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How To Take Water Soluble CBD

The methods of taking Water-Soluble Nano Cannabidiol (CBD) starts with the origins of the product, and their purpose. Water-Soluble CBD tinctures may either be made using coconut oil itself, or other processes that do not need coconut oil as a carrier for the tincture.

Water-Soluble CBD products are usually made using a type of nano or micro-emulsification to become water-soluble. What this means, is that the particles are made smaller than traditional CBD oils, and are therefore higher absorbing into your body, but also into liquids. Making water-soluble CBD tinctures better than traditional CBD oils. To learn more about water soluble CBD click here

This is done either through pressuring the molecules over and over until they are small enough. Other brands have proprietary methods. Our methods include a bit of this, and a proprietary method that keeps our nano-emulsification natural and clean. 

Now, because the smaller molecules are smaller and therefore soluble in water, there are many different ways to use them. We will list them below from most effective to least:

NOTE: With each method, you MUST shake the bottle well before you use the drops to activate the beneficial cannabinoids in the water-soluble tincture. This is because of emulsification, and a bunch of science that is not important for this article. Up and down side to side, it does not matter too much Just know that you must shake the bottle very well before each use for it to be most effective. 

1. Under the tongue:

Ingesting Water-Soluble CBD under your tongue is the best way to take CBD, regardless of being Water-Soluble or not. This is because the “bio-availability” or absorption percentage of CBD into the body is the highest when under the tongue. Time to Hold Under Tongue: 15-20 seconds.


Now, because Water-Soluble CBD is made from smaller molecules, the time it takes for it to be absorbed by your body is much faster and better than traditional CBD oils. With traditional CBD oils, you would hold the oil under your tongue for 1-2 minutes. However, with water-soluble CBD you would hold it under your tongue for 15-20 seconds. That is the huge difference water-soluble makes.  


The position when holding your tongue for that long can be discomforting or feel fairly awkward. As well, holding it in your mouth may give weird sensations. Luckily, our drops have an amazing taste and flavoring which is unique and awesome for a CBD tincture.

Unfortunately, most if not all CBD drops are not this way, and either taste bad or have an oily and hemp taste which do not mix well. Even competing water-soluble products do not taste good. At all. We’re saying this from experience, which is why we created our Wellness Drops. 

Best For:

CBD Effectiveness

Worst For:

Quick Use

How to use water soluble cbd oil nano hemp broad spectrum

2. Oral Digestion: 


Some water-soluble CBD brands or product descriptions will say that you do not need to take CBD under the tongue to get the maximum effects. This theory is based on the idea that the molecules are so small they will be absorbed into your body at maximum efficiency (90-99%) anyways.

They will suggest that all you need to do is put it in your mouth and swallow and that will be the most effective way. There is no wait time for holding it under your tongue, or any specific directions in general. 


We disagree with this method, because no matter nano-sized or not, particles absorb better under the tongue. This is why many medications suggest putting the droppers under the tongue. Many studies state this, and we agree as well.

However, Water-Soluble CBD is still 4-5x more effective in the mouth than traditional oils even under the tongue. But it is not the most effective way to take Water-Soluble CBD. The advantage of putting CBD in the mouth can be great for tasting our amazing CBD wellness drop flavors, but is less effective than under the tongue. 

Best For:

Quick use

Worst For:

CBD Effectiveness



3. In Drinks and Beverages:


This method is probably the most fun and enjoyable, and is one of the main reasons we created our wellness drops. To give you the ability to enjoy CBD in any drink of choice. Tea, coffee, juices, you name it. This feature is something we heavily focused on when developing our products.

When you put CBD into drinks, it works similarly to option 2, where the CBD is processed by digestion. Doing this is great for making your daily CBD relief fun, easy, and tasty. Which is important for consistent use. Like going to the gym, if you do not enjoy it, you will not do it. CBD is something that needs to be taken consistently. If adding it to your favorite drink helps you be consistent, this is for you. 


This also means that the amount of CBD your body absorbs would be less than using under the tongue. Albeit, still much more effective than CBD oil. If you are looking for pure effectiveness and aid, with no enjoyment factor, this is not the best for you.

Best for:

Enjoyment, Quick use, Consistency of Use. Wow factor

Worst for:

None, putting CBD in beverages is awesome and is a great way to achieving the benefits of CBD directly. 

Water Soluble CBD in tea coffee juices beverages

In conclusion, these are the 3 best ways to take Water-Soluble CBD Tinctures. Our Binoid CBD Water-Soluble Drops currently come in four flavors: Orange, Lemon, Ginger, and Peppermint. They can be taken with each of these 3 methods, and are 4-5x more effective than regular CBD oils because they are Water-Soluble.

Therefore using smaller molecules that absorb into your body better for benefits such as pain relief, anxiety relief, decreased inflammation and sleep insomnia aid. Otherwise known as “Nano” CBD. That is a bang for your buck! If you would like to learn more, or try out our popular Water Soluble Wellness Drops yourself TRYBINOID15 for 15% off your first order. 

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