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Binoid THC-O Disposables Review

Binoid is a brand that’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to alternative cannabinoids, and that’s especially true with THC-O-acetate (THC-O), as they were one of the first to launch a line of exquisite THC-O products long before most competitors even knew what THC-O was.  Now, they’ve expanded their catalog to offer a variety of exceptional products including THC-O Rechargeable Disposable Vapes, which combines convenience and user-friendliness with exceptional quality, all while coming in lots of great strains to choose from.

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First Glance At Binoid THC-O Disposable Vapes

Instantly, you will feel good about these disposables thanks to their packaging.  Binoid always hits it out of the park in this area, going above and beyond to use top materials that speak of the overall quality standards for which Binoid is known for. 

The THC-O rechargeable disposable device is kept in airtight packaging, which is critical, as oxygen can force the compounds to degrade quickly and become virtually useless by the time they enter the hands of the vaper.  On the package, you’ll get all the info needed about the ingredients, strain, vape oil amount, and instructions on how to use the product for maximum success.

Binoid: High Quality Brand Reputation 

Binoid has a stellar reputation in the market, especially for their ‘rare’ cannabinoid products that go above and beyond to put customers at ease in what can be an otherwise hard-to-navigate industry, with so many people fearing the possibility of ending up with fakes.

Binoid uses a seed-to-sale approach to maintaining absolute transparency at all times, providing all the information that they can about how they make their THC-O products so that customers know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies at all times.  Overall, Binoid’s reputation comes from the superb level of quality that they consistently put out.

Variety of THC-O Acetate Vapes

Binoid THC-O Acetate Disposable from Binoid offers a selection of several strains so that you can customize the effects that you feel with each puff.

  • Blue Zkittlez: An indica that’s known for its bold and tart citrusy taste, all while offering everything you want out of an indica in the nighttime hours, including a heavy body high and a soothed state of mind.  
  • Do-Si-Dos: An indica-dominant hybrid known for the powerful body high that it can offer, blended with powerful waves of euphoria that lift the spirits.  Its flavor profile offers notes of nuttiness, sweetness and florals.    

    • Maui Wowie: Equally known for its mouthwatering tropical fruit flavor and its body high that can make you feel absolutely melted, all while the sativa-dominant hybrid delivers uplifting effects to the spirit.
    • White Runtz: Very powerful hybrid that offers a nice balance between the heavy-hitting body high effects of an indica, and the invigorating cerebral effects of a sativa, while its flavor is sweet and fruity.

    Proper THC-O Vape Dosage 

    Whenever you’re vaping THC-O-acetate, we recommend going with just a single puff if you’re a beginner, because the high can be quite intense to newbies.  If you’re an experienced user, 1-3 puffs is probably alright, with ‘4’ being the recommended maximum amount.

    THC-O acetate is a strong compound, and Binoid THC-O distillate and products are extremely potent, so we definitely recommend being careful with Binoid THC-O dosing and usage

    How To Use THCO Vapes

    You may need to hold each hit for 5-10 seconds during use.  We have found this to be effective for some users.  Also, there is no need to take the device apart for refilling, replacing the battery, or even changing coils (coil is built inside of the cart, and it’s a metal heating element that has a wick to absorb the vape oil).

    Binoid’s Pure THC-O Formula 

    Speaking of vape oil inside this disposable rechargeable device, it contains pure hemp, as there are no cutting agents or additives of any kind.  That means you can rest easy knowing that you’re only inhaling pure THC-O distillate and naturally derived terpenes into your body.

    Other THC-O Actives

    There are no other actives in Binoid’s THC-O formula, nor should there really be any.  The goal is to consume THC-O-acetate in a legal and pure amount in order to experience its effects.  Other actives could also confuse the user, who wouldn’t be sure of whether the effects they feel come from the THC-O or something else.

    Binoid THC-O Lab Reports 

    You can always count on lab reports from Binoid, and like all other products in their collection, this rechargeable disposable comes with third-party lab reports that are easy to access on their website.

    Binoid THC-O Vape Terpene Taste

    Naturally, the flavor you get is going to depend on which of the strain options you choose.  But, we can tell you that because the brand works with locally sourced, premium-grade hemp, the terpenes taste extremely fresh and have a really nice flavor profile overall.

    Overall Experience 

    THC-O is very potent, and so we went with just a couple puffs of White Runtz, to see what the next hour would bring.  We love that the disposable requires no buttons or filling of vape oil and can be recharged to keep the extra-large reserve of vape oil going.  THC-O effects kicked in within about 10 minutes, and first we noticed the body high that made us want to sit down and enjoy the journey. 

    The cerebral effects are quite potent – more potent than other THC-O vape devices we’ve tried – offering a strong feeling of euphoria along with an entrancing sensation that helped rid the mind of unwanted thoughts.  After a couple of hours or so, the decline came upon us and we went on with our day.

    Our Ultimate Opinion

    Binoid’s THC-O Rechargeable Disposables are designed to make your vaping life easier than ever before without sacrificing precious quality.  Clean in terms of formula, lab-tested, and carefully derived, these vapes are going to satisfy your THC-O desires while offering some of the finest and freshest-tasting strains that you’ll find anywhere.  Grab yourself one of these awesome vape devices today to unlock the full potential of this powerful cannabinoid.

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