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Best Delta 10 THC For Sleep Insomnia

Although delta 10 THC is a cannabinoid that’s extremely new to the market, we are learning a lot about it now.  Especially, because it’s becoming more widely available.  This cannabinoid behaves just like other cannabinoids in that it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) in an effort to regulate important physiological processes, but what can the compound and Delta 10 THC products do for sleep, specifically?

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What is Delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 THC was only discovered a couple of years ago, and by accident, by a group of cannabis farmers who had recently purchased a cannabis farm in California, in which the crops had been treated with flame retardant.  Upon having the crops analyzed, they were discovered to have unusually high levels of an unknown cannabinoid which was later identified as delta 10.  In untreated crops, delta-10 is found in extremely trace amounts, which is why we haven’t even known that it exists until now.

Exactly how much delta 10 in hemp is unknown, but it can be extracted and used to create powerful delta 10 THC distillates.  The only property we know about delta-10 right now is that it’s psychoactive – about 30% less than delta 9, just like delta 8.  And, many find that its high feels like a sativa strain of the hemp plant, in that it is described as invigorating, uplifting, motivating and euphoria-inducing.

Could Delta 10 THC Help with Sleep Insomnia?

There just aren’t any clinical studies on the effects of delta 10 THC yet.  This means that we can’t say for certain whether or not it has the potential to offer relief from insomnia, and generally promote better sleep.  Despite the fact that customers have told us that Delta 10 does help them with sleep, it’s worth pointing out that it’s mainly known for its more uplifting properties, which is why some people may find that it’s not the best compound to take at bedtime.

What can be said is that delta 10 THC shares a lot in common with delta 9 as well as delta 8, unsurprisingly, and both of these cannabinoids are known for their potential anxiolytic properties as well as their potential to regulate melatonin and overall circadian rhythm.  What this means is that the cannabinoid has a good chance of offering some type of improvement to sleep if taken at bedtime.  

Also, take notice that delta 10 is intoxicating, and many people find the delta 10 high to be particularly euphoric.  This can be beneficial to those who have trouble sleeping at night due to mood-related issues, and the high itself can be great for quieting the mind at bedtime.

Best Delta 10 THC Brands For Sleep Insomnia 

  1. Binoid CBD
  2. Delta Effex
  3. 3Chi
  4. Koi

These are the best Delta 10 THC brands that create Delta-10 products tailored for sleep with products such as gummies, tinctures, Delta 10 vape cartridgeswax dab concentrates and more! We will go over the best of each of the top three brands below. Delta Effex and 3Chi have shown results with customers, however they do not have products specifically tailored towards improving sleep. 

Best Delta 10 THC Products for Sleep Insomnia

Once again, even though there have yet to be any studies showing that delta 10 specifically enhances sleep, we do know that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds in general, interact with cannabinoid receptors responsible for the sleep response.  So, it’s absolutely worth trying if you’re looking for a natural sleep aid that comes with a mild psychoactive buzz.  To yield the best potential experience out of delta 10, the best thing to do is find a trusted Delta 10 company that offers pure, clean delta 10 products, like Binoid.

Please Note: If you have been diagnosed with, or think you might have insomnia, it is recommended to speak with your doctor and/or a sleep specialist first.  They have access to your medical records and can make a better determination if delta 10 is the right course of action to take in order to help you deal with this sleeping disorder.

#3: Delta Extrax Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge in Ice Cream Cookies 

Ice Cream Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid that many find to be both euphoria-inducing and mellowing, and this Vape Cartridge from Delta Extrax offers a 100% pure hemp formula consisting of delta 10 and this iconic strain’s terpene profile, along with a serving of delta 8 which is a popular bedtime cannabinoid.

#2: Binoid Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge in Purple Punch 

Binoid’s Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge in Purple Punch provides a heavy indica strain that many find perfect for evening, as it can get the mind and body ready for rest.  The cartridge contains 100% pure hemp, with no additives or fillers of any kind, for as pure of a delta 10 experience as possible.

#1: Binoid Delta 10 Tincture

Binoid’s Delta 10 Tincture is an ultra-clean formula consisting of pure delta 10 THC and MCT oil.  Its effects come on gradually over about 30 minutes, and last for up to 6 hours.  This tincture comes in a variety of milligram strengths from which you can choose from and is a favorite for bedtime in particular.

What Should You Know About Taking Delta 10 THC for Insomnia?

To get as much out of delta 10 THC as is potentially possible at bedtime, you’ll want to be selective about the product that you buy.  Why?  In order ensure that it has the ideal quality level and also that it’s formulated to be highly effective.

Lab Reports and Brand Reputation Matter

Make sure that the company you buy from uses only pure, hemp-derived delta 10 THC distillate when making their products.  Look at the ingredients as well to make sure that they’re clean and check a company’s reviews in the process.  Also, never buy delta 10 from a brand that doesn’t have their hemp lab-tested by a third-party.

Select an Indica Strain

A lot of delta 10 products including vape carts let you choose from a variety of strains.  Indica and indica-dominant hybrids are more geared toward bedtime due to the soothing effect they can have on the body and mind, based on their terpene profiles.

Pay Attention to the Strength

If you want to go with a delta 10 tincture or edible, make sure the milligram strength of the product is high enough to produce results.  In general, 25mg-35mg is a good average serving.

Binoid: The Best Place To Buy Delta 10 For Sleep 

Overall, Binoid is one of the best Delta 10 brands for sleep insomnia and sleep with a multitude of products for you to enjoy and love. They have something for everyone, with Delta 10 vape cartridgesDelta 10 gummiesDelta 10  tincturesDelta 10 Capsules and more.

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