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Where to Buy Delta 8 Flower in Michigan

Delta-8 comes in a variety of delivery methods, just like cannabidiol, but among the most popular is delta8 THC flower, which is just the raw CBD flowers that are infused with an extract made from this cannabinoid.  Great for smoking and vaporizing, it acts quickly and provides balanced effects thanks to the various hemp compounds in the product.

If you live in Michigan, you might be eager to try out delta-8 THC flower for yourself, but don’t know where you can find it, or if it’s even legal where you live. You can get Delta 8 THC Flower online right here on our website. we ship Delta 8 flower all over Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Grand Rapids. Well, allow us to help you out by first answering the question…

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Is Delta 8 THC Flower Legal in Michigan?

The hemp plant was criminalized up until 2018, when the United States passed the Farm Bill which finally made hemp legal, removing it from its association with marijuana.  The law states that hemp and all of its derivatives can be legally sold and purchased as long as they have a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Delta 8 flower does not contain more than this amount, which is why, according to federal law, it is completely legal.

As we know, states are free to make new laws about hemp use and cannabis in general.  While some states have made delta8 THC illegal, Michigan is not one of them.  What this means is that as a Michigan resident, you are free to use delta-8 flower and other delta-8 products without risk of legal repercussion. To see our state by state Delta 8 THC flower legal list click here

Is There a Legal Possession Limit in Michigan?

No laws specify that you can only possess a certain amount of delta 8 flower product at any given time.  However, be aware that law enforcement may mistake your delta 8 flower for marijuana, as the two can show up as identical products in certain drug tests.  Also, delta 8 may cause a failed drug test if you are tested by your employer.

What Kind of Delta 8 Flower is Available in Michigan?

You can find a wide array of delta8 flower products as a Michigan resident, so lets cover the different factors that can lead to different types of experiences.

#1: Strain Type

The strain simply refers to the balance of chemical compounds in a particular breed of the hemp plant.  As each compound has different properties, different strains result in slightly unique effects.  

#2: Strength

Delta8 flower is just hemp flower infused with pure delta-8 THC concentrate.  This means that different flower products can have different levels of delta 8 within them, making some more psychoactively potent than others.  Choose the strength you want based on how strong you want those effects to be.

How to Choose the Best Delta 8 Flower on the Market

It’s always important to be mindful of quality and a company’s reputation when selecting delta 8 flower, or any hemp product.  Below are some things that you should look out for when shopping for delta8 THC flower.

#1: Lab Results

Delta 8 flower, like all hemp products, should undergo third-party testing by a certified facility.  A company should make the resulting lab reports available to consumers as they give information about quality, purity levels, potency and more.

#2: A Fresh Product

It’s important to know that you’re getting fresh CBD flower, as the product only remains fresh for 6 to 12 months.  After this time, the compounds begin to break down which causes the flower to lose its potency, making it virtually useless. This is why buying Delta 8 Flower online is much better than stores, as in-store you are not sure of the quality and how long the flower has been sitting there. That’s a major problem with retail. However, because online has more bulk sales the Delta 8 THC Flower is usually higher quality. 

#3: Sourcing

It’s always good to look for information from a company about how they made their product, from where the hemp comes from to how they extract their delta-8.  This information offers transparency that builds trust.

#4: Legality

Delta 8 flower and marijuana flower look and smell exactly alike.  This is why you must buy your flower from a source you trust, or else you could end up breaking the law by mistake.

Where to Buy Delta 8 Flower in Michigan

Let’s now go over the best places to buy your delta8 flower in the state of Michigan. This list is not a ranking from best to worst. High quality Delta 8 Flower is hard to come by because of how new it is. You will likely not find many vape stores carrying it yet. However, you can buy Delta 8 THC products in Michigan online right here:

#1: Vape Stores 

Many vape shops around Michigan are selling hemp products including delta 8 flower.  You may also find compatible vaping devices in these businesses so that you can vaporize the flower rather than smoke it.  Make sure that the companies that these shops carry have a good reputation. The one major down side of buy Delta 8 flower at vape stores is you do not know how long the product has been sitting there. Usually inventory is older in vape stores. This is why we suggest online. 

#2: Online Delta 8 THC Distributors

It’s legal to order delta 8 flower online and have it shipped to your home.  And, online CBD distribution companies typically offer a wider selection of flower products than what you’ll find in a store nearby your home.  These businesses sell only high-quality, trusted products in a wide variety of strains and more. When you buy Delta 8 THC flower online, you are likely getting fresh product. Which is usually better. Buy Delta 8 THC flower online here. 

#3: Delta 8 Flower Manufacturers

You can always order flower online directly from the company that makes it.  This has the advantage of allowing you to learn more info about the product, as the company’s website is likely to offer the most detail.  Further, delta 8 brands typically offer better prices when you buy from them directly.

Where Not to Buy Delta 8 Flower in Michigan

There are some places from which you should avoid buying delta 8 flower, because it’s not going to be the highest-quality option possible.  

#1: Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

You may find that some gas stations and convenience stores in Michigan carry various hemp products.  But, you should avoid going this route, because it’s unlikely that these businesses are seeking out only high-quality goods, as they’re more concerned with cheap prices.

#2: Non-Businesses

Never buy delta 8 from someone who does not own a licensed business, such as someone on Craigslist promoting their flower products.

From Detroit to Marquette, Enjoy a Fine Delta 8 Flower Experience

We know that Michigan residents can be confused by the many recent changes in law regarding the hemp plant, but what matters is that delta 8 flower, and all other delta 8 products, can be bought, sold, and used legally throughout the state.  This means that any Michigan resident who wants to check out what delta8 flower can offer can do so without getting into trouble with the law. 

Explore the variety of delta-8 products on the market while making sure that you only choose legitimate, trusted businesses and retailers so that the product you end up with is clean, effective, and legal.

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