Best Weed-Legal States To Live In 2023

While many of us in the United States still aren’t able to walk into a dispensary and purchase our favorite bud, the number of weed-friendly states across the country is growing every year, showing a clear shift in attitudes toward cannabis.  Some states have enjoyed a fully legal marijuana market for years, and this has led to large improvements in the local economy, not to mention lots of happy residents.

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#10: New York 

New York’s relationship with marijuana has been a complicated one, and, has left many of its own residents confused about the where, how and when of their favorite hobby.  But, in March of 2021, the state finally, officially legalized recreational cannabis once and for all, making it the 16th state to do so.  While the state had maintained a medical marijuana program for years, it was behind the curve when it came to its residents who simply enjoy getting high.  Now, as long as you’re 21 or older, you can legally buy and consume marijuana as you so choose.

Right now, the state is still ironing things out, and so there aren’t yet any non-medical dispensaries that are up and running.  But, that’s going to change very soon, and before long, your dream of buying marijuana in NYC by simply walking into a shop will come true. For now, you can enjoy buying weed products online!

#9: Michigan

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Michigan since 2018, and the cannabis economy has grown impressively large ever since.  Not only that, but the state has come up with some pretty progressive laws, especially for the Midwest, where legal weed is still a rarity.  The state also happens to boast the lowest tax rates for cannabis businesses, giving entrepreneurs some serious opportunities to enjoy a profit. 

The state has clearly shown that they want weed industry workers to succeed, and it’s a great state to consider moving to if you’re looking to change your line of work. It didn’t take long after legalization for the state to become a great tourist destination for cannabis lovers.  The state offers loads of weed-friendly hospitality businesses, including hotels, where you can enjoy your hobby as you please.

#8: Massachusetts

Recreational weed has been legal in Massachusetts since 2016, so residents have been enjoying their cannabis freely for some time now.  It was one of the first states on the East Coast to become weed-friendly, and that quickly made it a tourist destination among those in neighboring states. 

Anyone over the age 21 can buy marijuana in Massachusetts, whether they live in or out of state, and this is great news considering the fact that there are already a lot of tourist destinations throughout, including picturesque coastal towns and, of course, historic Boston.  There are plenty of dispensaries where you can explore some top-shelf cannabis, East Coast varieties. 

#7: Alaska 

If you’re all about the great outdoors, you’ve got to visit Alaska, where recreational weed has been legal since 2014.  No one will bat an eye as you hit your bowl while going on a hike through one of the state’s many breathtaking trails, or, go on an adventure by the sea. 

The state is also known for having some of the most affordable cannabis in the country, and the cost of living throughout much of the state is low as well.  So, if you’re looking for a new residence, Alaska may be an interesting option.

#6: Washington

Washington has been quite the progressive state for some time, legalizing medical marijuana back in 1998, long before it became a part of our cultural vernacular.  In 2012, the state made recreational marijuana legal, and things have been gravy ever since.  The state has its fair share of cannabis-friendly hospitality spots including hotels and lodges, and you can find lots of dispensaries that give you some of the finest West Coast cultivars you can get anywhere.

#5: Oregon

Like Washington, Oregon legalized medical marijuana back in 1998, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the laws changed to also favor recreational fans.  Portland in particular acts as one of the ultimate weed tourist destinations, with cannabis spas, cannabis tours and other businesses that let you embrace your hobby in ways you never thought possible. 

The state also has some of the best rates cannabis per ounce, which is good news if you’re a weed connoisseur on a budget.  Some of the best strains can be found in Oregon, before they enter wider circulation throughout the country.

#4: Nevada

Recreational weed has been legal in Nevada since 2017, which may seem a bit late for the host of the city of sin.  But, the state wasted no time establishing a network of top-notch dispensaries, including many that are accessible to those vacationing in Vegas.  While it’s illegal to have weed delivered to a hotel room in Vegas, the state otherwise has very relaxed cannabis laws that make it easy for you to enjoy some bud while you’re taking in the scenery.

#3: Illinois

Illinois made weed legal in 2019, and in just a couple of years, the state has become quite the cannabis tourist attraction – and particularly Chicago, where you can find phenomenal edibles from word-class chefs, high-end dispensaries and so much more.  If you’re a serious marijuana lover, then you’re going to be in absolute heaven as you walk the streets and take in the scenery, while taking advantage of the extremely lax cannabis laws.

#2: Colorado 

It’s no surprise to see Colorado close to the top, given it was the first state to legalize marijuana recreationally all the way back in 2012.  The state quickly saw a huge boost in the economy once the trade got going, and so Colorado has remained one of the most weed-friendly states in America ever since. 

You can find loads of hospitality businesses centered around cannabis, including plenty of clubs, lounges and hotels, while exploring some of the finest dispensaries in the country, let alone the world, where you’ll come across weed products that absolutely blow you away.

#1: California

In 2017, California made recreational weed legal, and the rest is history.  The state was the first to legalize consumption sites, giving residents and travelers plenty of places where they could legally enjoy their new cannabis purchases.  Now, the state is home to the very best dispensaries in the US, where you can find extremely rare strains and other cannabis products, all while being able to savor your new supply easily while taking in the gorgeous weather.

Choose Your Weed Destination

While this list doesn’t cover every weed-friendly state in the country, it does show you which ones are the closest things to cannabis utopia.  It also gives you a good idea of what to expect as a marijuana enthusiast should you be traveling to any of these states in the near future.

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