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The “rare cannabinoid” market is exploding right now, offering hemp enthusiasts a rich array of psychoactive hemp derivatives that happen to be federally legal yet capable of delivering unique intoxicating effects to the user.  One of the more fascinating cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P), a hemp derivative that was only discovered in late 2019.

Although it’s an extremely new compound to our awareness, we already know enough about it thanks to relatively thorough research performed following its discovery.  Its most prominent feature is being potentially 33x as intoxicating as delta 9 THC due to its unique means for binding to CB1 receptors in the brain.

Given the fact that THC-P products such as Binoid’s offers a one-of-a-kind experience, and especially since it’s such a powerful psychoactive, it’s very important to dose with it wisely.  But, if you’re totally new to this compound, you likely have no clue where to start when it comes to dosing.

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THC-P Dosage vs. THC-P Strength

First, it’s important to recognize that both dosage and milligram strength need to be taken into consideration when deciding how much tetrahydrocannabiphorol to take.

  • THC-P Dosage: “Dosage” refers to the actual amount of a THC-P product you consume.  Examples are 1ml of a tincture, or 2 puffs off of a vape.  
  • THC-P Strength: “Strength” refers to milligram strength.  Many types of hemp products are made by infusing a base formula with a pure tetrahydrocannabiphorol extract in a certain number of milligrams.  How many milligrams of pure THC-P are added to a formula therefore determines how potent each dose can be.

THC-P Dosage Guide Chart: 

  1. Beginner THC-P dosing (low tolerance): 1mg-3mg per use
  2. Intermediate THC-P dosing (medium tolerance): 3mg-5mg per use
  3. Advanced THC-P dosing (high tolerance): 5mg-10mg+ per use

This applies to THC-P tinctures, THC-P vape cartridges, THC-P disposables as well as other THC-P products. THC-P is around 33x stronger than the high regular Delta 9 THC will create, with a more powerful hit and Euphoria. As always, the best way to dose out THC-P is to try a very tiny amount, then slowly until you feel what you need. Product by product THCP dosing will be shown below. 

Because THC-P is extremely potent, we highly recommend taking only in small amounts from a company you trust such as Binoid. Binoid is one of the best THC-P brands, and their strong THC-P products are extremely powerful which tells you they are pure. 

How Long Does THC-P Take To Work?

THC-P products kick in within 25 minutes if vaped or dabbed, and 1 hour if ingested through THCP tinctures. THC-P products work like how any other product that you would inhale or digest do. However, just like Delta 9 THC, be careful with ingestion because you might feel the need to take more when in reality it has not hit you yet. For this reason, we suggest waiting at least 2 hours before taking more THC-P products. Especially as they are extremely potent and may creep up before kicking in. 

THC-P Dosing Instructions

Often, you’ll find that the company that makes the thcp product has a recommended dosage chart amount somewhere on their packaging, which allows you to know how much you should take in one sitting to consume an “average” amount of THC-P. 

This is a good piece of information to follow when getting started, as the manufacturer knows how much of their product you should take to generally experience the desired effects. For example, Binoid has THCP dosing information on all of their THC-P product packaging.

How Much THC-P You Might Want to Take

Not every single THC-P user is going to desire the same exact THCP dosage amount, since there are several factors that influence what the perfect amount of tetrahydrocannabiphorol is for an individual to fully satisfy their goals with the cannabinoid.  There are standard dosing guidelines for all cannabinoids, but before we get to those for THC-P, consider these things first.

#1: Your Tolerance to THC

As we mentioned, tetrahydrocannabiphorol is an extremely intoxicating cannabinoid – the most psychoactive cannabinoid that we know of so far, as a matter of fact.  Your tolerance to the general category of THC compounds therefore plays a role in the appropriate dosage for you. 

If you’ve never tried an intoxicating cannabinoid before, such as delta 8 THC or delta 10 THC, we actually recommend that you stick with those first and revisit THC-P once you’ve built up a nice tolerance to their intoxicating effects.  

If you’re totally new to THC-P, again having used other intoxicating cannabinoids in the past, you’ll still want to start slow with THC-P since its effects are far stronger than what you’re used to.

#2: Your THC-P Product Delivery Method

Like all hemp-infused products, THC-P comes in various delivery methods, such as sublingual, ingestible and inhalable products.  Each delivery method has a unique potency of effects based on how efficiently the cannabinoid absorbs into the body.  THC-P vapes are known for offering quite strong effects because they’re very bioavailable, while tinctures tend to feel a bit milder.  This means that standard dosage amounts for vapes are slightly lower than they are for tinctures.

