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What Does Nano CBD Mean?

Before we get into how nanotechnology and nano Cannabidiol (CBD) works, what is Nanotechnology itself?

Per google search, nanotechnology is a branch of technology that involves sizes and dimensions of less than 100 nanometers, while specifically dealing with the manipulation of molecules as well as individual atoms.

In medicinal terms, Nanomedicine involves adjusting drug delivery processes, bioavailability, image processing and medical device improvements. In the case of CBD, the delivery process and molecular improvements is important.


What does nano-technology mean for CBD?

As of right now, CBD oil is most commonly put into “CBD oil” form. While saving you the details in which you can read more about CBD ingredients here, CBD oil is made from different methods of hemp-based CBD extraction and an oil base or “carrier oil” to hold the CBD extract. CBD extract can come in powder or “goo-ey sap” form depending on the ingredients, hemp CBD extraction process, manufacturer, and hemp quality.

The CBD is added to this base oil, which can vary from Coconut MCT Oil, to organic hemp seed oil, that is an extract from the hemp seeds. Different than hemp CBD, and contains zero CBD. These oils are usually made with the aerial parts of the hemp plant, that contain many cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBN, and CBG. Again, depending on the farm extraction process. That’s how it used it be, until now.

CBD is now receiving a touch of modern technology, leading to CBD products becoming more efficient and powerful. Science has caught up to the CBD industry, and is now allowing farms to break down CBD into tiny molecules, through a process called nano-emulsion. Or nano-emulsification.

In terms of pure numbers, one molecule of CBD is around 4440 Nanometers in diameter. Therefore, nano-emulsified CBD would shrink this molecule down to 1-10 nanometers. That is a big difference!

How does nano CBD work?

Why Nano Cannabidiol?

The theory behind nano-technology cannabidiol, is that by breaking down the molecules into tiny particles, it will be more easily accessible and absorbed by the body into our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Which also affects our Central Nervous System (CNS).

What are the benefits of nano-technology CBD?

The first benefit of nano-emulsified is that nano-emulsified CBD is water-soluble, and therefore can be easily poured into any liquid, product, food, or other item. Unlike all other CBD oils, which do not absorb into water. You can put CBD oil into drinks and beverages, but it will always be separated, and you will taste the oil very strongly. Unless it is CBD isolate, but that is besides the fact.

However, this is not the main benefit of nano-emulsified CBD. The real benefit of nano enhanced CBD is its increased bioavailability, or effectiveness rate to the body. The bioavailability is how well your body can consume or use the materials it absorbs. For reference, the bioavailability of CBD oil is anywhere from 30%-40%. Therefore, the effectiveness or absorption rate of CBD oil is 30%-40%. 

If you break down the tinctures mathematically, this is not very efficient. This means your body would only absorb 40% maximum of a 1000mg 30ml CBD oil. That means only 400mg of CBD. For each ml you divide that out and you get around 13.3mg of CBD of effective CBD per dropper. First off, this is nothing for more severe pains and symptoms such as sleep insomnia, anxiety, fibromyalgia and much more CBD benefits. Secondly, that means you are losing out on around 20mg of CBD per dropper! And even more obvious, 60% of effectiveness.

The solution to this, is nanotechnology and nano enhanced hemp CBD. Because nano CBD is made by breaking CBD down into tiny molecules, it absorbs into the body better than CBD oil. It permeates into our bloodstream more effectively, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the CBD.

what does nano cbd do

What does this mean for “CBD oil”?

We at Binoid CBD believe the industry will move more towards the nanotechnology direction, because it only makes sense for efficiency and product effectiveness sake for pain, anxiety, inflammation and other symptoms.

Normal CBD oil does not absorb into the body well or quickly, with a total CBD absorption rate of 30% if we are being generous. This also means that CBD products will take a much longer time to start working and taking effect.

Is nano enhanced hemp CBD actually real?

This process is very new to the world of Cannabis, or even in general use. Heck, the whole Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD industry is new! Therefore, no one is exactly sure if CBD is more bioavailable because of nano, the body actually utilizes it better than normal CBD oil, or if it is even better than the normal Cannabidiol for pain, anxiety, and sleep. In theory it should be better for all of these CBD benefits. However, no one is too sure, as it has not been directly studied yet. Binoid CBD expects that studies within the next few years will find results that link to the effectiveness of nano-technology water soluble CBD products.

For now, we can only trust the anecdotal evidence that nano  enhanced CBD works. As in, people statements and customer reviews about CBD products.

There are only a few studies that have evaluated nano CBD, and the reason why it works might surprise you.

A study done in 2016 for biocompatibility and nano-technical use of CBD found that CBD may work well in this form because of the change in its properties. Cannabinoids, such as CBD itself, are usually Lipophilic, or hydrophobic, or in normal terms, means it repels and does not mix well with water. This is a problem when our body is hydrophilic, meaning that our molecules attach to water-based molecules. So our body is water-loving, while CBD is water-repelling.

This is the main reason why CBD oil bioavailability is very low. Especially in coconut oil, when studies are finding that it gets caught in the gastrointestinal system. Making it absorb less than most foods. The one positive of this, is that it also means the CBD gives the body more time to absorb and utilize the Cannabidiol that it can. Based off this study from 2016 as well.

What is nanotechnology Cannabidiol CBD

What does this mean for nano-technology?

This is where things get beautiful. When CBD gets broken down into nano molecules, the structure of the CBD begins to act differently. Science has found that the molecules begin to accept both lipid-based and water-based molecules. A European Journal study from 2016 found that when CBD is broken down through nano-emulsion, it turns the lipid-tolerant CBD into completely lipophilic molecules.

This lipophilic coating makes the CBD much easily absorbed by the body, and therefore more effective for pain, anxiety and sleeping. It becomes more “accepted” by your body.


Not many companies, marketing, or even CBD brands know that this is the real reason that nano CBD is better for you. They think it’s as simple as smaller particles, better absorption. Which is part of it, but the most important part is the changing of the reactive effects as CBD is broken down into nanoparticles. Making them more lipophilic and water-based. Meaning it is more easily absorbed by the body, Endocannabinoid system, and therefore more effective for your symptoms.

There is a lot more that needs to be analyzed and studied about nano CBD. Especially the long term health effects, any new or different CBD side effects since its structured differently, or even the shelf life of these water soluble CBD products. For now, we expect nano to become more popular regardless of studies, as they are lacking behind anecdotal and customer evidence of product benefits and success.

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