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The best places to buy (Cannabidiol) CBD products in Los Angeles is very thin. At least Hemp-derived CBD that is. As far as all of Los Angeles County in concerned, there are a only few store locations. Such as “Your CBD Store” and “Pure CBD”.

To the standard consumer, both of these stores and more seem like a very trustworthy place to buy CBD from. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are many issues with CBD retail locations that people do not know about. On top of this, buying CBD online also has its issues. All of these will be addressed in this article. 

First thing first, in-store retail locations. CBD products are finding themselves into large chains and stores as they become more mainstream. This is cool and all, except that most of these chain locations do not know anything about the product, the correct extraction methods of hemp and their quality control.

Or even how CBD works! They likely do not even read the lab results, or know they actually exist. Binoid CBD has all of this information on our website, and all product lab potency results and information on each product page. 

However, larger stores and chains do not include this information either. This is because these large chains are not updated or knowledgeable on the products or industry. Here are a few problems that we have found in CBD retail stores in Los Angeles. 

Overpriced: Owning a store is expensive. There are a lot of costs associated with keeping the doors open and running. There is electricity, employment, inventory stocks and costs. Managing utilities and in-store brochures and materials.

For this reason, many stores increase their prices by at least 30% on the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices). Most online stores price at the real and legitimate retail price, or even price CBD oil products below retail price! We have exclusive prices with our brands and therefore can give our customers the lowest prices available online

Best place to buy CBD oil in Los Angeles

Owners do not know much about their products: One of the major downfalls of physical CBD stores is that there is a lot of types of CBD products, and a lot of brands to stock on the shelves. This will inevitably leave owners and employees with an overload of information about their products and knowledge about CBD. Because of this, customers should be sure to ask a lot of questions about each product, their manufacturing and extraction process, and well as the company themselves. 

No Certifications of Analysis: This one is less substantial, but is still something to address. Lab results are a large part of any CBD product buying decision. Or at least they should be. Most in-person stores do not carry Certification of Analysis on hand, and also do not suggest the use of them.

Lab results are important because they tell you the exact potency of the product you are getting. As in, if your 1000mg CBD oil tincture actually has 1000mg of CBD in it. This is why we put lab results on every CBD product page on our store, including tests for heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides!

Do not know specifics about the products that can be very important to a sale: CBD side effects, benefits, and overall supplement knowledge improves, adjusts and refines everyday. Because of this, brands and stores alike need to be updated on new information that becomes release.To no fault to the CBD stores themselves, but just because of the nature of their business, it is hard to implement new information and changes to customer inquiries and questions as such.

One example of this includes the recent identification and discovery that CBD should not be taken if you have liver problems, liver function issues or take medications for your liver. This, as well as CBD should not be taken with any medication that should not be taken with Grapefruit. This is because CBD works similarly to Grapefruit as an inhibitor of these medications and pharmaceutical items. 

Do not show or give lab tests: On top of COA's, most CBD retail stores in Los Angeles usually do not give lab results to show you if the products are actually what they say they are. With no heavy metals and passing all of the tests. 

Not great brands or products: This one speaks for itself. Many times stores just carry any brand that walks through their doors. Meaning that they do not check products for potency, lab results (as stated), as well as an overall proven brand history and consumer evidence of results.

Such as tons of online reviews stating their product effectiveness. This means that the brand could be making their CBD out of their background, almost literally, and be put on the shelves of your nearest CBD store or outlet. This is a major issue, that is due to the lack of brand awareness in the industry as well as the rise and fall of many different brands. Most of the brands in physical stores are not very popular, well-known or proved anecdotally. 

Best Locations and where to buy CBD oil creams gummies in los angeles orange county calabasas beverly hills santa monica

Sketchy locations: Similar to dispensary locations in Los Angeles, CBD shops can be located in very run-down or not highly open places. Which can be a deterrent for many. They are not commonly placed at every street corner, yet. And are still making their rounds through the outskirts of Los Angeles until they eventually reach the center.

Near Vitamin Shops and Nutrishops and such. But for now, CBD shops are in not-so-great areas, and people should keep that in mind when looking for one in Los Angeles. Binoid CBD is an online store located in Los Angeles, and therefore can ship to anyone located in L.A. within a day or two usually. Most times even within 24 hours! 

Will make extreme claims with no regrets. In-store employees or even management of CBD retail locations will not hesitate to state extreme claims of what the products do, or can do. Because it was said in person, retail locations have less liability to claims of what they say.

This includes, “oh yes this will cure your pain”, “this will help your sleep”, “this CBD Cream is great for arthritis”, “CBD will not trigger a drug test”, “this CBD does not interact with any drugs” and the infamous “this CBD product contains no THC” and “CBD does not have any side effects.'' All of these statements are either flat out wrong, partly untrue, or not the full story. 

Best place to buy CBD in Venice Blvd

How about buying CBD online?

“Ok well if CBD stores are not good, then I must be able to buy quality CBD online right?” Yes and no. Yes you can buy high quality and trustworthy CBD online, but you have to navigate through a lot of fake products, wrong claims, or overall lack of knowledge by many companies. There is a lot to know about CBD, and everyday it seems like more information becomes available.

For instance, it took until the recent FDA Hearing regarding CBD in early June for the acknowledgement of real CBD side effects. This includes CBD not being healthy for those with liver function issues, or medication meant for liver aid. 

Most of this information is widespread yet in the online CBD retail world, but hopefully awareness spreads to all. Things are slowly getting better, but many stores and websites do not acknowledge research or give full disclosure to their customers. This is my view as an insider to the industry, but Binoid CBD and other companies are working hard to change this thinking and stigma. 

Either the store has an absurd shipping cost, customer service and help is non-existent, and many times the website looks like it was built in 1992 with difficulty functionality and no product reviews. 

Absurd shipping costs, or extra costs:This is not rocket science as you likely know, but many online stores would charge extra shipping costs or other costs for “handling” so they can squeeze an extra dollar out of you.

Customer service and help is non-existent: Many online CBD shops and stores do not give 

Shady business: Some companies will not show lab results because they did not come out right, or did not invest the money into them to begin with. A full lab test is expensive, and many people will buy anyways. So why even bother. That is, until at some point someone finds out your product has less than half of what you advertise it has, or even has no CBD in it as all! 

Especially if you are not a manufacturer yourself, it is imperative that the products get tested in order to know what customers are getting. However, most companies will not do this, or even show their lab tests. Therefore we strongly urge you to check for lab results before buying any CBD product.

We put all the lab tests and Certifications of Analysis right on the product page for our customers to review for their piece of mind and legitimacy of products. All of the brands we work with lab test all of their CBD products. And usually even contain more CBD in them than advertised!

Overall, if you are looking to buy CBD in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Santa Monica, or the San Fernando Valley, we provide the best prices on some of the best brands available today. And only expanding to cover more. Learn more about our CBD products and unbeatable prices here.


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