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The Best CBD Oil For Sleep Insomnia: Dosage & Guide

Almost 80% of Americans have trouble sleeping at least once a week. Based off of a few studies, CBD has shown to help improve the length and effectiveness of sleep, as well as help relieve symptoms of insomnia (Russo et all 2007). Additionally, CBD has been found to reduce the intensity of anxiety, therefore making it easier for some people to fall and stay asleep. Here are 5 ways and tips to use CBD to help you get a better night’s sleep using CBD. Let’s get right to it!

  1. Take CBD after stressful situations.

Based off of a few major studies of CBD, CBD oil has been found to help people become more calm after stressful situations. These stressful or traumatic situations can keep your mind and brain running throughout the night. The way CBD affects the brain cells and nerve receptors CB1 and CB2 lends to a calming of the nerves within the body. According to a few studies, the increased heart rate of stressful situations can also be helped with CBD oil tinctures or other strong CBD products. A high dosage of around 300mg of CBD oil per day has shown tremendous effects in reducing stress and increased heart rate. This in turn can help you get a better nights sleep after difficult or stressful situations.

  1. Take CBD products right before bed.

There are many possible CBD products to take, CBD oils, gummies, capsules, vapes, other edibles including chocolates and more. All of these products would be described for different uses and symptoms. For example, lower dosage CBD products such as 500mg and down are best for wellness, health, and possible fitness reasons. Meanwhile higher dosage CBD products such as 1000mg and up are best for more severe pains and issues such as fibromyalgia, nerve pain, back pain, joint pains, injuries etc… However, they all would be great for sleep. You can also take CBD tea to help you relax at the end of a long day, or for women a CBD bath bomb can be what you need to relax your body.

How does CBD help sleep insomnia

  1. Take CBD products during mid-day nap.

For many, taking a nap during the day can be difficult. For that case, CBD capsules or gummies could be great for calming you down for a midday rest. These CBD products have found success in helping calm the brain and mind, especially with stressful thoughts on the mind. Similar to point #1. CBD oil tinctures might be too high of a dosage to help with napping or small sleep sessions. For that reason, lower mg CBD options would likely be more beneficial for calming you down just enough to have a successful midday rest or nap. Between 5-30mg, or a few hits of a 30mg-50mg vape would do the trick. Any more dosage of CBD, such as a 1000mg tincture or up would likely be too much for resting during the day.

  1. Take CBD products to help increase sleep without interruptions.

Many people suffer from waking up early without any control or way to fall back asleep. High dosage CBD products may help individuals with these symptoms relax again and gain sleepiness. Especially if the sleep insomnia or early waking is due to stress or worrying. If this is the cause, CBD can help you decrease brain activity towards these stressful thoughts.

Best CBD for sports and fitness recovery

  1. Take specific CBD products to help morning routine.

CBD creams, edibles or specialized CBD oils with caffeine could be a great addition to your daily routine. CBD edibles rang around the clock. This includes CBD aromatherapy candles for possible meditation and relaxation of the senses. Additionally, CBD creams could be great to ease stiff areas or pain on your body to get you kick-start  for the day. CBD coffee brew is an exciting new CBD product piece that could be huge for your morning ritual. Cold brew CBD coffee has already gained immense popularity, but other morning CBD products are increasing in consumer knowledge.

What are the best CBD products for sleep?

CBD can be ingested into the body in many ways, including sublingual oil drops, vapes, or edibles. Each with their own unique benefits and differences. However, the main difference with these products is bio-availability. Bio-availability is the percentage of CBD that your body absorbs as part of effectiveness of the product. For example, the bioavailability of CBD sublingual drop tinctures may vary from 25-35% depending on factors including age and metabolism. The absorption rate/bio-availability of vapes are around 35-40%, and for edibles around 15-20%. Edibles would include CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and other CBD products that are digested through the stomach.

Therefore, the best CBD products for sleep would be CBD oil tincture drops and/or CBD vapes on a purely bio-availability basis.

However, it comes down to your individual needs. Because vapes and tinctures skin the slow digestion process, they are great for fast-acting relief. But in opposition, because pills and other edibles take longer to kick in, they also last longer because of the digestion process. This means that the CBD will have a longer lasting effect on the body. Therefore, if you are looking for a less immediate reaction, and a more long-lasting sleep aid CBD capsules and gummies will be more effective for you.

What is the best CBD oil dosage for sleep?

What’s the best dosage size of CBD for sleep?

The best CBD dosage for sleep is 900-2000mg of CBD sublingual oil tinctures or 4-5 inhales of 30mg-100mg CBD vapable units. This is because sleep is a more severe symptom compared to other possible problems such as wellness or minor pains.

How does CBD help sleep?

After CBD is ingested, either sublingually, vaped or digestion it ends up in the same place. The blood stream. After ending up in the bloodstream, CBD travels throughout your body through blood circulation and makes its way to your brain. From there, it attaches to your CB1 and CB2 receptors in your endocannabinoid system in your brain. The endocannabinoid system has been found to help regulate the Central Nervous System (CNS) and therefore your receptors that control pain, sleep insomnia and other possible targets of CBD. This is what makes CBD so beneficial to the body. There are approximately 29 benefits of CBD, and counting.

One CBD for sleep study analyzed 72 patients at Kaiser-Permanente who used CBD for sleep and anxiety, found that in three months anxiety levels declined, leading to increased sleep. The study stated this could have been caused because people were less anxious and worried about their sleep problems.

Quick tips for taking CBD oil gummies capsules for sleep

Quick Tips for using CBD for sleep:

  • Take CBD 3-4 times a week: Gauge how many days are most effective for you to take CBD. For some people, the effects are less effective over time if taken too often. Therefore, we suggest only taking CBD 3-4 times a week. But you should see for yourself what your most optimal number of times it is. 
  • Do not eat right before taking CBD oil: If you use CBD in any form too soon after eating, it will be less effective and may take longer to take effect. Your body breaks down differently based on the amount of food in your body. With food being processed, CBD will not be absorbed as well, and therefore be not as effective as it should. We suggest taking CBD products within 45-90 minutes of eating for most optimal effects for improving sleep.
  • The higher dosage of CBD the better: This one is fairly self explanatory, but according to many pieces of data and scientific inquiries, there is evidence suggesting that CBD is more effective in higher dosages.
  • The quality of CBD and hemp matters: Not all CBD and hemp is created equal. Some contain negative ingredients such as heavy metals, alcohol or even no CBD at all. Therefore, we suggest purchasing from trusted brands and the best online CBD stores. Binoid CBD analyzes and reviews every company we work with to ensure we supply only the most effective and highest quality products. We specialize in CBD products for sleep insomnia and anxiety relief

Best CBD products to help sleeping at night

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