10 Awesome Uses of Water Soluble Nano CBD

Taking your daily CBD relief does not have to be a boring task. That is why we created our Binoid CBD Water-Soluble Wellness Drops. All of our drops are uniquely flavored and crafted to be added to your daily routine of coffee, teas, and juices. We combined these amazing tastes with the beneficial cannabinoids of THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD. 

Broad Spectrum contains the most effective components of the hemp plant, including additional cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBG, as well as useful Terpenes. Each cannabinoid has different individual benefits. To learn more about CBD benefits, click here. However benefits aside, we designed our Wellness Drops to also be fun, easy, and versatile to take. We did the hard work coming up with ways so you don’t have to. Comment below for extra ways you use your Water Soluble CBD Drops!

Here is a list of 10 awesome ways to take your Water-Soluble CBD Drops.  

1. In your night tea:

This one is my personal favorite so I am a little biased. This is because the combinations of teas to CBD drop flavors is almost endless. Green tea, Black Tea, Chai Tea, you name it all taste good with each one of our drops. Peppermint, Ginger, Lemon, and even Orange all taste good in many different types of teas. It is up to you to choose your favorite, but that’s what makes it the most fun. Your CBD experience does not have to be boring, but you can enjoy the taste along with the benefits.

2. In your morning coffee:

Who does not like coffee? Now, who does not like coffee mixed with healthy and beneficial CBD. The best of both worlds. This sounds too good to be true, which it was. But now it is not. CBD and coffee is one of the best ways to take CBD. Note, do not add the CBD if the coffee is too hot. We suggest adding it while it is cooling down.

3. Mid day juice or shake:

Lunch is a great time to take CBD, because you are likely anxious from meetings, events, or work you did in the morning. And even more anxious because of the things you have to do after lunch that you cannot wait for. One of CBD’s many studied benefits, is anxiety relief post-problem or event. CBD can help with anxiety right after stressful situations. This is why taking Water-Soluble Nano Wellness Drops in your water, juice or mid-day shake is perfect for calming you down and relieving those symptoms.

How to take water soluble nano cbd oil

4. Post workout shake:

As an experienced athlete who has spent more than three years in the gym almost non-stop, I know first hand how beat up your body can get from the gym. Taking Water-Soluble Nano CBD right after your workout may have profound benefits on your muscle and mind post workout. Water-Soluble CBD added to your protein shakes act as muscle-relaxer similar to a roller, due to the way it interacts with your receptors in your brain. CBD informs your mind to “relax”, which in turn helps your muscles. By also telling your mind to relax, CBD can aid your mental state and focus post workout. Those post workout jitters and staying up all night from caffeine? Binoid Wellness Drops can help that. By telling your mind to calm, CBD inadvertently also helps your brain calm down from physical stimulus. Such as exercise in general.

5. Post sport event (calming and nerves and anxiety):

As stated early, Cannabidiol as well as other cannabinoids have been found to help social anxiousness and nervousness post sport event. Athletic events and competitions can provide the ultimate amount of stress. CBD taken AFTER the sport even can help your nerves and body recover better and faster. Add the CBD to your gatorade or water, and you are set. Whether you are a student athlete, amateur, or professional. This can be your secret edge to staying on top of your competition. Don’t let your competition know this secret.

6. Under your tongue at night:

The traditional, and in technical terms, the most effective way on this list. Putting our delicious drops under your tongue at night is a recipe for a great night’s sleep. The taste of the flavored drops combined with the potent high quality cannabinoids found in our hemp blend will make you wish you had started taking the Water-Soluble nano drops earlier. We taking the tincture around 30 minutes before sleep, as well as holding under your tongue for 15-20 seconds.

How to take water soluble cbd with pills vitamins and morning routine

7. With your vitamins, pills and other things:

Most people take some sort of vitamin throughout the day. Many people find these times to be the best for taking Water-Soluble Nano CBD as well. Or adding to your diet. This is because these times are likely optimal for digesting due to instructions for daily vitamins and pills. That’s because many of these instructions account for bio-availability, which is how well your body will absorb the substances. This is what makes taking Water-Soluble CBD perfect with your other vitamins. Your body can essentially absorb the most amount of CBD at this time. Therefore it will be most effective for you at this time, making it awesome for beneficial purposes.

8. Right after fatty foods:

More recent studies of CBD has found that you absorb the most amount of CBD after eating fatty foods, where your body is absorbing more oils than normal. Therefore, take your Water-Soluble CBD right after a meal that is high in fat and you are set for high absorption and bioavailability. Anyways, our Binoid CBD Drops pair well with desserts. 

9. Right after a public speech (public speaking) or nervous interaction:

One of the major benefits of CBD is the ability for CBD to help with stress and anxiety induced from social anxiety as well as social events that cause severe anxiety. This includes public speaking, musical or artistic performances, and all related. Therefore, pop open you Water-Soluble CBD, put it in your post-event water. Or even pull out the dropper and take it under your tongue immediately after. You should feel a lot better.

Taking CBD oil after a concert

10. After a concert or exciting event:

Being pumped and hyped up from a concert, sports event, or even movie can be awesome. However, being on edge late at night when you have to wake up early is not awesome. It can suck. Similarly to how CBD helps stress and anxiety, CBD can also help calm and relax you after being hyped up. In fact, within 30 minutes of taking it you can be yawning and ready for bed! Again, a more functional way of taking our Water Soluble CBD. But at least it can be useful when you get a little too wild a little too late.

Bonus: Friday night, just because who doesn’t want to chill and relax after a long week. 

Thank you for reading! If you finished this article all the way to the end, feel free to use the coupon code TRYBINOID15 for 15% off your order of our Water-Soluble CBD Wellness Drops. You can check them out here!

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