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Where To Buy HHC-O In Connecticut

If you’re a Connecticuter with a love for psychoactive hemp derivatives, you may be interested in HHC-O-acetate (HHC-O), a cannabinoid that feels very similar to delta 9 THC.  But, with state laws being somewhat confusing, you need to have a full grasp on its legality in the state to be certain you can enjoy it […]

Where To Buy HHC-O In California

Dudes, Californians are no stranger to psychoactive cannabinoids.  But, if you haven’t checked out HHC-O-acetate (HHC-O), you’re missing out on a whole new way to enjoy a hemp-derived high – and that’s a total wipe out.  The question is whether or not HHC-O can be purchased throughout the state without legal restrictions preventing residents from […]

Where To Buy HHC-O In Alabama

Alabamans looking for a psychoactive high that feels a lot like delta 9 THC will want to check out HHC-O acetate, a modified version of hexahydrocannabinol that packs 1.5 times more of an intoxicating punch.  But, before they do, they need to be certain that the cannabinoid is fully legal throughout the state, without any […]

Why HHC/HHC-O Might Not Work For You

There is a lot of hype about the unique high of that hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) and HHC-O-Acetate (HHC-O) but sometimes, like with all cannabinoids, its effects can be elusive.  If you took a dose of HHC or HHC-O products and nothing happened, then you’ll need to consider that you have to make some changes to how you’re […]

How Long Does HHC-O Stay In Your System

HHC-O is a very new addition to the hemp market, and here at Binoid, promising an even more potent form of HHC for those dazzled by its unique effects, psychoactive and otherwise.  This is just one of several new, intoxicating cannabinoids to hit the legal hemp market in the past couple of years, and hemp […]

Can You Take HHC-O with Other Cannabinoids?

Hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate or HHC-O-acetate (HHC-O) is one of the newest cannabinoids on the market, being an acetate version of HHC, a cannabinoid known for its striking similarities to delta 9 THC.  With HHC-O slowly becoming available at Binoid, we’re going to be providing lots of information about it so that our customers can know exactly […]

11 Severe HHC-O Side Effects

Hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate or HHC-O Acetate (HHC-O) is a new cannabinoid that most people out there haven’t even heard of before, which is why it’s important that newies of this hemp derivative are given a clear idea of what to expect when taking HHC-O products initially.  Besides knowing how psychoactive the cannabinoid is and what properties it […]

HHC-O Dosage

Hexahydrocannabinol-O acetate or HHC-O-acetate (HHC-O) is the new cannabinoid that everyone can’t stop talking about, being an acetate form of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), and even promising to mirror the effects of delta 9 THC but with about 1.5x the potency.  HHC-O products is going to slowly make its way onto the market.  So, we are going […]