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11 Severe THC-O Side Effects

THC-O-Acetate (THC-O) is a fascinating hemp derivative that has been getting quite a bit of buzz lately.  Having earned the nickname “the spiritual cannabinoid”, it sounds almost mystical in terms of its many promises pertaining to its effects. 

And nowadays, THC-O is actually a cannabinoid that you can find on the market in various THC-O product forms.  But naturally, there are plenty of people out there who would like to get their hands on it, but first want the assurance that it is not associated with any serious side effects.  

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THC-O Acetate Side Effects

With any natural substance, side effects can vary between individuals, as each body reacts differently to the introduction of certain compounds.  However, there are specific potential side effects that are more likely to occur than others when consuming THC-O-Acetate.

#1: Being Too Happy

We had to put this at number 1. THC-O is known as a fun compound that provides a fairly intense psychoactive effects and many THC-O benefits including being happy, with usually less side effects than regular Delta 9 THC. Now, there’s no such thing as “feeling too happy”, but we have to say that the most known effect of taking THC-O acetate is feeling euphoric and giggly.  Also, that’s not such a bad side effect, is it?

#2: Getting Too High

THC-O-Acetate is a lot more potent than most cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, and it’s even more potent than delta 9 THC.  What this means is that the risk of getting too high is up there, especially among those who are totally new to psychoactive properties associated with the hemp plant. 

While getting too high is not dangerous on its own, it can make certain tasks like driving unsafe.  And, some people find the feeling of being over-intoxicated uncomfortable.

#3: Dry Mouth

It is far from uncommon for a person to experience short-lived dry mouth when taking certain cannabinoids, and this is because of the fact that cannabinoids act on cannabinoid receptors found in the salivary glands which control saliva production.

#4: Dry Eyes

Another relatively common side effect is dry eyes, which has to do with the effect that specific cannabinoid receptors have on eye moisture regulation.  This effect is usually short-lived.

#5: A Mild Drop in Blood Pressure

Cannabinoids influence blood pressure, and THC-O-Acetate, like several others, may cause a brief decrease in blood pressure levels which can result in a slightly elevated heartrate.

#6: Lightheadedness

Some people report feeling lightheaded when taking certain psychoactive cannabinoids, and this may also have to do with the slightly lower blood pressure levels that can occur.

#7: Grogginess/Sleepiness

Sleepiness and grogginess are common effects when taking certain cannabinoids, and this effect typically wears off shortly after the high.

#8: Disorientation

Psychoactive substances inherently cause some level of disorientation due to the effects they have on our state of mind.

#9: A Failed Drug Test

Yes, THC-O-Acetate can lead to a failed drug test, which results from the production of the THC-COOH enzyme in the body that breaks down many intoxicating cannabinoids in the hemp plant.  THC-COOH is the marker in the body that yields a positive test result.

#10: Inability to Drive

A person should NEVER drive while under the influence of THCO, or any other type of THC compound for that matter.  Any intoxicating substance will impair a person’s driving and is very dangerous. 

#11: Color Changes and Brightness Effects

One of the effects of THC-O may be temporary changes in colors and brightness. These effects may coincide with other effects and benefits. May be similar to other psychoactive or psychedelic compounds on a minor level.

Avoiding Side Effects with THC-O: Quality Makes a Difference

Sadly, a lot of people might be experiencing side effects not because of the nature of THC-O-Acetate itself, but because they are buying very low-quality THCO, or even a fake product.  This is why it’s so important to choose a company that is known for delivering only the highest-quality THC-O products.

Binoid is renowned for the quality levels of our THC-O vapes and other products.  We use organic plant material and the best extraction techniques, and make sure that all of our THC-O-Acetate is tested by a third-party lab for quality and purity. 

This means that a customer is less likely to experience certain side effects.  While some effects may still occur, especially in those who are new to the cannabinoid, they are typically quite mild.

What is THC-O Acetate?

