Good idea to buy a vape cartridge storage case for your equipment.  Vape pens/batteries usually come with a case.

Don’t Forget to Lock Your THC-O Vapes Up!

Always best to lock up all of your cannabis supplies, but especially any type of vaping hardware.  Doing so ensures that your supplies avoid direct sunlight, which, as we mentioned earlier, is bad for the vape oil.  Additionally, if you have kids, locking your THC-O vapes is particularly critical.  Many vape pens aren’t overly complicated to work, and it would be simple for a youngster to take an illicit puff.  Not something any of us want to see happen.

Follow These Tips to Get the Most Out of Each THC-O Vaping Session

THC-O vapes can give you the satisfying, powerful high that you’ve been dreaming of.  But, that’s only if your vaping products are fresh – otherwise, disappointment is all but guaranteed.  Luckily, it takes next to no effort to make sure that those vapes are being stored in the right way, and the little bit of effort that is required is certainly worth it if it means that you’ll enjoy the strongest psychoactive effects and tastiest terpene flavor possible.

Lastly, employ caution when storing a vape cartridge and/or disposable/rechargeable vape pen.  Often, with cartridges, these are assembled from somewhat fragile material like Pyrex glass, and depending on the manufacturer, could be easy to crack or completely damage.  Broken vape cartridges can lead to leaks, which in turn, ruin your cartridge.  For this reason, they (carts and disposable/rechargeable vape pens) should be kept in a vertical (upright) position rather than lying on their side or being placed without care.

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