How To Store Delta 8 THC Tinctures

Delta 8 THC tinctures provide a completely unique way to enjoy the effects of this all-star cannabinoid, having an absorption rate halfway between vapes and edibles so that the effects are both relatively long-lasting and fast-acting, not to mention potent.  Tinctures are extremely easy to portion out and administer.  Not only that but can offer the psychoactive experience that you so crave.  But, if you’re not storing your delta 8 tincture bottles properly, those effects can all but disappear, since this cannabinoid degrades due to exposure to the elements.

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Do Delta 8 THC Tinctures Go Bad?

Delta 8 THC tinctures do have a shelf life, and that shelf life is about 2 years.  This is how long it takes for the delta 8 cannabinoid to break down.  While expired delta 8 is not going to be dangerous to consume, what it is going to be is ineffective, to the point of leaving you completely disappointed since you’re just not getting the high that you were hoping for.

One thing to mention is that while a tincture can last for up to a couple years, it can expire much sooner if you’re not storing it using the right methods. In order to know that your delta 8 tincture is expired, check to see if there are changes to the color, consistency, or aroma of the product.  Flavored tinctures may start to smell stale.  Also, of course, if the tincture isn’t actually producing effects, then you know it’s no longer fresh.

How to Keep That Delta 8 THC Tincture Fresh 

Now that you have a delta 8 THC tincture in your possession, it’s time to get to storing it properly.  Just a couple of days of poor storage can ruin what’s inside.  Luckily, storing a tincture is very simple, and while we cannot say that these tips will make your tincture last longer than 2 years, we can say that each serving will be fresh, flavorful, and splendidly potent.  Here are some key tips for doing so below.

Tip #3: Keep Your Delta 8 Indoors  

Wise to avoid leaving your delta 8 tinctures outdoors under any circumstances, except when being used, and when you’re traveling.  The outside environment gives us unpredictable and drastic changes in heat, humidity and light which can all break down that delta 8 quickly.  Even leaving your delta 8 in the car for the duration of a hot afternoon can spell disaster.  Point is?  Keep your tinctures inside, whenever possible.

Tip #4: Don’t Buy More Than You Need 

When your favorite delta 8 brand is holding a sale, avoid purchasing loads of tinctures at once to save money.  While you can enjoy some nice savings this way, you could very well buy way more of the product than you’ll realistically use before it all expires.  Buy one or two bottles at a time, so that your new bottle is always as fresh as can be.

A Little Extra Info For You When Buying Fresh Delta 8 THC Tincture Products 

Besides making a point to store your product properly, you also need to pay attention to who you’re buying it from.  Why?  Because some companies sell poorly made formulas, or products that are close to expiring, and so it doesn’t matter how well you store them since they’re already well on their way to losing their effectiveness.

Find a company with a solid reputation, as they’re more likely to have a high product turnover rate which means that their delta 8 thc products are never sitting in the warehouse for too long.  Also, make sure that they use clean extraction methods and exceptional ingredients, as both of these aspects preserve the stability of the cannabinoid itself, as well as the other ingredients.  

At Binoid, all of our hemp products are made using the best methods and ingredients, and our product turnover rate is very high so that products are always sold fresh.

Delta 8 THC Tinctures are Only as Good as They are Fresh 

Tinctures can offer the perfect way to maintain a daily routine with delta 8 THC, but only if that tincture in your possession is fresh.  While tinctures can last for up to 2 years when stored the right way, it’s also really important that you buy a high-quality formula from a trusted brand to make sure that what you’re receiving is actually fresh in the first place.  Overall, storing tinctures is extremely simple, and well worth it so that you can keep on enjoying that satisfying delta-8.

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