#3: Your Comfort Level

We each have our own goals when it comes to psychoactive cannabinoids.  Some of us want something more of a buzz, while others want to feel the full potential of a cannabinoid’s psychoactive capabilities.  If you’re not comfortable with how strong THC-P is, but still want to know what it feels like, you might choose to go with a lower-than-suggested dose to experience a mellower effect.

#4: The Strain Type

Some THC-P products come in various strains, such as vaping products.  The synergistic effect between certain terpene profiles and tetrahydrocannabiphorol can cause the high to be much more potent.  It’s best to look up a strain before buying it to know how potent its effects are.

#4: Your Plans

What you have going on for the rest of the day does influence what your THC-P dosage should be.  Tetrahydrocannabiphorol is so psychoactive that it can impair a lot of functions like driving, going to work and operating gym equipment, for example.  If you have absolutely nothing to do for the remainder of the day, you could feel more comfortable consuming a higher dose of THC-P than you would if you knew that you had to, say, see your parents in a few hours.


What’s the Proper THC-P Dosage?

Dosing guidelines for THC-P, and all cannabinoids, will vary depending on the type of product that’s being used.  Why?  Because as we said earlier, each delivery method has its own bioavailability level.

#1: THC-P Vape Cartridge

THC-P vape cartridges offer high bioavailability, allowing the high to kick in within minutes, lasting for only a couple of hours while delivering high potency of effects. The THC-P vape carts at Binoid contain one milliliter of 100% hemp, which means that each cartridge has a milligram strength of 1000mg (1 gram).  We tend to determine dosage for vaping products by the number of puffs rather than the number of milligrams, as there are too many variables involved, such as how deeply you inhale and the wattage or voltage setting of your vape battery.

Threshold Dose: 1 small puff

Psychoactive Dose: 1-2 puffs

Very Psychoactive Dose: 3+ puffs 

#2: THC-P Disposable 

THC-P disposable vapes refer to all-in-one vaping setups that can be used straight out of the box, never requiring charging, refilling or assembly.  Despite their different technology from vape cart setups, they deliver the THC-P vape oil exactly the same, which is why the dosing guidelines are no different from those associated with cartridges.

Threshold Dose: 1 small puff

Psychoactive Dose: 1-2 puffs

Very Psychoactive Dose: 3+ puffs

#3: THC-P Tincture 

THC-P tinctures make dosing very easy since they come with dropper caps, and the dosage is determined by how full the dropper is.  Let’s say that you have a 30ml 1000mg THC-P tincture.  That comes out to about 33 milligrams of THC-P per full dropper of oil.  With mellower cannabinoids like CBD or delta-8, 33 milligrams is considered standard.  But, since tetrahydrocannabiphorol is so powerful, a full dropper would be only recommended for very advanced users.

Threshold Dose: 8.25mg (1/4 of a dropper)

Psychoactive Dose: 16.5mg (1/2 of a dropper)

Very Psychoactive Dose: 33mg (1 full dropper)

#4: THC-P Gummies

THC-P gummies are also very easy to dose out, because each gummy contains an equal amount of THC-P by the milligram.  This means that you’ll have no trouble knowing exactly how many milligrams you’re consuming per serving.

Threshold Dose: 5mg 

Psychoactive Dose: 6-15mg

Very Psychoactive Dose: 16mg+

#5: THC-P Dabs

THC-P dabs refer to concentrates that are phenomenally potent compared to other delivery methods.  They are not for beginners and should only be used by those who have taken tetrahydrocannabiphorol for long enough to have a very developed tolerance to its effects.  These dosing guidelines therefore apply to those who have a high THC-P tolerance, as those are the only people who should be using these products.

Dabs are flash-vaporized with a dabbing device, and because they contain 100% pure hemp, again we determine the dosage by puff amount rather than by milligram.

Threshold Dose: 1 small puff

Psychoactive Dose: 1-2 puffs

Very Psychoactive Dose: 3+ puffs

Experience THC-P Bliss with the Perfect Dosage Amount 

Overall, due to tetrahydrocannabiphorol being the most intoxicating cannabinoid that we know of, it’s important to be extra careful when it comes to dosing, as consuming too much can easily make you feel uncomfortably intoxicated.  But, at the same time, consuming too little of the compound can mean not being able to enjoy the cannabinoid’s full potential. 

Binoid, as one of the best THC-P brands, wants you to have a completely satisfying THC-P experience, which is why it’s best to stick to these dosing guidelines as you begin your THC-P journey.

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