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Delta Extrax/Urb THCV Disposable Vape Review

Delta Extrax (Effex) continues to be one of the top-performing brands when it comes to alternative cannabinoid, all because they’re renowned for their high-end formulas and affordable prices.  Delta Extrax (Effex) is extremely transparent with customers which allows them to earn trust while delighting them with highly effective formulas. 

Their Urb ZENERGY THCV Disposable Vapes is quickly becoming a top-selling product, offering those powerfully psychoactive tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) properties in a user-friendly form, with a couple of different strains to choose from for added vaping pleasure.

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First Glance at Delta Effex (Extrax) THCV

Delta Effex is known for their brilliant packaging, which sets them apart in many ways with absolutely stunning aesthetics that indicate both professionalism and a knack for beauty.  The brand is also very clear with their labeling, offering insight into the strain, amount of vape oil inside (1 gram sizing), ingredients, and usage directions.  This disposable’s materials are very high in quality, feeling nice and sturdy to indicate the product’s reliability.

Delta Extrax and Urb Brand Reputation 

Delta Extrax boasts quite an impressive reputation in the industry, as they have been innovators, launching new cannabinoids long before other companies even think about crafting formulas centered around them.  Basically, their ability to bring new cannabinoids to the masses has made them extremely popular, and they can back up their reputation with their exceptional manufacturing practices. 

Delta Effex/Extrax use only organic, local hemp, and use the cleanest ingredients possible to make sure that they’re not introducing any unwelcome, potentially harmful compounds into the user’s experience.  Plus, they have a great customer service team to answer any questions about their products, and hemp in general.

Variety of THCV Vapes

Select between two strains when buying this THCV Disposable Vape Pen, with each type offering the terpene profile of a hemp strain that has its own unique effects and flavor profile.

  • Unwind: An indica that allows you to really wind down and chill.  Not only that, but it has hints of grape, berries, and a skunk-type aroma. 
  • Uplift: A sativa that will put you in the right mindset and help get you going.  Expect to taste subtle fruity hints of zesty orange citrus and crisp Georgia peach.

Proper Delta Extrax THCV Vape Dosage 

Because of how strong tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is, we do recommend that you go with just one puff as a beginner, even if you’ve used other THC compounds before.  Most people find that 1 to 3 puffs does the trick, thanks to how concentrated and pure the formula is. We recommend being careful with THCV dosing and usage.

How To Use Delta Extrax/Urb THCV Vapes

You may need to hold each hit for 5-10 seconds during use.  We have found this to be effective for some users.  Also, because this is a disposable system, it never needs to be charged or refilled, or maintained in any sort of way whatsoever.  Just take the unit out of the box and start vaping with no preparation required.  Simple as that.

Delta Extrax/Urb THCV Formula

The Urb THCV vape oil in each disposable device contains zero fillers and additives, instead containing only pure tetrahydrocannabivarin distillate, delta 8 THC, delta 9 THC, delta 10 THC, CBN, and plant-based terpenes.

Delta Extrax THCV Lab Reports

Delta Effex makes their lab reports for THCV products available through their website, where you can read the report for yourself to discover more about the product’s purity and quality.  These lab reports are performed by a state-authorized third-party testing facility.

Delta Extrax Urb Vape Terpene Taste 

These two THCV Disposable Vape strains are gonna have a unique flavor profile as shown earlier, so the taste depends on which one you choose.  Generally, the flavor is nice and fresh, indicating the quality of the hemp they’re working with.

Overall Urb/Delta Extrax Experience 

We vaped both strains to compare them to one another, and what we ended up experiencing was what we expected: 

  • Unwind really hit nicely when the evening came around, and actually can be good for getting ready for bed, too.
  • Uplift has a nice boost of energy that’s not too strong and is just what’s needed when you need to clear your head.  

Either way, the terpenes in both cases took a back seat almost to the tetrahydrocannabivarin, which kicked in within minutes and brought about a powerful sensation of euphoria paired with a warm, soothing sensation throughout the body.  The THCV is the real deal and is certainly one of the most powerful psychoactive compound we’ve ever had, as just a few puffs was more than enough to get the full extent of its effects.

Our Ultimate Opinion

Delta Extrax’s Urb ZENERGY THCV Disposable Vape gives you everything you could ask for out of a THCV vaping experience, with a very clean formula, awesome strains, and a perfectly potent, fast-acting serving of the cannabinoid that’s gotten the whole hemp community buzzing.  Also comes with the advantage of being extremely user-friendly, which is great anyone who needs little fuss when trying to enjoy some blissful or euphoric vaping session.  

So, if you’re ready to get your THCV on, this is great unit needs to be used today.  It won’t disappoint on any level.

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