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THCV for Anxiety

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is yet another minor cannabinoid in the hemp plant that’s quickly becoming extremely popular among the community of hemp enthusiasts thanks to its fascinating effects that are one of a kind.  Tetrahydrocannabivarin has been studied since 1973, so we actually have a good feel for its effects through its relationship to the body’s endocannabinoid system. 

If your main goal when taking hemp is to calm your nerves, you’ll want to know where THCV products stands compared to other cannabinoids in terms of its potential anxiolytic properties.

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What is THCV?

Although THCV is again, a cannabinoid that has been researched for decades, studies on its effects are not as extensive as what we’re used to with CBD and delta 9.  However, we still have a generous understanding of what this cannabinoid is capable of. 

For one thing, it has unique psychoactive properties that only seem to be triggered at fairly high doses, and its high lasts for about half as long as that of delta 9.  What researchers are most excited about is the cannabinoid’s potential influence on blood sugar and insulin levels, along with its ability to decrease appetite and even possibly play a role in managing obesity. 

Many people who take THCV today want to see what its psychoactive properties have to offer, but it has been proven to offer a lot of value far beyond its potential to get someone high.

Can THCV Help with Anxiety?

Well, we know that many cannabinoids play a role in mood and neurotransmitter balance by their regulatory effects on CB1 receptors in the nervous system which influence levels of cortisol, dopamine and serotonin, three biochemicals that are directly tied to emotional stress and anxiety.  And, it appears that THCV is no different, with studies finding that the cannabinoid can offer some sort of anxiolytic effect.  The extent of this effect, and how it compares to that of other cannabinoids like CBD and delta 8, is not yet fully determined, but we can say that many experienced THCV users report a sense of calm after taking it.

Also is worth pointing out that the potential psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabivarin, which are admittedly a bit more complicated than those of other prominent THC compounds, may offer a sense of emotional ease that’s inherent to the high itself.  Many people find that the high associated with THC compounds is soothing to the body and mind, and that THCV can really come in handy during moments of enhanced stress.

What Should You Know About Taking THCV for Anxiety?

Are you interested in trying tetrahydrocannabivarin specifically for its potential to help you unwind and feel more at ease?  If so, best to make sure that you choose your product wisely.  Not all products are equally capable of providing the relief that you’re looking for, so there are a couple of key things you must pay attention to.

#1: Lab Reports and Brand Reputation Matter

You should always buy a THCV products that comes with third-party lab reports, as this shows that the product was tested for quality and purity by an unbiased facility.  Further, stick to brands that sell THCV online, as online brands maintain strict quality standards.  Research a company to ensure that they have a strong reputation such as Binoid for selling only top-quality THCV products.

#2: Select the Right Strain

THCV may offer relief on its own, but when consumed in the form of a particularly calming strain, those effects can be maximized.  Many THCV products come in a variety of strain options, with each one offering its own terpene profile.  Choose a strain that is known for its effects on stress and mood to increase the chances of success.

Best THCV Products for Anxiety at Binoid

Overall, tetrahydrocannabivarin may be a good choice for anyone looking to feel soothed by the natural power of cannabinoids.  Data shows that the cannabinoid has the potential to offer anxiolytic properties, and its gentle high may help enhance feelings of relaxation.  If you’re ready to give THCV a try on a stressful day, we recommend checking out these THCV formulas at Binoid, where you can count on getting only the cleanest and purest lab-tested products possible.

  • Delta Effex THCV Disposable Vape in Unwind Indica: Delta Effex has offered an exceptional THCV disposable vape cartridge that couldn’t be easier to operate, and provides fast-acting, potent effects.  The Unwind Indica variation combines popular indica strains together to offer a blend of terpenes that may be able to put body and mind at complete ease.
  • THCV Vape Cartridge in Sour Tangie: Sour Tangie is a sativa known for its uplifting properties related to mood, which can give you the boost you need to feel more at peace.  This cartridge contains nothing but 100% pure hemp, consisting solely of pure THCV extract and terpenes extracted naturally from raw plant material.  

Best THCV Product Types for Anxiety?

THCV comes in a variety of delivery methods, and some may be more suitable for memory-related issues than others.

  • THCV Capsules
  • THCV Gummies
  • THCV Tinctures
  • THCV Flower
  • THCV Vapes
  • THCV Dabs or Concentrate
While all of these different THCV products are useful, we believe that THCV tincture are the best choice because they promote effects that can last for up to 8 hours at a time, which may be helpful for those who are affected by poor memory throughout the day.  Because THCV vape carts offer comparably short-lived effects, they are at the bottom of the list. And are not suggested for those with affected memory. 

THCV for Anxiety Dosage Chart and Guide

#1: Minor Anxiety THCV Dosing (Low Tolerance): 5-10mg (1-2 hits)

#2: Intermediate Anxiety THCV Dosing (Medium Tolerance): 15-20mg (3-4 hits)

#3: Severe Anxiety THCV Dosing (High Tolerance): 25mg+ (5 hits +)

While it’s yet to be determined officially whether or not THCV can play an active role in treating memory loss, you can take it in various forms in order to see whether or not it can provide the level of results you’re looking for. However, these are the THCV dosages for anxiety that we suggest.

We recommend that beginners start with the low dose as referenced above, as it can take time to build up a tolerance to its psychoactive effects and benefits. 

It’s important to go with a high-quality THCV for anxiety, like any of the products available at Binoid, to minimize the potential for unwanted THCV side effects like fatigue, dizziness, or headache.

Binoid: The Best THC-V Brand For Anxiety

Overall, Binoid is one of the best THCV brands for anxiety and sleep with a multitude of products for you to enjoy and love. They have something for everyone, with THCV vape cartridges and more.

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