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The only thing better than indulging in a live resin vape cartridge is indulging in one that you got for an incredible price.  We won’t deny that a lot of companies out there charge what we believe are unreasonable prices for their live resin carts, and the bottom line is that there are options for both consumers and business owners looking to save money while stocking up. 

One of the best ways is by purchasing live resin wholesale, especially when you choose Binoid as your wholesaler and distributor.

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Why Choose Binoid For Live Resin Vapes?

For years, Binoid has maintained a reputation as one of the most prestigious retailers of cannabinoid products, thanks to an unparalleled dedication to quality combined with an impressive selection of products in various formulations, strains and more. 

Binoid’s hemp products begin with organic, locally grown hemp plant material, blended carefully with clean, carefully sourced ingredients and lab-tested by a licensed third-party facility.  We go above and beyond to provide the most effective products possible, while offering superb prices, including wholesale and distribution options that come with loads of perks and promise some of the most generous rates around.

You can reach Binoid through various platforms: wholesale website, email at, phone number with (805) 552-6464, as well as a contact form.

Unbeatable Live Resin Quality 

Binoid’s quality standards are what set our live resin vape cartridges apart from the rest.  Just one puff and you’ll know right away that we use superior plant material and methods to deliver everything that a live resin lover could ask for.  Our lab reports speak for themselves, as do the reviews on our website that show countless satisfied customers.

A Generous Selection of Live Resin Options 

We recognize that live resin is the next big thing in the hemp industry, and we’ve gotten a head start on other companies by offering a larger selection of choices than what you’ll find from most retailers.  You can explore different cannabinoids and strains to experience the benefits of live resin on your terms, according to your most precise goals.  If you’re a business looking to buy wholesale and distribution, you’ll know that you’re giving your customers a great variety of products so that each one walks away satisfied.

Buy Live Resin In Bulk: Incredible Live Resin Prices 

The bottom line is that there’s no reason to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to enjoy some top-quality live resin vapes.  If you’re a business owner, we know that you’re trying to profit as much as possible without carrying cheap products in order to make some extra bucks.  If you’re a consumer, then we know that the costs of hemp products can really add up if companies are charging more than is necessary.

Our wholesale program allows you to enjoy 50% profit margins or less if you’re running a business, and we have a minimum order of only $100, which is accessible to both business owners and customers looking to stock up and save.  Binoid brand products come at a 15% discounts, and we offer discounts on products made by other brands that we carry in stock.

Fast, Hassle-Free Shipping 

All wholesale orders leave our warehouse in 1 to 2 business days, and we offer tracking information as soon as an order is dispatched.  We work closely with logistics teams to get you your products in an average of 4 business days, as long as the resident is in the United States.  Basically, there’s no reason why you should have to wait around after placing an order for live resin vape cartridges, and we work hard to get you your products as quickly as possible.

Always Sold Fresh for Maximum Satisfaction 

Live resin offers the freshest terpenes and flavonoids possible, so the purpose of it is kind of defeated if you’re buying old, outdated vape cartridges that have been degrading gradually while sitting on shelves and collecting dust.  At Binoid, we have a superbly high product turnover rate thanks to our visibility and reputation, and what this means is that you’ll never receive anything less than a freshly made live resin vape cartridge that promises impressive flavor and very high bioavailability.

Around the Clock Customer Support 

We promise access to our trained customer support team whenever you have a question about your order, either as a consumer or a business owner.  We work closely with anyone who buys from us via wholesale, since we’re as committed to your satisfaction as you are.

Join the Binoid Live Resin Wholesale Program Today!

If you want to get the best deals on live resin vape cartridges while still knowing that you’re being treated to nothing but premium quality, explore our wholesale options today.  Again, you don’t have to be a business owner to take advantage of this program, which allows you to make purchases as low as $100 while getting access to the finest live resin vape cartridges on today’s market.  Check out the different cannabinoids and strains that we offer, and then simply select what you’d like to order in bulk today.

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