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Why THCV Might Not Work For You

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a unique cannabinoid with a notoriously finicky high that’s less stable than others.  But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t modify your THCV experience to derive the full extent of its psychoactive potential.  If you took a dose of a THCV product and didn’t feel anything, we’re here to help with some tips to derive the full capabilities of this intoxicating cannabinoid.

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Reasons Why You May Not Get Effects With THCV

If tetrahydrocannabivarin and thcv products isn’t giving you the results you were expecting, then consider any of these factors below which all influence the effects you get off of the cannabinoid.

Reason #1: Your Tolerance

You might happen to have a high tolerance to THCV, because in general, you have a lot of experience with THC compounds.  If that’s the case, then you’ll likely need a higher dose than someone who’s a total THC beginner.  Besides that, some of us are genetically prone to having a high tolerance to THC compounds, even if we’ve never taken them before in our lives, because of how our CB1 receptors are structured in our brains.

Reason #2: Your Chemistry

There are all kinds of bodily factors that affect how our body reacts to compounds like THCV.  If you’re sick, if you have a hormonal imbalance, if you have certain neurological irregularities or if you metabolize cannabinoids too rapidly, you may not get the same effects from THCV as everyone else.

Reason #3: Your Cycle

Some women notice that during their periods, they need to take a higher than usual dose of THCV, because their tolerance goes up during this time.  And, they’re not imagining things – when estrogen levels go down, a woman’s THC tolerance increases, and she needs to compensate with a higher dosage amount.

Reason #4: What Else You’ve Consumed 

Other compounds and substances in your system, like certain medications, supplements, foods, alcohol and even other cannabinoids can change how THCV affects you.  It’s possible that the THCV didn’t work because another substance in your body was blocking its absorption, or possibly changing its effectiveness.

Reason #5: The Product Itself

It’s possible that the product you’re using just isn’t effective.  A cheaply made product can be chemically unstable due to poor manufacturing methods or storage, and an expired product won’t be able to give you the best effects because its compounds have degraded.  Besides that, fakes do exist on the market, which don’t even contain any cannabinoids whatsoever.

Reason #6: The Dosage

With THCV in particular, dosage is everything.  It’s the only cannabinoid we know of that’s a CB1 antagonist in low doses, which is a fancy way of saying that it can’t get you high at all unless you consume a considerable amount of it.  You may not feel any effects because you weren’t taking enough to actually act on CB1 receptors at all.

Reason #7: Not Waiting Long Enough for the Effects to Kick in  

Some products need more time than others to produce effects.  Edibles can take up to a couple of hours, and even some vape strains may need closer to 30 minutes.  So, be patient, and don’t assume a product doesn’t work after only a few minutes.  Also, know that it’s believed that consuming THCV on a full stomach can slow down its absorption.

What to Do if You’re Not Getting Effects from THCV

If your first experience with tetrahydrocannabivarin let you down, consider these tips below, which can impact the effects you feel from this cannabinoid.

Tip #1: Try Again

THCV is a mild cannabinoid with somewhat unstable psychoactive properties.  Basically, this means that you may need to try again a few times before ruling it out.  Its intoxicating potential is still largely misunderstood, and a lot of people report that after repeated use, they start to get the effects they were looking for.

Tip #2: Up Your Dosage

We said earlier that taking too little of a THCV dosage won’t get you high at all.  So, increase the amount you take next time and see what happens.  Follow the directions on a product’s label, which should guide you toward the proper threshold dosage.  Because it’s a mild high, you may need to take even more to really feel the effects you were looking for.

Tip #3: Try THCV with Another Psychoactive Cannabinoid 

A lot of companies combine THCV with other psychoactive cannabinoids like delta 8 to “stabilize” the high.  So, instead of trying straight THCV, try a THCV product that contains other intoxicating hemp derivatives, whether they be delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, THC-O, THC-P or HHC/HHC-O.  This could finally give you the results you were hoping for.

Tip #4: Find a Better-Quality Product

If you suspect that the product you’ve selected is the problem, then consider being more discerning about who you’re buying from.  Look for a reputable manufacturer that has all of their THCV tested by a third-party laboratory, and makes their lab reports easy to find online.  And, look for lots of positive reviews that show that the company makes products that work.

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