THC-O Acetate is a compound that is created through an advanced synthesis process that starts with delta 8 THC found in the hemp plant, to which acetic anhydride is applied.  This chemical reaction changes the molecular structure, and thus the properties of the delta 8 cannabinoid, converting it into THCO. 

THC-O-Acetate’s claim to fame is being several times more potent than delta 9 THC in terms of its psychoactive effects, which bring it into the territory of psychedelics, capable of causing a reaction that can feel a lot like a “trip”.

Does THC-O Cause Side Effects?

Whenever a person consumes a hemp derivative, and especially one that is psychoactive, there is always the risk of experiencing certain side effects.  These side effects are rarely considered severe, although it’s still important to know what these side effects are ahead of time to be assured that specific responses are considered normal. 

Psychoactive cannabinoids in particular create a relatively powerful nervous system response, and the effects of this response can vary based on certain factors.

Factor #1: Milligram Strength

The milligram strength of a THC-O product plays a big role in the chances of experiencing certain side effects.  The milligram strength reflects how potent each dosage is, and naturally, a more potent serving of THCO will result in a stronger effect on the body overall.

Factor #2: THC-O Dosing

Like milligram strength, dosage amount determines how much THC-O is actually entering your body, which therefore increases the chances of experiencing certain side effects. More on this below.

Factor #3: Delivery Method

Certain delivery methods may increase the chance of side effects, as some delivery methods simply cause stronger effects than others.  Inhalable products like vapes and flower tend to create the strongest bodily response, and dabs are even stronger due to how potent concentrates are.

Factor #4: Your Tolerance

Your tolerance to psychoactive cannabinoids plays a big role in how strong side effects may be.  Anyone who is taking a psychoactive hemp compound for the first time is likely to have a very low tolerance to its overall effects.

Factor #5: Your Body’s Response

For a variety of reasons pertaining to biochemical factors, some individuals may just be more prone to certain side effects when taking hemp derivatives than others.

Is THC-O Toxic?

Hemp derivatives are considered nontoxic.  It’s worth noting that THC-O-Acetate is unique in that it is not just a hemp derivative, as it has been combined with a chemical substance.  Still, as of now, there is no evidence that THC-O can yield a toxic response.

Most Potent THC-O Acetate Products List

Let’s go over the most potent THC-O products, with the highest potency and strength at the top to the lowest potency at the bottom. The higher potency products are most likely to have the worst side effects, with the lower potency having the least. 

1. THC-O Vape Cartridges (All Vape Products)

4. THC-O Gummies (Highest Absorption)

2. THC-O Tinctures (Under The Tongue for Highest Potency)

3. THC-O Capsules (Highest Edible Dose)

Where Is THC-O Legal?

THC-O legality is a tricky situation, because it is so new as well as in a legal grey area. THC-O is legal in many states all across the U.S. Because THC-O is hemp-derived, you can make a case that THC-O should be legal everywhere. However, some states have directly outlawed the use of THC-O products. To see our state by state THC-O acetate list click here

What Is The Proper THC-O Acetate Dosage?

THC-O Acetate is a fairly powerful compound, with effects quite a bit stronger than Delta 8 THC. What this means, is the THC-O acetate dosage should be comparable to regular THC-O. 

THC-O Dosage Chart Guide: 

  1. Beginner THC-O dosing (low tolerance): 3mg-15mg per use
  2. Intermediate THC-O dosing (medium tolerance): 15mg-35mg per use
  3. Advanced THC-O dosing (high tolerance): 35mg-75mg+ per use

This applies to THC-O tinctures, THC-O gummies, THC-O vape cartridges as well as other THC-O products. THC-O is around 85% of the high regular Delta 9 THC will create, except with a stronger psychedelic and visual experience.

As always, the best way to dose out THC-O is to try a little, then keep increasing until you feel what you need. However, be aware because effects take 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in, and is said to be a creeper compound.

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