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What Are Live Resin Vape Cartridges?

Maybe you’ve noticed that we’ve added something to the lineup at Binoid called Live Resin.  This is a modern innovation that’s changing the hemp industry as we know it, offering a hemp extract that’s more potent, more flavorful and closer to how nature intended than anything that’s come before.

If the term is new to you, then you may not appreciate just how much this type of extract changes the game.  Basically, any hemp enthusiast looking for stronger effects, richer flavor, and fresher, more bioavailable products, will certainly want to give our new live resin vape cartridges a try.

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Live Resin: The Basics 

Live resin refers to the type of hemp extract that you’ll find in a cannabinoid-based product.  At first glance, you’ll notice that live resin is thicker, almost like tree sap, and has a darker color than what you’d find in most vape cartridges.  It’s more of an amber color, and this is the direct result of its higher concentrations of terpenes and flavonoids.  Because there are higher concentrations of both, you can count on a bolder flavor and aroma.  Not only that, but the compounds are fresher thanks to the way in which live resin is made, adding to its bioavailability. 

Another advantage of live resin containing more terpenes and flavonoids is that you’re going to get the entourage effect as closely to how nature intended as possible, which can improve the absorption of the cannabinoids you’re vaping as well. Main reason why live resin products has stronger concentrations of these secondary compounds is because it better extracts the resinous trichomes that coat the plant, where these compounds exist the most prominently. 

Most extracts that are used in hemp products come from plant material that has been dry-cured – in other words, left in a dark, dry and cool place to dry out just enough to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus.  This is a very helpful method for processing raw flower sold in the form of loose buds and pre-rolls.  But, dry-curing the buds of hemp prior to creating a hemp extract is not the best method, because drying out those resinous trichomes also reduces their effectiveness.

That’s where live resin comes in.  With live resin, rather than dry-curing the plant material, it’s dipped into a flash-freezing agent like liquid nitrogen, which perfectly preserves the freshness of the material and has no negative impact on its terpene-rich trichomes.  From there, this flash-frozen material is extracted using standard methods, with an end result that is much more compound-dense, so much so that you can tell just by looking at it.

The Ins and Outs of Live Resin Vape Cartridges 

Live resin is more: potent, flavorful and synergistically valuable.  It’s also thick and sticky, which is why you’re the most likely to find it in a vaping product, which heats the resin-like consistency properly to convert it into vapor.  Live resin vape cartridges are also going to let you experience strains like never before, at least when vaped.  Because the terpenes and flavonoids are more prominent, fresh and bioavailable, live resin vape carts are a lot more like smoking or vaping the raw flower, in terms of the concentrations of each compound as it exists in nature.

Live resin vapes have been on the market for a short while now, and it’s clear that they are the future of vaping in the hemp industry.  Their undeniable advantages, with no drawbacks, benefit the hemp-loving community in all kinds of ways.  Not only that, but live resin is actually a more efficient way to produce extracts, because dry-curing requires more labor, time and money compared to flash-freezing methods.  This means that live resin is cheaper to produce, and so it’s extremely affordable despite the fact that it actually gives you more bang for your buck.

Binoid’s Awesome Selection of Live Resin Vape Carts

Binoid is very excited to introduce our live resin vape cartridges which go above and beyond to give you the most satisfying and freshest hemp experience possible.  These vape carts are already lauded for their exquisite flavor and their potency which allows users to enjoy their favorite strains on a level they didn’t think was possible.

We offer live resin vape cartridges in various cannabinoid options, including THC-P, THC-O, delta 8 THC, and HHC-O.  Plus, each one comes in a selection of strains that are more bioavailable than other cartridges on the market.  Our live resin carts are completely additive-free, containing nothing but 100% pure hemp compounds.  And, like all of the products at Binoid, they’re organically derived, and lab-tested by a third party to guarantee nothing but the highest quality, best potency, and complete federal compliance.

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