5 Severe CBG Oil Side Effects

Cannabigerol (CBG) is quickly becoming a highly sought-after cannabinoid, following the enormous success of its big sister, CBD.  As most are aware, CBD is the leading cannabinoid in hemp, although more people are taking an interest in CBG due to fascinating studies regarding its unique properties and how it works in the body. There are a few benefits and uses of CBG that have been found and studied.

CBD is the most known cannabinoid at this point. However, CBG is the next growing cannabinoid that may be extremely beneficial for people. If you are interested in reading CBD Oil Side Effects click here. However, in this article we are looking at purely CBG Oil Side Effects. 

For looking to perhaps start adding CBG to their daily routine, you’re in luck. Or  you are looking to learn more about what Cannabigerol (CBG) is. It has quickly become easier to find CBG-based hemp products that are specifically formulated to give you an ample dose of this cannabinoid compared to others that are in the hemp plant.  Today, you can find CBG tinctures, CBG isolate powders and more!

Now, before beginning a CBG routine, or any new wellness routine for that matter, it’s important to consider the possibility of side effects.  By knowing about the potential side effects associated with a new substance ahead of time, you’ll be able to know exactly what you should be watching out for after taking a dose.

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Hemp Side Effects

A lot of us consume relatively high doses of hemp on a daily basis and have found that we have experienced zero side effects.  It’s easy to understand why when we look at the nature of the hemp plant.  The hemp plant is nontoxic to the human body, which is why so many of us can enjoy it daily without reporting anything unpleasant. 

However, the thing about the human body is that we’re all different in terms of how our systems operate, how we tolerate certain compounds and how sensitive we are to certain substances.  Therefore, when it comes to hemp, as well as basically every substance under the sun, side effects are always a possibility.

The Endocannabinoid System and CBG

Now, let’s quickly look at the endocannabinoid system and how it processes CBG.  The endocannabinoid system is a bodily system that seems to have a lot to do with maintaining the body’s state of homeostasis.  It has cannabinoid receptors everywhere throughout the body, and these cannabinoid receptors correspond to specific bodily processes.  The endocannabinoid system desires cannabinoids, like the ones found in the hemp plant, because it sends these cannabinoids to cannabinoid receptors that may be able to regulate bodily processes that we depend on daily.

CBG is a cannabinoid, as is CBD.  When the endocannabinoid receives cannabinoids, it knows exactly what to do with them.  When it has more than it needs, the endocannabinoid system tends to store excess cannabinoids for later use.  This is one of the reasons why it seems that we can take high doses of cannabinoids without any concern related to toxic or dangerous effects.

However, some suggest that CBG is slightly different from CBD, and that it has a higher chance of producing unwanted side effects if taken in extraordinarily high doses.  Now, this may sound concerning at first, but remember that most things taken in extraordinarily high doses can produce side effects.  As long as you’re taking what’s considered a therapeutic dose, as suggested on the product’s label, you should be fine.

Potential Side Effects List of CBG

Sadly, there is not much information that shows or proves CBG has any side effects. However based on the side effects of CBD, we can try to make deductions and assumptions. As the side effects of CBD are being discovered, the side effects of CBG will become more know. The solution to this problem is time and increased investment or spending into learning more about CBG benefits and side effects to the human body.

As well, on the bright side, there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence from people who use CBG products themselves. Let’s look into the side effects that have been reported by those taking high doses of CBG. 

Side Effect #1: Tiredness

It shouldn’t surprise too many people to see tiredness at the top of the list for CBG side effects.  After all, one of the most popular reasons for taking hemp in the first place is for sleep.  So, some may feel that tiredness is a welcome side effect when consuming a cannabinoid. 

But, extremely high doses of CBG can produce feelings of fatigue and grogginess, and this is due to the unique properties of the compound.  Therefore, if you’re taking CBG for the first time, make sure that you do so at night, or when you know that you have nothing going on for a few hours.  This way, if tiredness strikes, you’ll be able to simply lie down and rest until it passes.

Side Effect #2: Diarrhea

Some people say that high doses of CBG can produce diarrhea, and this is probably due to the fact that the digestive system is telling the body that it doesn’t need such a high volume of the compound.  It’s likely that the risk of diarrhea is higher when consuming CBG in the form of an edible, as this allows the CBG to interact directly with the digestive tract.

Side Effect #3: Dry Mouth

A lot of us are familiar with the side effect of dry mouth after consuming cannabis.  Interestingly, this isn’t a sign of dehydration, as many people think.  In fact, there are cannabinoid receptors in our salivary glands, so consuming cannabis can temporarily impact their ability to produce saliva.  If you are experiencing dry mouth as a result of taking CBG, you can drink some water as this should help.  Other than that, you can simply wait it out, as it usually passes when the CBG is no longer active in the body.

Side Effect #4: Changes in Appetite

Changes in appetite can occur whenever a person consumes cannabis.  Certain compounds in cannabis seem to suppress the appetite, while others can boost the appetite.  How CBG affects you in terms of your appetite can vary.  In other words, high doses of CBG can either make you wish to eat more, or make you feel like you have no interest in eating at all.  Again, this should pass after the CBG is no longer active within the body.

Side Effect #5: Changes in Weight

Some people have reported changes in weight after taking CBG in high doses over a fairly long period of time.  We believe that this likely has to do with CBG’s potential effects on appetite, rather than metabolism.

What Is The Correct CBG Oil Dosage? How Do I Prevent Side Effects?

How can you take CBG in a way that minimizes the risk of side effects?  Well, the side effects that we listed above seem to only occur when CBG is taken in uniquely high doses, as in doses that are decently higher than what’s recommended by the manufacturer. 

Therefore, the best way to consume CBG is to do so according to the product’s label.  Take what’s suggested and see how it affects you.  Now, if you do experience side effects that seem severe, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.  And, tell your doctor that you are taking CBG beforehand so that they can monitor how it affects you.

Use this Guide to Be Aware of What Can Potentially Happen After You Take CBG  

The thing about CBG is that in therapeutic doses, it rarely produces any side effects at all.  Still, as we know, all of our bodies are different, and even the things that are deemed highly safe by the FDA are still capable of causing negative reactions in rare cases.  By understanding the possible side effects of CBG consumption, you can ensure the most enjoyable hemp experience possible.  Also, pay attention to your body while starting your new CBG regimen.

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