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Nano CBD Oil vs CBD Oil

Nano CBD Oil or also known as “Water Soluble CBD Oil” have become more popular or trending options of CBD oil recently. This is for many reasons which we will state below. Nano CBD and Water Soluble have been seen as new and improved versions of traditional CBD oils, eliminating a lot of their negative problems. We expect the popularity and growth of Nano or Micro CBD to grow. 

First let’s get into the definitions and differences between CBD oil and Nano/Water Soluble CBD.

What is CBD oil? 

CBD Oil is usually a combination of a type of CBD, including Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum Or CBD Isolate and a carrier oil as a base. All of these are considered the same in this article to make explaining easier. Hemp Extract, which contains CBD is a thick gooey substance. This hemp extract is either processed or added to a base carrier oil as an emulsifier and liquid agent for the CBD. This carrier oil is usually MCT or Coconut Oil, or Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed Oil is more difficult to hold as a formulation, but Coconut Oil is a great emulsifier and base for Hemp Extract.

How to drink CBD in coffee

What is Nano CBD Oil? Water Soluble CBD Oil?

Nano CBD oil, is a shorter and more marketable term for “Nano-emulsified” or in other words nano-enhanced or nano-technology CBD oil. What this means, is that the CBD or hemp extract is broken down using an emulsifier process that differs from manufacturer. For some this requires a large investment in processing equipment, while with others it is a more natural process. In the end, the results are more or less the same. With slight differences in texture, sizing, and solubility. 

Nano-emulsification usually consists of breaking the CBD molecules down into smaller molecules, and mixing it with an emulsifier to combine water and oil based formulations. This makes the oil not separate from the liquid. For Nano CBD, the molecules are broken down into sizes 25-100 nm. For micro CBD, the molecules can be 100-200 nm.

For some products, like the Binoid Water-Soluble Drops, nano CBD also means water-soluble. The two are not directly correlated, but most times they have some sort of relation. This is because when the molecules are either micro or nano sized they are easier to disperse into liquids. Meaning they are soluble in the fact that they can mix well in drinks and beverages. Now that we know CBD Oil and Nano CBD, it is time for their pros and cons. What are the benefits and negatives of CBD oil vs Nano CBD oil.

CBD Oil Benefits: 

Usually Cheaper: CBD oil can range from 15-20% cheaper than Nano CBD oil or Water Soluble CBD. This is because it is technically and scientifically an inferior product.

Can get Higher Milligrams: While does not mean you are getting higher dosages, you are likely to be able to find higher amounts of CBD by milligram sizing. You can find products ranging from 250mg all the way up to 5000 per tincture bottle. 

More Options: Because CBD oil is so prevalent, you can find many brands and strengths available in store and online. As well, because of this you can also find CBD oil in some stores.

CBD Oil Cons: 

Lack of Effectiveness: CBD oils usability by your body is only 25-40% at maximum! That either means you need to take higher CBD doses to reach the same effects, or to properly absorb your daily needs. This also means that yes it is cheaper, but it also does less for you. 

Taste: The taste of CBD Oil is usually not very good, especially if it is full spectrum CBD. This is because CBD is a bitter tasting substance. Most CBD oils taste very earthy. Even flavored CBD Isolate is a weird taste because Isolate has no taste. Therefore you mostly taste oil and flavors, without knowing if CBD in the dose.

A Lot Of Oil: Going off the previous con, CBD “oil” is made with a lot of, oil. You guessed it. This can be an issue as oil may have a weird texture for many, and consuming large amounts of oil may not be great for someone’s diet.

Cannot be Mixed in Drinks and Beverages: Because the tinctures are oil based, they do not mix with water or liquids because of different densities. The CBD oil will sit on top of any liquid, and will frankly taste fairly bad when mixed with any coffee, tea, or juices. 

Nano CBD Benefits: 

More Bioavailability & More Effective: Due to the molecules of Nano CBD being smaller, they are technically more easily able to be absorbed by the body. And therefore have a higher bioavailability percentage of 80-90% compared to 25-40% of CBD oil. This means that Nano CBD Oil is technically a better bang for the buck, even for a slightly higher price. 

Faster Acting: Since Nano CBD Oil is more effective and absorbs quicker into the body, this also means that it is faster acting. Instead of starting to show effects within 1-2 hours, Nano CBD starts almost immediately. Or within 30 minutes depending on the particle size. Binoid CBD Drops show benefits within 5 minutes of taking. This is because the smaller CBD particles absorb through your body into your blood-stream faster.

Mixes and Drinks and beverages better: This one is more of an experience benefit more than a functional benefit, but with smaller molecules comes the ability to dissolve or be “water-soluble” as stated previously. Because of this you should be able to put the CBD oil into any tea, juice, detox drink, water or coffee of choice. Our flavored Binoid Water-Soluble drops can be mixed into any drink or beverage. Our flavors include Ginger, Orange, Peppermint, and Lemon. Giving you the option to mix into any drink or beverage! We use beneficial essential oils in all of our flavors. We carry the best tasting CBD oil tincture drops on the market.

Nano CBD oil vs CBD oil benefits

Nano CBD Cons:

Can Sometimes Crystalize and Not Be as Effective: One risk with Nano CBD Oil from an unverified manufacturer can be a bad formula, which will result in a crystallization of the CBD due to wrong formulation amounts of ingredients. Because of the emulsifier, the CBD oil can “crash out” of the liquid and start to separate. Making it less effective. This only happens with products that have not been formulated correctly. Which is prevalent for such a new product. Our Binoid Drops have been tried and tested by our team of scientist formulators that worked for over 5 months to develop our products.

Some Brand Products Can Taste Bad Because of Emulsification: There are some products that can taste really bad when they are emulsified. This is due to the process of emulsification and how it can ruin the consistency and taste of the products.

Less options: Because it is newer there are only a few brands that have Nano CBD Oil or Water Soluble CBD Oil. This also means that it is much harder, or almost impossible to find Nano CBD oil in store. You can only find Nano CBD Oil or Water Soluble CBD Oil online.

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