What is a Weed High and How Long It Last

Marijuana rivals alcohol when it comes to the most sought-after intoxicant around the world, and anyone who has dabbled in cannabis can certainly see why.  People truly view the marijuana plant as a gift from mother nature, offering a unique way to put the mind and body at ease while transforming our state of mind.  And, with the rise of the medical cannabis industry in the United States, it’s clear that the plant is a lot more than just a quick and easy way to get high.

But, for those inexperienced individuals, it can be hard to imagine what a weed high feels like until they try it.  However, allow us to do our best to explain, to give those people an idea of what to expect.

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Delta 9 THC: The Psychoactive Compound in Cannabis

Marijuana contains hundreds of individual chemical compounds which each play a role in how we feel after we consume the plant.  But, it’s the dominant chemical compound, known as delta 9 THC, that’s responsible for the actual psychoactive response that we feel. 

Delta 9 THC is a type of compound known as a cannabinoid, which’s unique to cannabis.  This compound bonds to CB1 receptors in the brain, and this process is what facilitates the high.  Not all cannabinoids in cannabis create this response, as there are over 100 cannabinoids in the plant alone.

What a Weed High Actually Feels Like

As you’re about to find out, it’s hard to describe exactly what a weed high feels like, because there are a number of factors that can make it feel different for everyone.  But, overall, marijuana users generally report the same effects that make them keep coming back for more.

Marijuana’s psychoactive effects transform how we feel both mentally and physically.  Mentally, it impacts our mood, making us feel both euphoric and calm.  A lot of people notice that their thoughts start to slow down, and that their thoughts are less negative overall.  The high is also known for being “hazy,” meaning that our minds can become cloudy and we can have a hard time focusing or feeling alert.  Meanwhile, physically, our bodies tend to feel less tense, as our muscles ease up and we notice less discomfort from head to toe.

Why Tolerance Plays a Huge Role 

A person’s actual tolerance to weed – well, more specifically, delta 9 THC – has a lot to do with the high.  A person with a very low tolerance, such as an absolute beginner, will find the high is a lot more potent, while a person with a higher tolerance will likely need to smoke considerably more than a beginner to get the potent psychoactive effects they’re seeking out.  Not only that, but the specific nature of the high can feel different whether the user is a beginner or not. 

Many people who use weed products for the first time find that the effects are far more powerful in the sense that they feel completely knocked out or even incapacitated, while those with more experience have an easier time functioning on it, and, can go through their daily routine without the high interfering with their normal activities.

What this means is that if you’re a beginner and you notice that the high of weed is incredibly powerful, and so powerful that you’re concerned about trying it again, know that over time, you won’t feel as overwhelmed by it.  This is the way it goes with a lot of substances, including alcohol and caffeine.

A Weed High Can Be Different for Everyone

Ultimately, everyone can experience the high of weed differently based on the unique nature of their body.  Some people naturally find that anytime they have some marijuana, they get sleepy, while other people find it to be stimulating.  Some people get really hungry when they smoke, and others do not.  You won’t know exactly how your body will experience the high until you try it.

The Strain Makes a Difference

As you may already know, weed comes in different strains, which refer to the cultivar (breed) of the plant.  Each strain has a distinctive configuration of chemical compounds, which makes a difference in the effects that we experience from it.  This also plays a big role in how quickly the high comes on, and how long it lasts for.

There are three category of strains:

  • Indica strains are known for being more soothing and mellowing.  They also produce a stronger body high, with particularly potent indica strains causing an effect known as couchlock, where the muscles of the body feel heavy, and the user simply wants to lay down and relax.  
  • Sativa strains are more uplifting and can enhance motivation, concentration and creativity.  Unsurprisingly, these strains are more common to enjoy during the daytime.  They can make us feel more enlivened, and also are less likely to interfere with our energy levels or wakefulness.
  • Hybrid strains come from crossing the two together.  There are 50/50 indica/sativa hybrids, sativa-dominant hybrids, and indica-dominant hybrids, which all affect us differently.

Why the Product Type Matters?

The most common way to experience weed is to inhale it in the form of smoke or vapor.  This creates a very potent high, with the effects kicking in very shortly after consumption.  The high usually lasts for a couple of hours.  The most common alternative to this is ingesting weed in the form of an edible, such as Delta 9 gummies.  With edibles, you may have to wait a couple of hours to feel the high, but the high can last for many hours, and produces a stronger physical high which can feel extremely euphoric throughout the body.

There Really is Nothing Quite Like the High from Weed 

Regardless of your tolerance, the strain you choose or the product type you take, you can count on a high that’s completely one of a kind.  And, by and large, the majority of people who have experienced the distinctive high of cannabis absolutely fall in love with its effects.  Given the millions of people around the world who consider themselves regular marijuana users, it’s safe to say that weed’s high is incredibly special.

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