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HHC-O Dosage

Hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate or HHC-O-acetate (HHC-O) is the new cannabinoid that everyone can’t stop talking about, being an acetate form of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), and even promising to mirror the effects of delta 9 THC but with about 1.5x the potency. 

HHC-O products is going to slowly make its way onto the market.  So, we are going to help you get ahead of the curve with a solid dosage guide so that you can know exactly how much to take.

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HHC-O Dosage vs. HHC-O Strength

Before we get into dosage amounts, we need to explore the differences between the terms “dosage” and “strength”.

  • Dosage: Refers to how much of a product you take, such as 1 milliliter of a tincture, or a couple puffs of a vape.
  • Strength: “Refers to how many milligrams of HHC-O are in the product, thus determining how potent each dosage amount is.

HHC-O Dosage Guide Chart: 

  1. Beginner HHC-O dosing (low tolerance): 5mg-12mg per use
  2. Intermediate HHC-O dosing (medium tolerance): 12mg-30mg per use
  3. Advanced HHC-O dosing (high tolerance): 30mg-60mg+ per use

This applies to HHC-O tincturesHHC-O vapes as well as other HHC-O products. HHC-O is around 95% of the high regular Delta 9 THC will create, except with a stronger head and body experience for relief. As always, the best way to dose out HHC-O is to try a little, then keep increasing until you feel what you need. Product by product HHCO dosing will be shown below. 

How Long Does HHC-O Take To Work?

HHC-O acetate products kick in within 30-40 minutes if vaped, and 1 hour if ingested through HHC-O gummies or HHC-O tinctures. Because HHC-O Acetate products works like any other product that you would inhale or digest. However, just like Delta 9 THC, be careful with ingestion because you might feel the need to take more when in reality it has not hit you yet. For this reason, we suggest waiting at least 2 hours before taking more HHCO. 

Additionally, as an acetate, HHC-O acetate vapes may take 30-40 minutes longer than regular Delta 8 vapes to kick in because acetate’s metabolize extremely efficiently. However, they seem to take some time to creep up if vaped. That is why we always suggest waiting between every dose of HHCO products to make sure you are not taking too much too soon. That is a high possibility with products that take a while.

HHC-O Acetate Dosing Instructions

Often, you’ll find that the company that makes the hhc-o acetate products has a recommended dosage chart amount somewhere on their packaging, which allows you to know how much you should take in one sitting to consume an “average” amount of hhco acetate.  This is a good piece of information to follow when getting started, as the manufacturer knows how much of their product you should take to generally experience the desired effects.

Factors That Influence How Much HHC-O You Might Want to Take

Keep in mind that while there’s a standard dosage guide for HHC-O, there are ultimately factors that influence how a specific dosage amount may affect you.

Factor #1: Your Tolerance to THC

HHC-O-acetate behaves a lot like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds in terms of its psychoactive properties.  Therefore, if you have a low tolerance to THC due to a lack of experience, then you’ll likely have a low tolerance to HHC-O.  Hence, you want to start with a lower dosage amount because of this.

Factor #2: Your Delivery Method

Like all hemp-infused products, HHC-O comes in various delivery methods, such as sublingual, ingestible and inhalable products. Each delivery method has its own potency level, with dabs being the most potent, followed by vapes, then tinctures, and then edibles/capsules.  So, if you’re going with, say, a more potent method like dabbing, you may want to reduce the dosage amount compared to what you normally take with a different delivery method.  For instance, if you take a few puffs of HHC-O vape, you might want to start with 1 puff of a dab. 

Factor #3: Your Comfort Level

Some of us simply don’t want to get as high as possible with a cannabinoid, so you’ll want to consider how comfortable you are trying a new psychoactive product such as HHC-O Acetate to determine how much of it you’re comfortable taking as a beginner.

Factor #4: Strain Type

Certain strains that are blended with Hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate (HHC-O), found in vapes and dabs, are extremely potent compared to others due to varying levels of certain compounds, and synergistic effects between them.  If a certain strain is known for being highly potent, a slightly lower dose may be appropriate.

What is the Proper HHC-O Dosage?

To determine the correct HHC-O dosage for each product type, we’re going to compare it to delta 9 THC, since the cannabinoids are quite similar in terms of potency, psychoactive effects, and other properties.

#1: HHC-O Vapes 

HHC-O vape products are very bioavailable, thus allowing each dose to be quite potent and fast-acting.  Whether you’re using a cartridge or a disposable, most vape oils contain just HHC-O-acetate extract and terpenes, meaning that each puff is quite potent as it’s not diluted.  Therefore, you will need to go with a relatively low dosage when vaping HHC-O to gradually get used to its effects.

Threshold Dose: 1 small puff

Psychoactive Dose: 1-2 puffs

Very Psychoactive Dose: 3+ puffs 

#2: HHC-O Tincture  

Determining the dosage for an HHC-O tincture is easy since you can count the milligrams with a basic equation.  Let’s say you have a 30ml tincture bottle with 1000mg HHC-O-acetate inside.  Dividing the number of milligrams by the number of milliliters tells you that each dropper can hold 33 milligrams of HHC-O.  Because it’s so potent, you likely want to avoid the full dropper as a beginner.

Threshold Dose: 8.25mg (1/4 of a dropper)

Psychoactive Dose: 16.5mg (1/2 of a dropper)

Very Psychoactive Dose: 33mg (1 full dropper)

#3: HHC-O Gummies

With HHC-O gummies, you will have an easy time dosing since each gummy contains an equal amount of HHC-O-acetate.  If necessary, you can break apart a single gummy into multiple pieces to consume the most appropriate amount. 

Threshold Dose: 5mg 

Psychoactive Dose: 6-15mg

Very Psychoactive Dose: 16mg+

#4: HHC-O Wax Dabs

HHC-O dabs are very powerful products in terms of potency since they yield strong concentrations of the cannabinoid.  Dabs are not recommended for beginners because of this reason, and so if you’re just starting out with HHC-O-acetate, we suggest a less potent product.  Once you do start exploring HHC-O dabs, you’ll still want to go with a much lower dose than you would take with any other product due to how concentrated this compound is.

Threshold Dose: 1 small puff

Psychoactive Dose: 1-2 puffs

Very Psychoactive Dose: 3+ puffs

HHC-O: The Dosage Makes All the Difference 

As you can now see, hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate (HHC-O) is a cannabinoid that comes with a lot of promise, including a potentially powerful high that can be exhilarating to put it simply.  If you want to give HHC-O products a try at Binoid, it’s important that you have a proper understanding of how dosing and milligram strengths work to ensure that you take the proper amount for your needs. But, it’s dose-dependent, which is why you’ll need to once again, be aware of how much you take, especially as a newbie. 

At Binoid, we want our customers to have the most satisfying HHC-O experience possible, which starts with consuming the perfect amount.

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