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Binoid THC-O Vape Cartridge Review

One of the very first brands to embrace the now-massive THC-O-acetate (THC-O) trend was Binoid, who knew that this cannabinoid was something truly special.  Now, we have their incredible lineup of THC-O vape cartridges, as these carts really go above and beyond to offer one of the best THC-O vaping experiences possible.  We know that a lot of customers prefer vape carts when it comes to their alternative cannabinoids, and this cartridge is by and large one of the greatest that you’ll find anywhere on the market.

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First Glance At THC-O Vapes

Binoid’s THC-O Vape Cartridges comes in sturdy packaging materials which gives you the first clue into the quality level that you can expect with this and all of their products. 

The label gives the customer important information about what’s inside, including the amount of vape oil (1 gram), the ingredients, how to use the product and the strain, with a nice shorthand description of what the strain itself provides in terms of its effects.  Their packaging is attractive, which always goes a long way and shows that this brand really cares about all aspects of manufacturing.

Binoid: High Quality Brand Reputation 

Binoid’s reputation is renowned for converting many hesitant hemp seekers into daily cannabinoid enthusiasts, as they’ve gone above and beyond to put consumers at ease with their seed-to-sale approach. 

Binoid is extremely transparent, and even works hard to fill customers in on every aspect of the manufacturing process, starting with the sourcing of the hemp material itself, and ending with the formulation of each product they produce.  Basically, you can count on this company, as they maintain some of the strictest quality standards anywhere, resulting in lots of happy customers.

Variety of THC-O Vapes

Binoid THC-O Vape Cartridge comes in a nice selection of strains that you can choose from, as each terpene brings with it its own effects.

  • Blue Zkittlez: A powerful indica that affects both body and mind by bringing about a sense of inner peace and mellowness, making it the perfect choice for evening, or even better, bedtime.  The tart, sweet and fruity flavor complements the name beautifully.
  • Do-Si-Dos: An indica-dominant hybrid known for its sweet and floral flavor profile, along with its euphoria-like effects and glorious body high that’s great for tense muscles.  

    • Maui Wowie: An upbeat sativa-dominant hybrid known for its uplifting properties that can feel quite euphoric, and an above-average body high that comes from its indica side.  The tropical fruit notes make it a hit with anyone who tries it
    • White Runtz: A powerful hybrid with a flavor profile to match its namesake, with a sweet and fruity taste that has just a hint of tartness.  The strong cerebral effects are great for enjoying after a long and trying day, while a warm and tingly sensation takes over the body.    
    • Skywalker OG: An indica-dominant hybrid with a flavor profile that’s sweet and peppery, and the strain is best known for its dazzling euphoria-inducing properties that can lift one’s spirits.
    • Super Harlequin: A high-CBD strain known for its bold mango flavor and overall soothing effects throughout the body and mind.

    Binoid THC-O Vapes Benefits & Experience

    Binoid THC-O vapes are extremely smooth, and very effective. You will find that their THC-O vapes kick in within 30 minutes and creep in, as THC-O acetate should. The product is pure, as the distillate is a little more liquid than Delta 8 distillate. That is how you know you are getting a pure THC-O vape. The experience is fun, enjoyable, but also highly relieving of pain, anxiety, and sleep insomnia. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

    Proper THC-O Vape Dosage 

    With THC-O-acetate, we always recommend going with just a single puff as a newbie due to how powerful the intoxicating effects can be.  More experienced users will likely feel just fine with 3 to 4 puffs max. Even if you don’t feel effects in 20 minutes, we do recommend waiting, because sometimes effects kick up to 45 minutes later.

    THC-O acetate is a strong compound, and Binoid THC-O distillate and products are extremely potent, so we definitely recommend being careful with Binoid THC-O dosing and usage

    How To Use THC-O Vapes

    No need to take the cartridge apart for refilling, or even changing coils (built inside of the cart, and it’s a metal heating element that has a wick to absorb the vape oil). We always recommend starting with a very low dose, then increasing slowly as you need to until your perfect amount and timing. 

    Binoid’s Pure THC-O Formula 

    Binoid uses only pure hemp for their vape carts, meaning that there are zero additives, fillers or other unwanted ingredients in the product.  Basically, you’re only getting pure THC-O distillate and terpenes. That is it! As simple and potent as it gets, with 92% THC-O distillate. 

    Other THC-O Actives?

    There are no other actives in Binoid’s THC-O formula, nor should there really be any.  The goal is to consume THC-O-acetate in a legal and pure amount in order to experience its effects.  Other actives could also confuse the user, who wouldn’t be sure of whether the effects they feel come from the THC-O or something else.

    Binoid THC-o Lab Reports 

    Binoid has all of their THC-O products tested by a third-party laboratory, and these carts are no exception.  The lab reports are easy to find on their website, so that you can learn all about the purity levels they achieve, the cannabinoid profile of the product and more.

    Binoid THC-O Vape Terpene Taste

    Each THCO vape cartridge strain has a unique flavor profile which comes strictly from the natural terpenes in the strain, as no flavoring has been added.  So, what you taste depends on the strain you choose.  Because Binoid works strictly with premium-grade, locally grown hemp, you’ll notice the terpenes taste particularly fresh and flavorful.

    Overall Binoid THC-O Experience 

    As moderate THC-O enthusiasts, we took 2 puff of the vape cartridge in Skywalker OG, wanting something more in the middle in terms of sativa and indica effects, with a unique body high.  The THC-O effects were felt within just 10 minutes, and were quite powerful, making us question the quality of other THC-O carts we’ve tried in the past. 


    The body high hit first, inducing couchlock in the best way possible, followed by a feeling of being uplifted and forgetting about our day’s worries, with stronger cerebral effects than what we’re used to which almost felt mildly psychedelic.  Those effects lasted for about 90 minutes before slowly trailing off.

    Binoid THC-O The Ultimate Opinion

    Binoid THC-O Vape Cartridges offer everything that you could ask for – purity levels, lab reports, strain selection, effectiveness, and a lack of any unwanted ingredients.  Essentially, if you’re looking to get your hands on some THC-O in a vape cart form, you’re going to want to grab one or more of the Binoid THC-O cartridges, after choosing the best strain for your unique goals with the cannabinoid.  Trust us when we say, you won’t be disappointed.

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